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Board Meeting

February 22, 1998

"2/22/98 10:20:35 AM","Nancy","Would the meeting please come to order"
"2/22/98 10:20:59 AM","Nancy","The first item on the agenda, placed on the Whiteboard, is a gift offer that Clipper received."
"2/22/98 10:21:23 AM","Nancy","This was from an admirer of ZetaTalk and Troubled Times both, for an occasional $50 to $100."
"2/22/98 10:21:48 AM","Nancy","This gift, and the nonspecific nature of it, brought up the issue of how we handle such gifts."
"2/22/98 10:22:05 AM","Nancy","There are 3 things we need to do here, in my opinion."
"2/22/98 10:22:26 AM","Nancy","1. formally accept this gift, as the Board must accept each gift or grant. "
"2/22/98 10:22:41 AM","Nancy","2. Establish a procedure for accepting such gifts in the future."
"2/22/98 10:23:01 AM","Nancy","3. establish a pool, or an account, which such gifts would be placed in."
"2/22/98 10:23:13 AM","Nancy","I now open the floor to general discussion of these issues."
"2/22/98 10:23:37 AM","Clipper","Good, we should be able to accept this kind of gift"
"2/22/98 10:24:17 AM","Clipper","It would be considered contributions."
"2/22/98 10:24:36 AM","Nancy","As we get large, we should not have to have the Board rule on every single $10 gift! We need a cash or assignment guideline."
"2/22/98 10:24:39 AM","Gerard","well i think that it's a good idea to accept this gift... and i agree with Clipper. But shouldn't we look to the source from wich these kind of gifts come .. or ? "
"2/22/98 10:24:43 AM","Clipper","It could even be considered annonimous if they want"
"2/22/98 10:25:22 AM","Clipper","Not all sources of $10 want to be revealed"
"2/22/98 10:25:32 AM","Gerard","that's right ... :)"
"2/22/98 10:25:48 AM","Nancy","Right, my thoughs are first off that we need a log of such gifts: Name, Date, Amount, Purpose. If the donor wants to be anonymous, then there should be a private log and a public log. Well, maybe the log itself should be private."
"2/22/98 10:26:02 AM","Nancy","On the web, we can just say ""various small gifts"" and lump the sum."
"2/22/98 10:26:05 AM","Clipper","Any contributions could be just mailed in to the corp. address."
"2/22/98 10:26:17 AM","Nancy","large donors can be known if they want to be, or anonymous too."
"2/22/98 10:26:59 AM","Clipper","Yes."
"2/22/98 10:27:12 AM","Gerard","ok"
"2/22/98 10:27:21 AM","Clipper","Most folks will want to be recognized I figure"
"2/22/98 10:27:25 AM","Nancy","What if we amenede the Bylaws on Gifts and Grants to say anything under $1,000 does not have to be accepted by the Board, as long as it is not specified as to how the money is to be spent?"
"2/22/98 10:27:40 AM","Geson","yep!"
"2/22/98 10:27:43 AM","Clipper","I like that"
"2/22/98 10:27:46 AM","Nancy","This means, that small gifts can be accepted as long as they just say ""here, this is for the nonprofit""."
"2/22/98 10:27:56 AM","Gerard","good idea"
"2/22/98 10:28:13 AM","Clipper","It will save allot of time and hassle down the road"
"2/22/98 10:28:48 AM","Nancy","If there are restrictions on the gift, that it can only be spend on this or that, then the Board must rule. This is to keep giftor and grantors from starting to run the Inc. by these restrictions."
"2/22/98 10:29:14 AM","Clipper","All gifts should be logged to prevent any problems or pilfering down the road"
"2/22/98 10:29:48 AM","Nancy","On point 3, we need to establish a pool for such gifts also, and I would think spending the money in this pool is at the determination of the Board, on a regular basis."
