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Board Meeting
January 24, 1999

"1/24/99 10:26:36 AM","Nancy","The Board Meeting will please come to order. We are lacking a quorum, but Brand is logging onto NetMeeting and will be here shortly."
"1/24/99 10:26:40 AM","Shirley","Not yet."
"1/24/99 10:26:56 AM","Shirley","He has been nominated, but not voted in yet."
"1/24/99 10:27:19 AM","Shirley","I have the annual report right here."
"1/24/99 10:27:38 AM","Shirley","Sorry, you're breaking up again."
"1/24/99 10:27:59 AM","Shirley","Well, we'll just have to do our best."
"1/24/99 10:28:10 AM","Nancy","The Agenda was posted on the web, and includes a review and discussion of the Annual Report, including the Balance Sheet, a discussion and vote on Place of Business in Wisconsin, and expanding the Seed TEAM" grant proposal to include payment via petty cash."
"1/24/99 10:28:14 AM","Shirley","Okay, we'll try that."
"1/24/99 10:28:33 AM","Nancy","Does anyone have any comments on the Annual Report, thowing the floor open for discussion."
"1/24/99 10:30:10 AM","Clipper","Nothing here. Didn't get a chance to look over the stuff very well"
"1/24/99 10:30:14 AM","Shirley","Sorry, I did not get all that."
"1/24/99 10:30:30 AM","Nancy","What is most important, in order of placement, in the Annual. Most Annual Reports include the Balance Sheet, address of Operating Units, list of Board and Officers. Beyond that, they talk about the what the corporation is trying to do, with emplasis on the year past."
"1/24/99 10:30:37 AM","Nancy","Did I do that in the Annual?"
"1/24/99 10:31:15 AM","Gerard","Shirley just left the meeting"
"1/24/99 10:31:32 AM","Nancy","The dry stuff, accounting and locations and the like, is always toward the back. I think maybe I did not wax poetic enough in the front part, talking about what we accomplished in 1998."
"1/24/99 10:32:21 AM","Clipper","Bummer. I lost Shirley"
"1/24/99 10:32:40 AM","Nancy","Backup plan with Shirley is e-mail. "Gerard"," are you checking e-mail too? Clipper, can you send her e-mail?"
"1/24/99 10:33:03 AM","Clipper","Yes"
"1/24/99 10:35:29 AM","Clipper","I just sent a test email to her"
"1/24/99 10:35:50 AM","Nancy","I think I should say more, in the Annual, about our Proposals. We only list them. What about a few sentences about each, and maybe a graphic from the Video production efforts?"
"1/24/99 10:36:27 AM","Clipper","That sounds like a good idea"
"1/24/99 10:36:50 AM","Nancy","For instance, where I list the proposals that were approved by the Board, each should have a paragraph. Else the bad news about the fraud of $1,500 almost dominates!"
"1/24/99 10:37:36 AM","Clipper","Yes, I saw that right off the bat"
"1/24/99 10:39:22 AM","Nancy","Also, should we not be recapping the Grant Proposals from last year. I mention it, but I think the overall should be summarized too. Here's the big picture, and here's what's new in 1998. Maybe mention any activity on past Proposals, like the Hollywood producer's review, etc."
"1/24/99 10:39:49 AM","Gerard","Brand is on "
"1/24/99 10:39:51 AM","Clipper","Brand is here"
"1/24/99 10:40:15 AM","Nancy","We have a quorum!"
"1/24/99 10:40:17 AM","Brand","Yea I made it"
"1/24/99 10:40:37 AM","Gerard","Hello Brand"
"1/24/99 10:40:37 AM","Clipper","No Shirley"
"1/24/99 10:41:11 AM","Nancy","Brand, we're discussing the Annual Report, that the proposals should have more meat in them, a paragraph each, and any activity on past years proposals also be details, so that it is a full page of activity, before we get into the fraud and the dry stuff that is standard in an Annual."
