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Board Meeting

Jan 24, 1999

1. Annual Report - Revised per last Board Meeting, by President
By Delaware law, our Annual Report must be filed by March of each year. A draft was discussed at the Last Board meeting, with the Revised report available now for a final review. Revisions include increased discussion of the projects, and changes to the balance sheet to reflect an analysis done by the President on the hand-off between old and new Treasurer. Basically, we have more funds to carry forward, as Brand was unaware of a $500 operating fund check that Diana had received. The analysis also balanced the accounts, on paper, with the actual cash in hand. The Balance Sheet has also been adjusted for actual interest earned from the Gift Pool, the year-end statement having been received.
2. Financial Footing Concerns - Statement by Jan

Some general points about the Troubled Times, Inc. economy: Nancy has not charged the cost for directory on and, USD 50 / year. This should either be reimbursed or recognized as a gift from Nancy. Kiko and Tomaz support the corporation with a free mailing list service. This should be recognized and included in the Balance Sheet and Annual Report. I would recommend that solutions for creating a healthy economy with a steady and predictable income stream be discussed on the next Board Meeting.

Where it is true that the corporation gets free web hosting, due in part to the President hosting the corporation in a directory on the ZetaTalk sites, these sites primarily host ZetaTalk proper and the Troubled Times web pages, which are all separate entities from the nonprofit. Likewise, registering these domains yearly, with InterNIC, is primarily to support these other entities. However, this support is indeed a gift to the nonprofit corporation. Since the switch to for mailing list support, a free service, this need no longer be considered a gift. Jan's final point, which alludes to collecting dues among other fund raising methods, is open for discussion during the Board Meeting.