"2/22/98 10:29:57 AM","Gerard","right Clipper"
"2/22/98 10:30:01 AM","Clipper","Yes"
"2/22/98 10:31:32 AM","Nancy","OK, since we at this Board meeting are under the Bylaws as they are written today, we need to vote to accept the gift from Doug, which is the first name of the individual. No checks are in hand, just $50 to $100 now and then, and we asked for a formal letter or e-mail detailling how he wants this spent, which is non-specified, etc. I need a motion to accept this periodic gift from Doug."
"2/22/98 10:31:42 AM","Clipper","If they want to be annonimous, they should say so. All others can be listed."
"2/22/98 10:32:24 AM","Geson","Looks good to me!"
"2/22/98 10:32:26 AM","Clipper","I move that we accept this periodic gift from Goug"
"2/22/98 10:32:29 AM","Nancy","Can we get a motion on point 1, to accept the gift from Doug, which is periodic and small, $50 to $100, nonspecified?"
"2/22/98 10:32:37 AM","Nancy","A second?"
"2/22/98 10:32:42 AM","Gerard","I second"
"2/22/98 10:33:15 AM","Nancy","A motion has been made and seconded to accept periodic $50 to $100 gifts from Doug, nonspecified as to purpose. All in favor say Yes, all opposed say No."
"2/22/98 10:33:17 AM","Nancy","Yes"
"2/22/98 10:33:27 AM","Geson","Yep!"
"2/22/98 10:33:31 AM","Clipper","yes"
"2/22/98 10:33:32 AM","Gerard","Yes"
"2/22/98 10:33:38 AM","Nancy","The motion passes."
"2/22/98 10:33:54 AM","Clipper","I will write him and notify"
"2/22/98 10:34:00 AM","Gerard","okay ... "
"2/22/98 10:34:14 AM","Nancy","Now to point 2. A general procedure for accepting such gifts. Should this be $1,000 limit and no specification as to purpose, that the Board does not need to rule on acceptance?"
"2/22/98 10:34:28 AM","Geson","Yes!"
"2/22/98 10:34:35 AM","Clipper","This is accc"
"2/22/98 10:34:40 AM","Clipper","sorry"
"2/22/98 10:34:45 AM","Clipper","yes"
"2/22/98 10:35:15 AM","Gerard","Yes"
"2/22/98 10:35:20 AM","Nancy","Any amount that specified purpose would need to be reviewed by the Board and a formal acceptance, so that such restrictions do not begin to be directives."
"2/22/98 10:35:35 AM","Clipper","With any specifics and it must be voted on"
"2/22/98 10:35:39 AM","Geson","Yes, very important!"
"2/22/98 10:36:28 AM","Nancy","For instance, is there were a million $999 gifts, each saying they could only be spent on xxx, then the Inc would become a slave to the xxx agenda, without the Board even getting involved! So any purpose specified, the Board needs to rule!"
"2/22/98 10:36:45 AM","Clipper","Yes"
"2/22/98 10:36:48 AM","Gerard","you'r right about that, Nancy"
"2/22/98 10:36:53 AM","Geson","Yes"
"2/22/98 10:37:31 AM","Nancy","OK, if we're happy with the $1,000 cap and the non-specific clause, then we are ready for a motion to amend the Bylaws such that gifts at or under $1,000, no purpose stated, can be accepted without the formal acceptance of the Board."
"2/22/98 10:37:44 AM","Nancy","Does someone so motion?"
"2/22/98 10:38:17 AM","Clipper","I move that the $1000 cap and the non-specific clause be accepted"
"2/22/98 10:38:33 AM","Nancy","Do you mean accepted without Board approval necessary?"
"2/22/98 10:38:53 AM","Clipper","Yes, unless specifics are involved"
"2/22/98 10:39:24 AM","Nancy","A second for this motion?"
"2/22/98 10:39:33 AM","Geson","i second"
"2/22/98 10:40:17 AM","Nancy","A motion has been made and seconded that the Bylaws be amended such that any gift at or under $1,000 which do not specify purpose can be accepted without Board approval. All in favor say Yes, opposed say No."