"1/24/99 10:42:14 AM","Brand","OK"
"1/24/99 10:43:20 AM","Nancy","Please note that the draft Annual Report includes the Balance Sheet, and Wisconsin Place of Business, though these both have to be reviewed separately, and are on the agenda for that. The draft assumed approval, but would change if approval from the Board was not grained."
"1/24/99 10:44:31 AM","Nancy","If there are no further discussions on the Annual, I'll make changes and put it up for final approval in February. It does not have to be filed in Delware until March."
"1/24/99 10:44:56 AM","Clipper","Agreed"
"1/24/99 10:45:04 AM","Brand","second"
"1/24/99 10:45:20 AM","Gerard","agreed"
"1/24/99 10:45:28 AM","Nancy","(Roger) Just mine thus far about being concise and not too dry or too wordy."
"1/24/99 10:45:49 AM","Gerard","(Roger) No part. I see your point about wanting to be more informative about the good stuff, but honestly, do you think it will be read carefully? Of course, I've never read or written an annual report for a non-profit."
"1/24/99 10:46:44 AM","Nancy"," Roger, if it is read at all, it will be the FIRST impression that folks will remember. We need to have 1/2 at least of the Annual talking about our positive efforts."
"1/24/99 10:48:27 AM","Nancy","OK, I'm going to move to the next Agenda item. A Place of Business offer was made by the President, offering use of 2 front rooms at her new home in Wisconsin. This can be an official PoB now, as via tax records I can be located, so we're no longer a fly-by-night internet company, as the IRS feared, etc. However, I'm not there yet, and hope to be this year, relocating."
"1/24/99 10:48:53 AM","Nancy","(Roger) I have dealt with the IRS and they are human, very busy, very stressed, and tend to gloss over when reading reports or forms, etc."
"1/24/99 10:49:40 AM","Nancy","Roger, if the IRS reads these, they would also, I think, take in the forward motion of the corporation, as a reason for having nonprofit status, etc. My thoughts. "
"1/24/99 10:50:02 AM","Nancy","(Pat) Yes, I agree. The positive must be stressed. The future is not so positive but our planning for that future is positive."
"1/24/99 10:50:13 AM","Brand","Very good idea to get a PofB. I it does tend to legimize the organization"
"1/24/99 10:50:31 AM","Gerard","(Pat) That should be the overall impression left with the reader."
"1/24/99 10:51:32 AM","Nancy","It's an entirely genuine offer, and has MUCH potential for nonprofit use, including tours, prototype setups, and distribution from the local post office of brocures and videos and the like, with a mailing permit that is allowed for nonprofits. I do think one has to have an offical PoB before a mailling permit would be granted."
"1/24/99 10:51:51 AM","Gerard","(Jan) I agree on the points about the embezzlement taking too much space, taking the focus away from the Grants and Gifts."
"1/24/99 10:52:53 AM","Gerard","(Roger) Don't get me wrong, I agree with that intention, I just think the report does an OK job of that. No harm will be done by including more info about the positive. Unfortunately the fraud affects the org in more than one way."
"1/24/99 10:53:22 AM","Gerard","(Jan) "Nancy"," please explain what you mean by "take in the forward motion ... as a reason for having nonprofit status". "
"1/24/99 10:54:31 AM","Nancy","Nonprofit status is granted because the group wants to do something, has a mission, a goal. I would think the IRS would review the nonprofit after 3 years, as they do (our status is probationary), and if they find nothing much happening, pull the plug! Otherwise, it could be deemed a tax evasion scheme, or inactive, or something. Just seems to me that lack of activity would not be healthy."
"1/24/99 10:55:34 AM","Nancy","We did a lot of work on the video, and this should be included, for instance. Most Annual Reports talk about expansion plans, the position of the corporation vis a vis their goals, etc."
"1/24/99 10:55:35 AM","Clipper","Nancy, nonprofit status is granted because the group wants to do something, has a mission, a goal. I would think the IRS would review the nonprofit after 3 years, as they do (our status is probationary), and if they find nothing much happening, pull the plug! Otherwise, it could be deemed a tax evasion scheme, or inactive, or something. Just seems to me that lack of activity would not be healthy."
