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Board Meeting

January 9, 2000

The meeting was conducted on NetMeeting and via e-mail. More than a quorum attended - Clipper, Gerard, Jan, Nancy, Shirley, Roger, and Ron. Jurian again attended as a member guest during the meeting. All votes carried without opposition.
1. Vote on Acceptance of Generous Gift
- Gift of approximately $16,800 accepted with qualifications
- Hydroponics, aquaponics, and radio communication are approved projects
- Clarification on light duty farm equipment needed, excess funds to be frozen
2. Report on $1,500 Loss Recovered
- Steps to be taken if Court Order not honored by defendant were discussed
- Jail, not a lien, results from a criminal prosecution, thus steps not required
3. Vote on Funding of Projects
- Hydroponics with aquaponics funded for $4,000
- Radio communications tower funded for $7,905
- CPA Audit funding capped at $1,000, Treasurer approved to proceed
- Admin & Ops for 1999 approved at $495, pending vouchers to be paid
- Admin & Ops for 2000 approved at $500
- Excess funds of approximately $2,900 from gift to be held, not disbursed
4. Report on Gift Pool Closure
- Gift Pool closed out, statements and logs forwarded to Treasurer via snail mail
- Books for 1999 will include this closure, awaiting paperwork
- Gift Pool accounting will be included in the CPA Audit
5. Vote on Video Project Separation
- Wording of new Solution Set and Backpack Survival proposals accepted
- Proposals will be included as approved projects on the web
6. Report on February Agenda
- Balance Sheet to include Gift Pool closure and CPA Audit results
- Changes recommended by CPA will be discussed
- Annual Report draft will be presented for Board review and approval
7. Vote on Hypertext Quickbooks Purchase
- $150 Hypertext Quickbooks supports display that can cross borders, approved
- $120 Quickbooks version for Internal Auditor cannot be legally shippped
- Quickbooks for Internal Auditor to be payment in goods to Nancy, later, no loss