"2/22/98 10:40:18 AM","Nancy","Yes"
"2/22/98 10:40:22 AM","Clipper","Yes"
"2/22/98 10:40:23 AM","Gerard","Yes"
"2/22/98 10:40:27 AM","Geson","Yes"
"2/22/98 10:40:48 AM","Nancy","The motion passes."
"2/22/98 10:41:46 AM","Nancy","We need to address how we keep track of these gifts. I think no matter HOW we present these gifts on the web accounting, open to the public, we should have a private log showing where the money came from. In the first place, the IRS may require this for THEIR audits."
"2/22/98 10:42:02 AM","Clipper","Yes,"
"2/22/98 10:42:18 AM","Gerard","yup"
"2/22/98 10:42:24 AM","Clipper","A log on paper should be made also"
"2/22/98 10:42:32 AM","Geson","Right!"
"2/22/98 10:42:38 AM","Nancy","For instance, if someone claims they gave a gift of $500, and takes a deduction, then we must issue I belive a 1099 form or some such, matching what they say. I think we may even be required to send them some IRS form at the end of the year."
"2/22/98 10:42:50 AM","Clipper","It can then say on this log, where the gifts came from"
"2/22/98 10:42:53 AM","Nancy","At a minimum, we need to give them a receipt!"
"2/22/98 10:43:05 AM","Gerard","ok"
"2/22/98 10:43:19 AM","Geson","Yeah!"
"2/22/98 10:43:21 AM","Clipper","Yes, a receipt"
"2/22/98 10:43:34 AM","Nancy","You know, if we get checks or cash in the mail, and can't identify the donor, we list it like that. "
"2/22/98 10:43:56 AM","Clipper","Yes, a short note as to how we got it."
"2/22/98 10:44:06 AM","Nancy","So, the private log should state: Name, Date, Amount, Purpose, and Address if known of the giftor, right?"
"2/22/98 10:44:14 AM","Nancy","Any thing else we need to know?"
"2/22/98 10:44:29 AM","Gerard","not that i know off "
"2/22/98 10:44:40 AM","Clipper","and reciept sent. yes or no."
"2/22/98 10:45:11 AM","Clipper","It should include receipt #"
"2/22/98 10:45:12 AM","Geson","Yes, if they want!"
"2/22/98 10:45:17 AM","Nancy","The procedure for reacting to gifts is then to 1. establish if the $1,000 rule applies, 2. get this info and the funds, 3. give a receipt which should have the Inc Logo on it and all."
"2/22/98 10:45:37 AM","Nancy","Good point, Clipper! A receipt #!"
"2/22/98 10:45:45 AM","Clipper","Yes, like normal bussines"
"2/22/98 10:46:03 AM","Clipper","The receipt # saves allot of time"
"2/22/98 10:46:06 AM","Nancy","Does someone want to formulate a motion to cover that? The info in the log?"
"2/22/98 10:46:54 AM","Clipper","I move that we keep a paper log stating the date time and spesifics of all moneys received"
"2/22/98 10:47:20 AM","Nancy","Does this specifics include name, address, date, amount, purpose if any, and receipt #?"
"2/22/98 10:47:52 AM","Clipper","Yes, with a short note as to how we got it"
"2/22/98 10:48:03 AM","Geson","Sounds great!"
"2/22/98 10:48:07 AM","Nancy","A seond to the motion?"
"2/22/98 10:48:29 AM","Nancy","I'll take Geson's comment as a second"
"2/22/98 10:48:42 AM","Geson","yep! I second!"
"2/22/98 10:49:15 AM","Nancy","A motion has been made a seconded to keep a log of all gifts received, to include Name, Address, Date, Amount, Purpose if stated, how received, and receipt #. All in favor say Yes, opposed say NO."