"1/24/99 10:55:53 AM","Clipper","That didn't work"
"1/24/99 10:56:05 AM","Clipper","Shirley is near her email"
"1/24/99 10:57:06 AM","Gerard","(Jan) Nancy, thanks for the answer. I do think your comments are valid, and that we should concentrate on the results and the items under development."
"1/24/99 10:57:18 AM","Nancy","Clipper, is Shirley available for a vote? I'm about to call one on the PoB thingie. I know Shirley prepares and reads the Agenda and links, so she is informed."
"1/24/99 10:57:31 AM","Clipper","Yes"
"1/24/99 10:58:50 AM","Nancy","Our Bylaws require that we have a PoB before we disburse any funds, and the $100 for postage to the Seed TEAM", which is running up bills (albeit about $3.00 apiece), should be reimbursed. If we don't have a physical address, we can't disburse. So I think a motion on this PoB offer is in order."
"1/24/99 10:59:26 AM","Gerard","(Jan) Concerning Place of Business, I think the President has made TT a very good offer on making her new home the TT PoB. "
"1/24/99 11:00:15 AM","Nancy","Does someone second the motion?"
"1/24/99 11:00:38 AM","Gerard","I second"
"1/24/99 11:00:40 AM","Clipper","Second"
"1/24/99 11:01:37 AM","Nancy","A motion has been made and seconded to accept the President's offer for use of rooms at her residence in Wisconsin, where she is a registered taxpayer on the premises. All in favor say Yes, opposed say No."
"1/24/99 11:01:38 AM","Nancy","Yes"
"1/24/99 11:02:06 AM","Gerard","Yes"
"1/24/99 11:02:09 AM","Nancy","(Jan) "Nancy"," you said you have not moved yet. Have you actually acquired the property yet?"
"1/24/99 11:02:10 AM","Clipper","Yes"
"1/24/99 11:02:36 AM","Clipper","Waiting for Shirley's reply"
"1/24/99 11:02:46 AM","Nancy","Jan, I closed on the property in December, 1998, paid the taxes for 1998 as the tax money went to me at the closing, and am the registered taxpayer, yes. "
"1/24/99 11:03:10 AM","Gerard","(Jan) Yes"
"1/24/99 11:03:42 AM","Brand","Yes"
"1/24/99 11:04:17 AM","Nancy","While we're waiting for Shirley's reply, via e-mail, lets start discussing the next Agenda item, the Balance Sheet. "
"1/24/99 11:04:59 AM","Nancy","Brand mailed this to me yesterday, and I got it on the web only 30 minutes ahead of the meeting. However, it's the first page on the Whiteboard, and I will post it to the IRC."
"1/24/99 11:06:36 AM","Nancy","Unfortunately, I lost that Whiteboard page, so will summarize."
"1/24/99 11:07:57 AM","Nancy","We had $183 forward from 1997, add to that the $1,500 gift from me (for attorney fees which have not been spend, and I've no immedate plans to do so) and the $100 for Seed and the $500 anonymous gift, totally $2,293.53. We earned interest on the Gift Pool."
"1/24/99 11:09:19 AM","Nancy","Expenses, entirely administrative such as the Delaware Rep fee, $150 to the IRS for nonprofit review, etc., as well as the PO Box in Alaska, came to $419.38. Includes minor mailing costs such as FedEX to the IRS to meet their deadlines, etc."
"1/24/99 11:10:31 AM","Nancy","Add to the expenditure or outgo, known as Liabilities on the Balance Sheet, is the $1,500 fraud by Diana, which is listed at this point as a "loss". Total outgo, then is $1,919.38, a total net for the year in the positive at $374.15"
"1/24/99 11:11:08 AM","Nancy","On a positive note, we heard from someone who wants to contribute $50/month to the Seed TEAM", but this is only an e-mail offer at this time, and has not actualized."
"1/24/99 11:11:19 AM","Nancy","Any comment on the Balance Sheet?"
