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Board Meeting

January 21, 2001

1. Minutes of Last Meeting - Approval
If there is no objection to the minutes as posted, they will be considered ratified as correct.
2. Treasurer's Quarterly Financial Statement - Report by Nancy
Fourth quarter statement for 2000 is also the draft Annual Statement, to be included in the Annual Report. Not reflected in this statement are recent donations of $300 from Knowledge Systems, non-designated, and $100 from John Kelso, designated to Seed TEAM support. Current balance in the bank, with all outstanding checks cashed but excluding the 2001 donations mentioned above, is $8,893.53 - more than sufficient to cover on-going projects. An anticipated donation from the Julia Dula Foundation has not been received as yet. This statement is a draft as it presents confusion. Ron treated the TV Clip as an asset, downposting this with development expenses, so it is a negative asset at present rather than project expenses and incidental income when we sell a clip for $5 to individuals. I and the CPA firm are correcting this. We will also be condensing the physical assets into three categories - Seed Gardens, Hydroponics Lab, and Video & Servers. I will have the finalized statement for the Annual Report.
3. Annual Report - Discussion
A draft of the Annual Report, to be a link with other Annual Reports from the nonprofit home page, was made available to the Membership and Board after the end of year 2000. This link is not yet in place. The only comment on content being from Mary, who objected to the graphic photo of earthworms being prepared for recipes.
4. Public Contact via 800 Number - Report by Nancy
In anticipation of non-Internet public contacts, an 800 number and PO Box for public contact were opened. The 30 minute documentary anticipated to develope interest in the public which may or may not have Internet access to the nonprofit's home page, was filmed over Labor Day, 2000 and polished by professional film technicians in Tarzana, CA over the holidays. This documentary is not a nonprofit project, but includes, in total, Geson's 4 minute TV clip which is a nonprofit asset, and references the nonprofit and Troubled Times web site as a source of solutions to survival and aftertime living. Board members were requested to call the 800 number to hear Shirley's answering machine message.
5. Annual Nominations - Report by Shirley
Nominations for positions subject to annual election by the Membership have been proceeding, during this month of January. To date, accepted nominations for the positions of President, Vice President, Administrative VP, Secretary, and Treasurer have been made, with 5 additional nominations for Board. Officers are automatically on the Board. Three additional nominations for Board have not yet been accepted, which if accepted would bring the total to 12 Board Members. It appears there my be no contested seats, and begs the question of whether a Membership votecall is necessary if there is no contest.
6. Exclusion Bylaw Change - Report by Jurian
A proposed a Bylaw change that would allow the recruiter to post a votecall to the Board prior to issuing an invitation in cases were a potentially eligible individual clearly does not understand the policies and procedures of membership in the nonprofit, or would violate the spirit and intent of the noprofit mission if a member, was placed before the Membership for approval. This votecall is in process at the moment. This change was requested by the Recruitment Committee, which faces this delima at the moment.
7. President-at-Large - Vote or NOT
Jurian has served this past month as President-at-Large. This position needs to be filled for the forthcoming month of February. The annual elections process has only Brent as an accepted nomination for President, but elections will not take place until February.