"2/22/98 10:49:18 AM","Nancy","Yes"
"2/22/98 10:49:23 AM","Clipper","Yes"
"2/22/98 10:49:27 AM","Gerard","Yes"
"2/22/98 10:49:27 AM","Geson","Yes"
"2/22/98 10:49:32 AM","Nancy","The motion passes."
"2/22/98 10:49:49 AM","Geson","by the way...Should people be able to send a gift via Internet by Visa card or alike?"
"2/22/98 10:50:26 AM","Nancy","Now, who shall keep this log? Will this be you, Clipper, with a shared copy via the Internet (zipped and send periodically)? You answer the e-mail tt-inc and also have the PO box, so you're a natural."
"2/22/98 10:50:27 AM","Clipper","That is scary, we could be blamed for all sorts of things with that"
"2/22/98 10:50:48 AM","Nancy","This could be the Treasurer, but our Treasurer is not at the PO box, and also is behind in her work."
"2/22/98 10:50:48 AM","Clipper","I will do this."
"2/22/98 10:51:12 AM","Gerard","yup..."
"2/22/98 10:51:23 AM","Nancy","Geson, good idea, but today we are not set up to get money from credit cards. I don't know what this involves!"
"2/22/98 10:51:37 AM","Clipper","After logging, money will be forwarded to the treasurer"
"2/22/98 10:52:00 AM","Geson","okey,thats another meteeing perhaps...."
"2/22/98 10:52:18 AM","Clipper","Most business make money off useing credit cards. This could be tricky"
"2/22/98 10:52:32 AM","Nancy","Clipper, if you don't want the responsibility, I would take it, but this would mean sending $ in the mail, and the certification overhead would take funds away. However, you need to send this to the treasurer anyway! So .. there would be a log on your end, a log when she receives, and the other Officers and Internal Audit get copies, etc."
"2/22/98 10:53:02 AM","Clipper","I have no problem with this."
"2/22/98 10:53:17 AM","Clipper","I do recepts everyday at work."
"2/22/98 10:53:25 AM","Nancy","We need to look into what it takes to take credit cards, before we deal with this at the Board level. I think we have time :-)"
"2/22/98 10:53:42 AM","Gerard","right :) "
"2/22/98 10:53:50 AM","Geson","Yep!"
"2/22/98 10:54:11 AM","Clipper","Yes, we need to investigate the procedures of credit cards. Not a bad idea, but we need to do that correctly"
"2/22/98 10:54:56 AM","Nancy","Oh, hey! I just thought of something! We could have Clipper cash the checks or money orders, put them in an account in Fairbanks, and wire transfer to the Treasurer periodically! This is a better way of sending money, for sure!"
"2/22/98 10:55:11 AM","Clipper","Ron would be a good one to talk to about this"
"2/22/98 10:55:24 AM","Nancy","Unless the funds are allocated and the Treasurer needs to write checks, the wiring does not even need to occur. "
"2/22/98 10:55:48 AM","Clipper","I can do this as well. Makes more sense"
"2/22/98 10:56:40 AM","Clipper","Then you also have a log of deposits made."
"2/22/98 10:56:53 AM","Nancy","We need a motion that the Officer tending the PO box collects the gifts, deposits them in a special bank account, and when the funds reach $1,000 or more, wire transfers this to the Treasurer, unless the Board rules that less than $1,000 is needed and a transfer should occur without delay."
"2/22/98 10:57:23 AM","Clipper","I will only vote on this one"
"2/22/98 10:57:48 AM","Nancy","What do you mean? You can't abstain, as then we don't have a quorum."
"2/22/98 10:58:00 AM","Nancy","As this money would not be to YOU, directly, no need to abstain."
"2/22/98 10:58:35 AM","Clipper","No, since I am at the P.O. box, My vote will count. I thoughnt it best if I am not the one to make a motion"
"2/22/98 10:58:46 AM","Nancy","If you wish, you could send a bank account statement, copy, to the other Officers and Internal Audit now and then, etc. Lets say a quarterly accounting is required like this!"