"1/24/99 11:11:27 AM","Gerard","(Jan) Trying to connect to Nancy this time. I will try you again later if unable to connect to "Nancy"."
"1/24/99 11:11:54 AM","Clipper",""I am in favour of accepting the President's offer to have her home in Wisconsin as the TT business place."

I am in favour of accepting the President's offer to have her home in Wisconsin as the TT business place.
Shirley say "Yes". ( I cannot copy and paste for some strange reason)
"1/24/99 11:12:04 AM","Clipper","Whoa"
"1/24/99 11:12:21 AM","Nancy","Jan, what is it you want to ask?"
"1/24/99 11:12:45 AM","Nancy","With the vote from Shirley, the motion passes. We now have our first PoB in Wisconsin!"
"1/24/99 11:13:08 AM","Brand","Even with the loss incurred I think it is remarkable we were able to show a positive for the year"
"1/24/99 11:13:14 AM","Brand","Yes Wisco"
"1/24/99 11:14:16 AM","Nancy","Brand, does the Balance Sheet reflect the Vouchers I sent to you for year1999 Delaware Agent fees, etc., for $125? Or do you draw the line at 1998 expenses? How does that work?"
"1/24/99 11:14:46 AM","Nancy","Jan is now connected to NetMeeting"
"1/24/99 11:15:45 AM","Brand","Let me check but I think so as it was incurred in 98"
"1/24/99 11:15:56 AM","Nancy","While I'm waiting for Brand's response on the Balance Sheet, technique, etc., I'll start describing the final Agenda item."
"1/24/99 11:17:58 AM","Nancy","Our Bylaws allow payment of expenses via Petty Cash, (Article 9, Section 5, Disbursement), but the Seed TEAM" Grant Proposal does not specifically state that this method could be used to reimburse growers and hubs. However, the average postage is dollar and cents, etc."
"1/24/99 11:18:19 AM","Nancy","I'm suggesting that we should specifically amend the proposal to state that."
"1/24/99 11:18:41 AM","Brand","Yes it is incurred on this years balance sheet"
"1/24/99 11:19:58 AM","Nancy","Secondarily, our Bylaws state that a Binding Agreement should be gotten from all recipient of disbursement, that the corporation gets all patents and trademarks that might come out of our activities. (Article 9, Section 5, Grants)"
"1/24/99 11:20:50 AM","Gerard","(Jan) Brand, is it right to do the write-off immediately? Nancy, are there no possibilities of getting the embezzled amount recovered if Diana is prosecuted? "
"1/24/99 11:21:05 AM","Gerard","(Roger) Unless she is ajudicated to pay restitution, no. Of course, that's assuming she is prosecuted. We can write off the loss and then report it as income if it is ever recovered."
"1/24/99 11:22:06 AM","Nancy","I tried to do this by e-mail vote, in November, but it failed to generate much acitivity. Clipper made a motion, which states: I make a motion that funds to reimburse Seed TEAM" member for their postage can be treated like petty cash without a receipt required for each posting. I also make a motion that the project does not require a binding agreement on potential patents or trademarks, as it does not involve a product per se. Non-hybrid seeds currently in the public domain cannot be patented!""
"1/24/99 11:22:13 AM","Nancy","Do we have a second on this motion?"
"1/24/99 11:23:17 AM","Nancy","Jan, I don't know the accounting approach to be used. There is a warrant out for her arrest, and I checked with the authorizites to confirm that if she is pulled over for a traffic ticket, anywhere, that this warrant will pop up and she would be ARRESTED and detained to face these charges, etc."
"1/24/99 11:23:32 AM","Brand","Jan actually the loss is way over 90 days old and considered to be uncollecatable. If the by small chance it does show up we will add it is as recovered debt. So from a revenue aspect it would balance out in subsequent years"
"1/24/99 11:23:37 AM","Clipper","I can't do it."
