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Board Meeting

January 24, 1999

The meeting was conducted on NetMeeting and IRC and e-mail, due to NetMeeting and IRC connection problems. Whiteboard contents reflected some of the Agenda exhibits already posted on the web for the Board's review. 7 of the 11 Board members were in attendance, with a guest - Brand, Clipper, Gerard, Jan, Nancy, Pat, Shirley, with Roger as a guest.
1. Review of Draft Annual Report
- Nancy to expand on the new Grant Proposal and progress on last years proposals
- explanation of this loss to go under Balance Sheet, not Gifts and Grants topic
- final Annual Report to be presented at February Board Meeting
2. Vote on Place of Business
- Offer to use front rooms at President's Wisconsin home as offices and PoB accepted
3. Report on Year End Balance Sheet
- Brand to research treating $1,500 loss as receivable, pending prosecution
- Further discussion tabled until February Board Meeting
4. Vote on Seed TEAM Proposal Issues
- Petty Cash approved as disbursement method for postage reimbursement
- Binding Agreement from growers and hubs not required; seeds are in the public domain
- Seed TEAM Grant Proposal to be amended
- Petty Cash Bylaws to be amended to cover checks in addition to Credit/Debit cards