"2/22/98 10:59:29 AM","Nancy","Gerard or Geson, you need to make this motion. "
"2/22/98 11:00:41 AM","Nancy","I can't move, as I'm the Chair, and Clipper can't move, as he could be construed to benefit from the arrangement. Please make a motion as the two of us cannot."
"2/22/98 11:00:55 AM","Geson","okey! is coming..."
"2/22/98 11:02:33 AM","Nancy","Pat is also on IRC, so we have 5 voting, which is good as then it does not need Clipper's vote to carry."
"2/22/98 11:02:48 AM","Clipper","Good"
"2/22/98 11:02:55 AM","Geson","Im having trouble with forming a motion___ help!"
"2/22/98 11:04:14 AM","Gerard","the same for me.... grammar... don't know what to say ..."
"2/22/98 11:04:18 AM","Nancy","I'll ask Pat."
"2/22/98 11:05:28 AM","Geson","I move that clipper collects the gifts and deposits them in bank account and when funds reach more than 1000$ or more it should be wired to the trewasurer"
"2/22/98 11:05:46 AM","Gerard","okay... Geson found the right words :) "
"2/22/98 11:05:58 AM","Geson","okey?"
"2/22/98 11:06:12 AM","Nancy","(RRaven) I move that all funds that are recieved for less than $1000 be placed in a special account and reported to the board on a quarterly basis. When the funds reach 1000 they would be transferred to the treasurer"
"2/22/98 11:06:39 AM","Nancy","Any seconds?"
"2/22/98 11:06:44 AM","Geson","I second"
"2/22/98 11:07:03 AM","Nancy","Oh, a motion has been made twice, thus seconded. All in favor say Yes, opposed say No."
"2/22/98 11:07:11 AM","Geson","Yes"
"2/22/98 11:07:12 AM","Gerard","Yes"
"2/22/98 11:07:29 AM","Nancy","Yes"
"2/22/98 11:08:35 AM","Nancy","We're waiting as Pat just received the formal call for vote."
"2/22/98 11:08:48 AM","Gerard"," yes"
"2/22/98 11:08:50 AM","Clipper","Abstain"
"2/22/98 11:09:12 AM","Nancy","The motion passes, with Clipper abstaining which is proper."
"2/22/98 11:09:47 AM","Nancy","We need to address that this account for small gifts, or even large gifts, is a pool, the use of which is to be determined by the Board."
"2/22/98 11:10:07 AM","Clipper","Agreed"
"2/22/98 11:10:45 AM","Nancy","Our Bylaws state that the Board would accept all gifts, and in this I think we were assuming that all gifts would be send in response to a Grant Proposal. However, we're getting money with no Grant Proposal up there."
"2/22/98 11:11:25 AM","Nancy","This means that the Board can accept proposals AFTER the money is received, as well as before!"
"2/22/98 11:11:34 AM","Clipper","Yes"
"2/22/98 11:12:05 AM","Nancy","We need to move that the Bylaws be amended such that a pool of non-specified funds be established which is to be spend at the Boards directives."
"2/22/98 11:13:14 AM","Gerard"," Nancy Our Bylaws state that the Board would accept all gifts, and in this I think we were assuming that all gifts would be send in response to a Grant Proposal. However, we're getting money with no Grant Proposal up there.
yes, these are just general ""gifts"""
"2/22/98 11:13:19 AM","Clipper","I move that the Bylaws be ammended such that a pool of non-specified funds be established which is to be spent at the boards directive."
"2/22/98 11:13:30 AM","Nancy","Second?"
"2/22/98 11:13:42 AM","Geson","I seconf"
"2/22/98 11:14:27 AM","Nancy","A motion has been made and seconded that a pool of non-specified funds be established to be spent at the Board's directives, and that the Bylaws be so amended. All in favor say Yes, opposed say NO."