"1/24/99 11:23:52 AM","Nancy","However, accounting wise, I don't know if we can just ride forward without calling it a loss. We can add it back in, as a gain, if things work out as they should, etc. "
"1/24/99 11:24:29 AM","Gerard","I second"
"1/24/99 11:25:14 AM","Brand","Second"
"1/24/99 11:25:30 AM","Nancy","Cleaning up the Balance Sheet discussion, I'd like to say that we are OK, money wise, as we don't need more administrative dollars until later in the year, and these are just a few hundred, annually, to pay for PO box and Delaware rep. So we are in the black."
"1/24/99 11:26:41 AM","Nancy","A motion has been made and seconded that the Seed TEAM" be Petty Cash paid, based on vouchers received from the Hubs which know all mailing costs between growers and hubs, and that a Binding Agreement not be required by Seed TEAM" growers and hubs. All in favor say Yes, opposed say No."
"1/24/99 11:27:27 AM","Nancy","(Jan) Brand, the positive balance is only due to our Slovenian friends providing free mailing service, and Nancy donating large amounts to the Inc. I really do think it is an unhealthy financial situation, and that we should discuss possibilities for generating a revenue stream in our next Board Meeting."
"1/24/99 11:27:54 AM","Gerard","Yes"
"1/24/99 11:27:58 AM","Clipper","Yes"
"1/24/99 11:28:06 AM","Clipper","Mail sent to Shirley"
"1/24/99 11:28:31 AM","Nancy","(Jan) Concerning the accounting principle to be used, I am uncertain whether we can write it off immediately, I believe it should be kept in the books as a claim until it has been finally settled, one way or another."
"1/24/99 11:28:37 AM","Gerard","(Jan) Yes"
"1/24/99 11:29:10 AM","Nancy","Jan, if you want to call a vote on this issue of how to deal with the alleged embezzlement by Diana (note my politically correct use of the word "alleged"), make a motion."
"1/24/99 11:29:35 AM","Nancy","Yes"
"1/24/99 11:30:07 AM","Clipper",""Can't get any communication. Have I been booted?"
Can't get any communication. Have I been booted?
Pat A.
"1/24/99 11:30:18 AM","Clipper","(IRC)"
"1/24/99 11:30:42 AM","Gerard","Netsplit I guess"
"1/24/99 11:31:04 AM","Brand","What ever way you want to do it. We can call the debt a recievable if you want."
"1/24/99 11:31:13 AM","Gerard","Internet is great but has it's shortcuts."
"1/24/99 11:31:58 AM","Nancy","OK, am I correct that we're waiting to hear from Clipper on Shirley's vote, and that Pat A has voted Yes?"
"1/24/99 11:32:25 AM","Nancy","Brand, how do you vote on that Seed TEAM" proposal change?"
"1/24/99 11:32:26 AM","Clipper",""Pat A. Lost connection. Waiting on Shirley.""
"1/24/99 11:32:41 AM","Brand","Yes on the seed team"
"1/24/99 11:34:29 AM","Clipper"," I am in favour of this motion, as stated by Nancy concerning the seed. teams. (sorry, can't remember wording; alzhemers)."
I am in favour of this motion, as stated by Nancy concerning the seed teams. (sorry, can't remember wording; alzhemers).
"1/24/99 11:34:32 AM","Nancy","OK, while we're waiting on Shirley's vote, lets address the issue of how to term the fraud loss. I personally think that a receivable is preferrable. I DID get a check from her, for $1,500, which bounced, but shows intent to pay. That makes it not so much fraud as inability to pay, and she is now out of pocket. Add to that, that she was finanacially distressed, and may have done right if otherwise. So, given that an arrest warrant is outstanding, she may come back to clear that up in time. "
"1/24/99 11:35:21 AM","Nancy","The motion on the Seed TEAM" passes. I've put up an amended proposal off the Agenda, and if no one has objection to the wording, that's how I'll change the Proposal."
"1/24/99 11:36:23 AM","Brand","now as recievable we move the amount over from the expense side to the asset side as we feel this is monies we will recieve in the future"
"1/24/99 11:36:28 AM","Nancy","(Roger) I don't know about how a non-profit does it, but I once sold a debt to myself and attempted to collect it through an agency. I was able to write it off as a bad debt with the understanding that if I ever recovered it, it would be income."
