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Place of Business Offer

The President has purchased her family homestead in Wisconsin, a small town in central Wisconsin in a dairy farming and corn growing rural area. The town has a Post Office, and allows small businesses to be run from the home when no more than two individuals beyond the resident are employed. Thus, distribution of brochures, and other items allowed as free mailing from nonprofit could potentially be done, after a US Postal Service Mailing Permit is secured. Note that application for this permit could not be done until the President becomes a Wisconsin resident and is officially conducting nonprofit business from a Place of Business within the town. The permit would require mailing from a specific Post Office, for a specific nonprofit with a valid Place of Business serviced by that Post Office, no doubt.

The two front rooms are separated from the main house by sliding pocket doors, and have a their own entrance. Parking along Lieder Street is ample. The two front rooms are structured so that one could be an Office, which could be closed off from the Reception area. The reception area could be a combination waiting room and display area. The President is currently planning to install Internet access for her personal use, so computer facilities could be provided in these offices. It should be noted that these offices may be used by the President for other endeavors she is spearheading, but the nonprofit uses can co-exists. The private entrance is off a porch which could hold an identifying Shingle.

The homestead includes an idle pasture, which has increasingly over the years become a woods along the Barboo River, and Marshlands. The marsh is Spring Fed, and includes a spring fed pond with Watercress. Much of the marshland is under only a few inches of water, so that planting Wild Rice and Cranberries may be possible. A ridge of land rising up from the marsh into the remnants of farm buildings is a perfect site for Bermed Facilities. Windmills are common in Wisconsin, due to the prevailing westerlies which are never still there. Hydroponics could be supported in the basement of the main house, which has an ample basement with an exterior entrance. Thus, the site offers the potential to demonstrate survival techniques, such as harvesting natural plants and Acquaculture, bermed survival huts, safe water capture, wind and water power, and perhaps Houseboat living.

The requirement for a Place of Business, requested by the IRS, is so that those contributing funds to the nonprofit can track those funds, by visiting the Place of Business. Virtual corporations, with PO Boxes only, are too evasive. The President can be located via this Place of Business, which she owns, as tax records are public. Therefore, for purposes of adhering to the Bylaws, for disbursement of petty cash funds to the Seed TEAM growers and hubs to reimburse their postage costs, this Place of Business suffices.