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Board Meeting

January 25, 1998

1. Home Page - Report
The Public Relations head, Geson, has inserted into the frameset controlling initial access to the Home Page page a <NOFRAMES> tag that presents an Alternative introduction into an alternative non-frame version of the Inc. content. The Inc. web pages are available at all mirror sites. Vice President Clipper has registered the alpha site at Internet search engines.
2. Articles on Display - Vote
The actual Articles of Incorporation as Filed with the State of Delaware differ in wording, but not content, from the Articles Approved by the Board. The Company Corporation uses a standard form letter for nonprofits. The major difference is that the Articles actually filed do not include the Board member names or addresses. The item was deferred during the November Board Meeting. Approve the filed Articles to be displayed on the web site or NOT.
3. Financial Status by Treasurer - Report
Quarterly Financial Status report by the Treasurer, due after the end of December, to include income, outgo, and reserves against the 3 Year Budget and an Excel spreadsheet forwarded by the Treasurer to the Board Members for their review 3 days prior to the Board Meeting.
4. IRS 1023 for Nonprofit Status by President - Vote
The Action Items required for 1023 completion were reviewed at the November, 1997 Board Meeting, with items for the President, Vice President, and Treasurer. The 9 pages IRS Form 1023, as drafted out by the President - pages 1023-1, 1023-2, 1023-3, 1023-4, 1023-5, 1023-6, 1023-7, 1023-8, 1023-9, and accompanying 872 C-1 and 872 C-2 - are up for approval by the Board or NOT.
5. E-Mail Account Gift - Vote

Clipper has received an offer for $15 of the $25 he pays monthly for an E-Mail Account to be free due to his activities on behalf of a nonprofit. He is allowed two E-Mail addresses, but has up until now used only one. He set up the second E-Mail address and we use this as a contact on the new home page. Within a day, Clipper received an inquiry via that route, so the home page is getting visitors. As a gift, this $15/month needs to be accepted by the Board or NOT.

6. Annual Report - Vote

A Draft of the Annual Report to be filed with the State of Delaware, which includes the Financial Statement from the Treasurer, is up for review and approval by the Board or NOT.

7. Annual Elections - Discussion

Our Bylaws state that annual elections are to be held at the close of each year. Actually, they state they should be held the last 2 months of a year, so I'm late addressing this. I've put a notice on the TT list serve for new members but have no new interest. We should thus start the 30 day nomination period, followed by the 30 day election period.