"2/22/98 11:14:29 AM","Nancy","Yes"
"2/22/98 11:14:32 AM","Clipper","Yes"
"2/22/98 11:14:41 AM","Gerard","Yes"
"2/22/98 11:14:43 AM","Geson","Yes"
"2/22/98 11:14:51 AM","Gerard"," yes"
"2/22/98 11:14:56 AM","Nancy","The motion passes."
"2/22/98 11:15:26 AM","Nancy","The next item on the agenda is a report from the President on filing the 1023 forms."
"2/22/98 11:16:15 AM","Nancy","I did so, and found when making them out that the cost of having the IRS review them is $150 if the nonprofit expects to be operating under $10,000 / year, but $500 if operating over $10,000 per year."
"2/22/98 11:16:56 AM","Nancy","Since our first year of operation was about $1,000, and we have no give that would move the second year of operation over that, we could truthfully say WE DO NOT KNOW that the operation woudl be more than $10,000 per year."
"2/22/98 11:17:04 AM","Nancy","My estimates were just that, a complete swag."
"2/22/98 11:17:33 AM","Nancy","So, I changed the 1023-8 form (which is on the web at this time, reflecting what was actually send to the IRS) to say under $10,000 per year."
"2/22/98 11:18:10 AM","Nancy","I stated that the second year was estimated to reach revenues of $2,600 and expenses of $2,500"
"2/22/98 11:18:36 AM","Nancy","I stated that the third year was estimated to reach revenues of $9,700 and expenses of $9,300."
"2/22/98 11:19:04 AM","Nancy","Then I attached a $150 check, which is within the funds we currently have and in the hands of the Treasurer."
"2/22/98 11:19:10 AM","Nancy","Any problems with that?"
"2/22/98 11:19:18 AM","Clipper","I move that we accept the changes made by the President to the 1023-8 form"
"2/22/98 11:19:27 AM","Geson","I second"
"2/22/98 11:20:11 AM","Nancy","A motion has been made and seconded to accept 1023-8 as mailed to the IRS, which diffes in projected revenues and expenses form the 1023-8 reviewed last Board meeting. All in favor say Yes, opposed say No."
"2/22/98 11:20:13 AM","Nancy","Yes"
"2/22/98 11:20:21 AM","Clipper","Yes"
"2/22/98 11:20:29 AM","Geson","Yes"
"2/22/98 11:20:43 AM","Gerard","Yes"
"2/22/98 11:20:48 AM","Gerard"," yes"
"2/22/98 11:20:52 AM","Gerard","yes"
"2/22/98 11:21:00 AM","Nancy","The motion passes."
"2/22/98 11:21:18 AM","Nancy","The next item on the agenda is a report from the President re the Annual Report."
"2/22/98 11:21:49 AM","Nancy","I called The Company Corporation, our agent in Delaware (local presense) and asked about the Annual Report, which I had in my head was supposed to be filed somewhere."
"2/22/98 11:22:09 AM","Nancy","They do not do this, but indeed we are required to file by March 1 of each year, along with a $20 fee."
"2/22/98 11:22:39 AM","Nancy","I produced a copy of the Annual approved at the last Board meeting, with a logo centered on the top of the first page, and mailed this in with the fee."
"2/22/98 11:23:10 AM","Nancy","All this was within the current budget, funds in the hands of the Treasurer, and I am within my perogatives as the Board agent, being the President, etc."
"2/22/98 11:23:17 AM","Nancy","No need to vote :-)"
"2/22/98 11:23:40 AM","Clipper","Sounds like you did good"
"2/22/98 11:23:56 AM","Nancy","]The last item on the agenda is an amendment to the Bylaws to deal with end-of-term if any officer will not continue into the next term, and even if they WILL, kind of an accounting."
"2/22/98 11:24:55 AM","Nancy","What I realized is that the Treasurer is giving quarterly accounting to the Board, and we just voted to have Clipper give quarterly accounting of the pool account, but there are other things outstanding."
