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Board Meeting

January 21, 2000

The meeting was called to order at approximately 17:55, Universal Time. Those attending: Jurian, current President-at-Large, and chairing the meeting; Brent, Gerard, Nancy, Roger, Shirley, and Sol.

Agenda Item 1: Approve Minutes of Last Meeting.
- There being no objection, the minutes of the last meeting were accepted.
Agenda Item 2: Report on Quarterly Financial Statement
- There were no questions regarding this report.
Agenda Item 3: Discussion on Annual Report
- After some discussion concerning the graphic showing worms being chopped, it was agreed that the graphic should stay as is.
- Another photo of a resulting bowl of soup should be added.
- Both these items will appear in the Annual Report.
Agenda Item 4: Report on Public Contact via 800 Number
- There was dialogue concerning this report, and it was agreed that though the message was good, it was too faint.
- It was agreed that a transcript of the message should be sent to the Inc, and Nancy volunteered to do this.
- Action Item: Nancy to send transcript of Helena's message to the Inc.
Agenda Item 5: Report on Annual Nominations
- The question of annual nominations generated a lot of discussion.
- Shirley said that if there are no more nominations she will not call a vote.
- The whole board would be elected by default, since right now there are no contested positions, and fewer members than are actually needed on the Board.
- A suggestion was made that interested members be allowed to post their qualifications on the Inc. mailing list, but this was eventually put aside, and the nomination/voting process will remain the way it is currently.
Agenda Item 6: Report on Exclusion Bylaw Change
- Once again a lot of dialogue was generated concerning this item; but all the questions seem to have been resolved to everyone's satisfaction.
Agenda Item 7: Vote on President-at-Large
- Helena nominated Brent for this position and the nomination was seconded by Nancy.
- Roger then nominated Gerard, who has not as yet had experience as PAL.
- However, it was pointed out by Nancy that if there are no more nominations and the President's position is uncontested, Gerard would only be PAL for two weeks, which would not make a lot of sense.
- There could also be some kind of conflict between the PAL and the real President.
- Gerard could see the point of this; and in the end the Board decided that it would be simpler and more expedient to let Brent have the PAL duties, which will probably dovetail nicely into the Presidential duties, after the nominations have been closed.

Although this item was not on the agenda, Jurian thought it worthy of discussion. It concerned the cell phone for Ron, and Jurian wondered if the funding had been given to him for this item. Shirley pointed out that the funds had not even been approved, since Ron was supposed to go out and find a better price for his cell phone than the one quoted. It was not long after that that he resigned, and the issue became moot.

The offer by Jan to take over the TT-Radio project in Ron's absence was also discussed, and the Board was unanimous in its approval of this strategy, in an unofficial vote called by Jurian.

Motion by Roger, seconded by Brent, for adjournment. The meeting adjourned at approximately 20:13, Universal Time.