(Roger) The debt was a personal loan to an associate. I sold the loan to my business prior to collection activities for her default."
(Jan) Roger, I think this is correct. However, can it be immediately classified as a bad debt and be written off, or are there certain time limits and/or procedures to be observed?"
"1/24/99 11:38:12 AM","Nancy","If we change the wording on the Balance Sheet to be a receivable, and in the Annual Report to be a description of the receivable below the Balance Sheet, describing the circumstances, then we've been open and accurate, I think."
"1/24/99 11:38:52 AM","Nancy","(Roger) This was in '93 do the laws may have changed somewhat :-)"
"1/24/99 11:38:54 AM","Nancy","(Roger) All I had to do was show a reasonable attempt to collect. This I did by signing a contract with a collection agency. I believe the call to prosecute, etc. would be more than sufficient in this case."
"1/24/99 11:39:51 AM","Brand","not sure of legal aspects but in the bank I work for after 90 days it is deemed an uncollecable loss. But I can check with my bean counter friends and get a better definition."
"1/24/99 11:41:34 AM","Nancy","It may be that calling it a receivable is not technically correct, and thus would be termed misleading. Better to stick with it as is. Perhaps I could move the discussion in the Annual Report to place this under the Balance Sheet, not in the Gifts and Grants paragraph."
"1/24/99 11:42:27 AM","Gerard","(Roger) We are a small non-profit, and would be expected to take more time to collect than a large bank :-). Hold off if the board feels its appropiate."
"1/24/99 11:42:31 AM","Nancy","What if we table this item, until next month's Board Meeting. Brand can get some more info. We need to revisit the Annual Report anyway, at that time. If this is agreeable, then this month's business is completed."
"1/24/99 11:42:56 AM","Nancy","(Roger) Nancy, do you feel like she will be able to pay this year? If so you can hold off on the classification of the debt as a bad debt until next filing. This will give the org plenty of time to show reasonable attempt to collect."
"1/24/99 11:43:09 AM","Brand","I will research more and let you know what I find."
"1/24/99 11:43:46 AM","Nancy","Roger, she could suddenly send in a check at any time, and there is absolutely no telling, but as warrants do not time out, this could happen ANY time."
"1/24/99 11:44:19 AM","Nancy","Maybe she wants a particular job, and they plan to do a search on her SSN and name. Oops! Time to clear up the record."
"1/24/99 11:44:32 AM","Nancy","Or her kids might be impacted, an embarrassment."
"1/24/99 11:45:28 AM","Nancy","I had a personal situation where my ex-husband owned child support, and some 10 years or more later, when he wanted to buy real estate, this was a block. He wrote asking how he could get that back debt cleared!"
"1/24/99 11:46:43 AM","Nancy","I think we should table this, gather more info on how this is handled, and discuss at next meeting."
"1/24/99 11:46:57 AM","Nancy","If anyone agrees with me, do we have a motion to adjourn?"
"1/24/99 11:47:00 AM","Gerard","Yes better I think"
"1/24/99 11:47:02 AM","Clipper","Agreed"
"1/24/99 11:47:04 AM","Brand","I second the table"
"1/24/99 11:47:05 AM","Nancy","It's been almost 2 hours."
"1/24/99 11:47:49 AM","Nancy","A motion has been made and seconded to adjourn the meeting, tabling the last discussion item on how to handle the bad debt/receivable/loss of $1,500. All in favor say Yes, opposed say No."
"1/24/99 11:47:51 AM","Nancy","Yes"
"1/24/99 11:47:58 AM","Gerard","Yes"
"1/24/99 11:47:59 AM","Brand","Agreed"
"1/24/99 11:48:01 AM","Gerard","Yes"
"1/24/99 11:48:02 AM","Brand","Yes"
"1/24/99 11:48:12 AM","Gerard","Nancy can you paste this into IRC.. lost my connection to that "
"1/24/99 11:48:12 AM","Clipper","Yes"
"1/24/99 11:49:01 AM","Nancy","Gerard, yes, I'll paste."
