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Board Meeting

February 25, 2001

The meeting was called to order at approximately 18:00 hours Universal Time. Those Attending: Brent, (President, and chairing the meeting); Nancy, Mary, Toni, Shirley, Shaul, Roger, Jan, Jurian, Gerard.

Agenda Item 1: Minutes of Last Meeting Approval
- Since there were no comments concerning the minutes of the January Board Meeting, they were considered ratified as correct.
Agenda Item 2: Welcome of New Members
- New Board Members welcomed – Mary and Jan
- Barry did not attend
- Toni had connection problems and appeared later.
Agenda Item 3: Annual Admin Steps Report
- There were no questions or comments on this report.
Agenda Item 4: Annual Report Discussion
- Everyone agreed that the photos look good.
- Nancy was complimented on her report.
Agenda Item 5: Internal Auditor's Report
- There was much discussion, but no specific questions.
Agenda Item 6: Brochure Design/Status Discussion
- Brent had raised a question, before the meeting, as to whether the brochure is really a brochure anymore, or whether it is now rather a "booklet".
- The design and page layout were discussed, and it was agreed that it would probably be better and cheaper to do the printing and binding in-house.
- Mary volunteered to look into this, cost-wise, to see if shipping everything to her in order that she could put it all together would be a cost-effective move.
- For now, it has been decided to print on ordinary bond paper, with a slightly thicker cover, and the size will be further looked into.
- Jan pointed out that Europe had no equivalent for Legal size, so half-legal, which was the Board's first choice, may be changed to A4, which is one of the choices in Nancy's formatting programme.
- At least to begin with, the booklet will be free.
- At Jan's suggestion, it was also agreed that there should be a booklet on-line in Adobe.pdf, so that those who wish to can download it and print it themselves.
- Mary to look into costs for all of this - Adobe software, printing, binding, copying, and paper.
- Also, before making a final decision on size, what size booklet would fit into what kind of an envelope needs to be researched.
- Mary to present costs at the next Board meeting.
Agenda Item 7: Project Status Report
- Jan gave a report on the Short-wave Radio Project, and agreed to produce a write-up for the next Board meeting on the changes he wants to accomplish.
- Nancy then gave her report on the hydroponics lab. She said that the lessons that could be taken from this experiment have been learned, and it has been shut down. Another cycle is being planned for late spring, early summer. Fish Tanks – All the fish died, and it was agreed by all consulted that the problem was in the food. The next cycle should be 100% natural, no store-bought food.
- Jan suggested that an Energy Project should be started this autumn, and agreed to produce an intro for it by the next Board meeting.
- Some of the inactive projects, like Clothing and On-Foot, were discussed. Helena stated that these two should be dropped, and after some discussion no real decision was made.
- UNIX Servers – Ready to go on-line but awaiting funding for a T1 connection. Not much can be done until they are on-line.
- Seeds – Still storing nicely and awaiting distribution. New seeds to be added to the list. Roger agreed to compose a letter to the Seed Savers' Exchange re their donating some seeds to us. He will present this to the Board at the next meeting, for the Board's approval.
Agenda Item 8: Site/Email Blockage Discussion
- It was agreed that nothing much can be done about this problem.
- Nancy can act as the list-serve cop, but does not read all the mail. If she is informed of a disruptor, she can then deal with it.
- Christer has forged Nancy's email address for one of his posts, and Nancy is going to write to his ISP concerning the problem of his disruption.

Roger moved to adjourn, and Jurian seconded. The meeting was adjourned at approximately 21:40.