"2/22/98 11:26:03 AM","Nancy","For instance, the Treasurer is behind on paying checks against the vouchers she recieves. We don't have in our Bylaws any rule to keep this current. I think we should establish Bylaw amenedment that the Treasurer must come current on valid vouchers recieved by the end of each Quarter!"
"2/22/98 11:26:33 AM","Clipper","Yes, before the next report is due"
"2/22/98 11:26:38 AM","Nancy","Also, at the end of each year, the Secretary should produce a list of the documents in the Secretary-Proxy lockbox, which Brand is maintaining on US soil."
"2/22/98 11:26:43 AM","Nancy","Discussion?"
"2/22/98 11:27:02 AM","Clipper","Good idea"
"2/22/98 11:27:15 AM","Nancy","The President is forever giving an accounting, as I did today with the 1023 and Annual report."
"2/22/98 11:27:22 AM","Clipper","This way, we all know whats in the lock-box"
"2/22/98 11:27:51 AM","Nancy","Clipper, do you think Di would have a problem with the bylaw re treasurer?"
"2/22/98 11:28:18 AM","Clipper","No, I don't think she would but I don't want to speek for her."
"2/22/98 11:28:50 AM","Nancy","I don't think so either. She's very used to lots going on, in leadership role, so this would be nothing new."
"2/22/98 11:29:02 AM","Clipper","I agree"
"2/22/98 11:29:38 AM","Nancy","Does someone want to motion that end of term for the Secretary means getting an accounting of the lockbox contents, and end of quarter the Treasurer writes checks for all outstanding vouchers?"
"2/22/98 11:30:58 AM","Clipper","I make a motion the the end of term for the secretary means getting an accounting of the contents of the lockbox and end of quarter, the treasurer writes checks for any outstanding vouchers"
"2/22/98 11:31:14 AM","Geson","I second"
"2/22/98 11:31:14 AM","Nancy","Seconds?"
"2/22/98 11:32:20 AM","Nancy","A motion has been made and seconded that at each end-of-term the Secretary gets an accounting of the contents of the lockbox, and end of Quarter the Treasurer writes checks for all outstanding vouchers, and that the Bylaws be so amended. All in favor say Yes, opposed say No."
"2/22/98 11:32:22 AM","Nancy","Yes"
"2/22/98 11:32:25 AM","Clipper","Yes"
"2/22/98 11:32:30 AM","Gerard","Yes"
"2/22/98 11:32:40 AM","Geson","Yes"
"2/22/98 11:32:57 AM","Gerard"," yes"
"2/22/98 11:33:07 AM","Nancy","The motion has passed unanimously (as have they all :-)."
"2/22/98 11:33:39 AM","Nancy","This concludes the formal business. I will make Bylaw changes and notify all when they are on the web. Any corrections can be brought up next meeting, etc."
"2/22/98 11:34:12 AM","Clipper","I will notify Doug of our decision"
"2/22/98 11:34:27 AM","Nancy","Is there any other business that the Board should address? Remember that we have a rule that Board members require 3 days ahead of the meeting if a document is to be reviewed. No surprises."
"2/22/98 11:34:38 AM","Geson","Id like to talk a little about the nominations to the board, if that is okey!"
"2/22/98 11:35:00 AM","Clipper","End of business first?"
"2/22/98 11:35:05 AM","Geson","Yes!"
"2/22/98 11:35:26 AM","Clipper","No other business here"
"2/22/98 11:35:37 AM","Nancy","A motion has been made and seconded to conclude the meeting. All in favor say Yes, opposed say No."
"2/22/98 11:35:38 AM","Nancy","Yes"
"2/22/98 11:35:44 AM","Clipper","Yes"
"2/22/98 11:35:45 AM","Geson","Yes"
"2/22/98 11:35:45 AM","Gerard","yes"
"2/22/98 11:35:55 AM","Nancy","The motion passes, the meeting is adjourned."