"1/24/99 11:49:19 AM","Gerard","I am back on."
"1/24/99 11:49:30 AM","Clipper","Mail sent to Shirley"
"1/24/99 11:49:41 AM","Nancy","(Jan) Yes"
"1/24/99 11:49:55 AM","Nancy","We're just waiting for Shirley's vote."
"1/24/99 11:50:07 AM","Brand","I have to scoot Nancy I will let you know what I find out about the debt. "
"1/24/99 11:50:46 AM","Nancy","Ok, Brand, later!"
"1/24/99 11:51:01 AM","Clipper","Still waiting on Shirleys mail."
"1/24/99 11:51:16 AM","Nancy","Clipper, while we're waiting, did that gentleman wanting to help out the Seed TEAM" e-mail you, or did you he?"
"1/24/99 11:51:33 AM","Clipper","Neither."
"1/24/99 11:52:26 AM","Nancy","Do you plan to wait on him? He does have the info, but he also seemed pretty definite. I think one of us should follow up and ask him about it, etc. You or me, what do you want to do?"
"1/24/99 11:52:46 AM","Gerard","(Jan) While we're waiting - Is it possible to host Netmeeting on a private server? This situation as we have had the last months is ridiculous!"
"1/24/99 11:52:55 AM","Clipper","I will do it. You have enough to do"
"1/24/99 11:53:58 AM","Nancy","Jan, yes, I have Netmeeting installed on my NT server, but it would cost hundreds a month to connect, minimum $160 here via DSL, and I suspect higher when I got into it. $300 to co-locate in Wisconsin, per month. But this is what I want to do, and intend doing."
"1/24/99 11:54:19 AM","Nancy","(Roger) Speaking of seed team, Nancy I'm planning on making a large order for seeds this year. I will donate them to TT. How should this be handled? I don't itemize my deductions, so I don't need the contribution receipt (for tax purposes), but how do we handle it?"
"1/24/99 11:54:46 AM","Nancy","Thanks Clipper, you have that touch, good interpersonal relationships, I guess they call it."
"1/24/99 11:55:09 AM","Clipper",""I am in favour of tabling the discussion of the bad debt until next Board meeting."
I am in favour of tabling the discussion of the bad debt until next Board meeting.
"1/24/99 11:55:22 AM","Clipper","Your welcome. Thanks"
"1/24/99 11:55:58 AM","Nancy","You know, I also spent close to $500 on seeds, donated to the team, altogether, but did not run that though the Seed TEAM". I think you could do either way, If you make a nonprofit donation, then you get your money back from the nonprofit, same difference."
"1/24/99 11:56:35 AM","Nancy","If time is of the essence, spend the money and consider it a gift, as I did, to the Seed TEAM"."
"1/24/99 11:57:49 AM","Nancy","In the case of this new offer of $50/month, one of the hubs would have to be handling the money, and this would best be done via a corporate checking account, as we have with this corporation. So, Brand writes the checks, which gets the hubs out of this business. Also, the donor gets to have it be a deductions on income tax."
"1/24/99 11:58:17 AM","Nancy","Oh, Roger, if you itemize, then give it to the corporation, and we'll pay you back. Same difference, except you get the deduction! I don't itemize."
"1/24/99 11:58:46 AM","Nancy","(Jan) Nancy, for our next meeting, I would like to add an item to the agenda about how to generate a revenue stream. Should we solicit for good ideas via the Forum in the meantime? Maybe not for getting a lot of good ideas, but make the list members aware of the financial situation?"
(Jan) Nancy, would it not be possible to connect via ISDN only during the meetings, without having a permanent connection?"
"1/24/99 11:59:33 AM","Nancy","(Jan) Roger, I may want to contact you later this year for a "gardening for dummies" introduction to gardening. Will this be OK with you?"
"1/24/99 11:59:54 AM","Nancy","The motion to adjourn has passed. The meeting is adjourned.