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Board Meeting

January 20, 2002

1. Minutes of Last Meeting - Approval
If there is no objection to the minutes as posted, they will be considered ratified as correct.
2. UNIX Servers Online - Discussion
- · Progress report by Jurian on status of configuration and function.
3. Booklet Costs for Future Mass Production - Discussion
- Carried over from last meeting.
- Quotes have been obtained from Toni, Roger, and Brent to get an idea of costs involved.
- Brief report from Mary of order status of booklet in December, and how the new Booklet Ordering email link is working.
4. Progress of Short Wave Radio Project - Monthly Report
- Shirley’s Report is available for review.
5. 4QT Financial Report 2001 - Quarterly Report
- Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statements are not yet available from the CPA firm, Wegner LLP.
- As the corporation received less than $25,000 in donation during 2001, there is no need to file a Form 990 with the IRS. However, a letter to this effect will be sent to them, and a 1099 form will be sent to Shirley, regarding her award of $1,000 for booklet completion.
- During 2001, donations totalled $5,740 and expenses were $9,252. Major expenses were for booklet kickoff (copier), getting the servers online (DSL), and positioning for seed production in 2002 (moving the Troy-Bilt tiller).
- Obligations to support board approved projects and expenses during 2002 is estimated at $5,970. This includes bookkeeping ($1,000), insurance ($300), administration ($500), supplies and expenses for seed production ($990), booklet production ($340), the hydroponics lab ($750), and DSL charges ($2, 090).
- Funds available to spend at year end 2001 are $5,381 plus the addition of a $2,000 donation received at the start of 2002, a total of $7,381.
6. East Coast Seed Team Hub - Report
- Barry Setzer has assumed responsibility for these seeds from Toni.
- Brief report from Barry. (Toni unable to attend meeting)
7. Hydroponics Project Report - Report
- · Nancy has begun a new cycle in the hydroponics lab. Brief Report.