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Board Meeting

Feb 25, 2007

Session Start: Sun Feb 25 11:41:59 2007
(Roger) I hereby call the first 2007 meeting of the Troubled Times, Inc. Board of Director to order.
(Roger) Today is February 25, 2007. Our first order of business is the ratification of the minutes of the last meeting.
(Roger) Are there any comments or questions?
(Nancy) None here.
(Gerard) No comments on the minutes of the last meeting
(Roger) Then they are considered correct and so ratified.
(Roger) Since this is our first meeting of 2007, we need to recognize the changes or lack thereof in our membership and our directorship. Please welcome the previous board as being properly re-elected and re-accepted to their previous offices (no changes).
(Nancy) Welcome all!
(Roger) Yes, welcome back all!
(Roger) Our next order of business is the discussion of the Projects.
(Roger) First on the list is the Survival Booklet and CD.
(Nancy) I am getting a blitz of radio show interviews, and will be on with OutThereTV again in March, and this always brings a lot of attention to my website where I advertise the $4.10 CD and Combo with Survival Book.
(Roger) Sales are coming in regularly now. I have filled, on average, two orders a week for the last three months. Supplies are holding well with more than 500 CDs remaining in stock as well as around 300 or so of the booklets.
(Nancy) OutThereTV has many new states and cities now, so will be reaching new people.
(Nancy) In my opinion, the funds we have in the bank account, and PayPal, are to refurbish this inventory when the time comes.
(Nancy) About $1,000 in checking account at the present time.
(Roger) There is $1515.19 in the funds here (paypal).
(Nancy) That would cover, after sales of the inventory, a reprint and new burn.
(Roger) When the supplies drop to under 200, we should consider revising the booklet and perhaps the CD content as well. We have some new material coming on TT-Forum and could incorporate it (especially on the CD).
(Nancy) Sounds good! I agree.
(Gerard) Adding new content when the supplies drop under 200 is a good idea I think
(Roger) We could begin the revision sooner, but a lower limit should be set to flag when it's time to get it done.
(Nancy) I agree with your measure, at the current pace.
(Roger) I'll keep track of the stock and inform the Board when we get close to that point. No need to have a vote, just an advisory in the minutes that we discussed it. We can solicit volunteers and initiate the project as needed later.
(Nancy) I will be willing to update the PDF file, etc.
(Roger) Great!
(Roger) There are some new members that have asked what they can do to help. If they are still active (or willing at least) we can give them a section (of the content and the booklet) to review and make revision recommendations.
(Nancy) WONDERFUL idea!
(Gerard) Good idea Roger
(Nancy) I recently asked for ideas on a TV documentary on survival, got lots of good response.
(Roger) humble thanks
(Roger) Any further discussion on this item at this time?
(Nancy) Here is the discussion ../document.htm
(Nancy) And here is a script incorporating the result ../survival.htm
(Nancy) It turns out a member of tt-forum does commercials, is a producer!
(Nancy) None here.
(Roger) This should be considered for being in the booklet, most definitely!
(Nancy) It is a list of 50+ items that need to be considered for survival.
(Nancy) In order of importance! Worked into a disaster scenario.
(Roger) It reads very nicely.
(Roger) If Gerard has nothing further on the booklet/cd content, let's move on to the Seed Project.
(Nancy) Re the Seed Project. Last year I did a germination test of dozens of seed types, and plan this again this year, on those seeds that were omitted last year due to lack of garden space.
(Nancy) Where I am collecting fresh seed, I consider this an advisement action, as these issues frequently come up on email and on interview.
(Nancy) KEEP your seed fresh, and here's HOW, and how OFTEN, etc.
(Nancy) End of my report.
(Roger) It's exactly the kind of thing that needs to be addressed, and often.
(Roger) I have some space now and will be putting in an herb garden as part of my garden plans.
(Roger) I have seed that is no longer viable and will be determining that very soon as well.
(Roger) Any questions or comments Gerard?
(Gerard) No
(Roger) Okay, let's move on the the Server project.
(Roger) I recently relocated to another city in Kansas and have yet to reconnect the server. I have a space set up but have delayed the actually connecting of the server due to issues with space for a monitor. Previously I had a I/O switch that allowed switching between two PCs, but this was always questionable.
(Roger) Very often, the color scheme on the monitor would go whacky and I had to shut it off to correct it.
(Gerard) To bad. And is it still on a fast connection. Like ADSL or?
(Roger) Anyway, everything is ready to go, I am waiting for the need to arise and I'll hook it back up, pronto!
(Nancy) Sounds good! It's like everything up until this point has been an exercise! I feel our busy time is just ahead of us.
(Roger) Yes, I still have the fastest DSL one can have without going to a Static IP setup. That upgrade would cost more than I can justify at the moment.
(Nancy) And I feel, no need.
(Roger) That's another reason I have not hooked the server back up, the Dynamic IP means that I have to periodically log in and check the IP address (from home) and change my ISP's IP forward settings when it changes.
(Nancy) No need, at this time, whatsoever.
(Roger) Anyway, I will fit it into my routine eventually (necessity breeds initiative, or is it innovation?)
(Roger) Any further questions or comments?
(Nancy) Whatever. I feel you are ready for the surge, when it comes.
(Gerard) No comments Roger
(Nancy) None here.
(Roger) The final project to review is the Blog Radio project. Nancy?
(Nancy) The Blog is steady on. I have been repeating broadcasts from 18 months ago, although they are classics, as I have gotten busy lately.
(Nancy) I have gotten a live radio show blitz, and it is only beginning.
(Nancy) Also, was asked onto Out There TV again in March. They have spread to even more states and cities, LA recently.
(Nancy) And my script, The Passage, is being developed by a Producer who wants to do a documentary on myself and ZetaTalk and get excitement going on the Internet.
(Nancy) All this means more traffic to my website, where the nonprofit offerings are clearly advertised.
(Roger) Wow!
(Nancy) End of report by Nancy.
(Roger) The Newsletters are very cool as well. Are they linked on your website as well?
(Nancy) Indeed, advertised in a band across the page, and easy subscription.
(Nancy) Over 500 already subscribed.
(Nancy) Countries from around the world, in the same range that hit my website, monthly.
(Roger) Awesome. Gerard, do you have any comments or questions to add?
(Gerard) No comments or questions
(Roger) Okay, then we have reached the end of our Agenda. Do I hear a motion to adjourn?
(Nancy) I move we adjourn, having completed the business on the adenda.
(Roger) Any objection Gerard?
(Gerard) No objection
(Roger) This meeting is adjourned.
Session Close: Sun Feb 25 12:39:50 2007