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Board Meeting

January 25, 1998

"1/25/98 10:33:17 AM","Nancy","Please come to oder, we have a quorum of 5 Board Members, and will begin."
"1/25/98 10:34:09 AM","Nancy","The first item on the agenda is a report on the Home Page, newly put onto the web at ../nonproft/home.htm"
"1/25/98 10:34:55 AM","Nancy","This has animation that works under the later browsers, but does not work on an earlier version of Netscape that I have on my Windows 3.1 PC"
"1/25/98 10:35:44 AM","Nancy","This presents as frames if the browser has the capability of handling frames, but presents an introductory page if the browser does NOT have frames."
"1/25/98 10:37:08 AM","Nancy","I have asked the general list serve of TT to check out the no-frames version, if it works OK, but have not heard back from anyone pro or con. Geson knows what he's doing, so I suspect this DOES work. However, as we had such a nightmare getting a simple wallpaper to work on the TT thub pages, I felt we should give is a thorough QA. Anyone have any feedback to give the Board on this matter?"
"1/25/98 10:38:09 AM","Clipper","I use Netscape 4.0 so I would not be a good judge if it works on earlier ones."
"1/25/98 10:38:35 AM","Clipper","No other feed back has come to me."
"1/25/98 10:38:58 AM","Nancy","Please hole on, we're having an IRC chat problem, I'll be right back!"
"1/25/98 10:43:39 AM","Nancy","Since I've had no negative feedback, I'll assume the no-frames version works. I've adjusted all the links to point to the material that we formerly pointed to - articles, bylaws, board meeting logs and the like. There is a frames route to this information and a non-frames route via the introductory page. The detail pages are identical, except that for the no-frames route I have included the Inc . logo on the pages. I'll maintain this dual route indefinitely."
"1/25/98 10:44:13 AM","Clipper","Sounds good"
"1/25/98 10:44:22 AM","Gerard","Yes.. sounds good"
"1/25/98 10:45:47 AM","Nancy","The frames version of course is qute fancy. Geson has a Java Script animation that plays on later browsers so that as the mouse is passed over the menu on the left side the items light up in golden text. He also has a refreshing banner at the top of the page that presents information about TT membership, ZetaTalk, and the Inc., and the TT site. These banner graphics are hot and lead to the pages or sites. Very nice! My thanks officially on the record to Geson for this wonderful gift of time to the Inc."
"1/25/98 10:46:30 AM","Clipper","Yes, that is very nice work."
"1/25/98 10:46:32 AM","Nancy","Pat: With my browser it is working fine now. I have no problems."
"1/25/98 10:47:00 AM","Nancy","Pat, do you have a no-frames browser?
Pat) No, my browser is frame capable."
"1/25/98 10:47:28 AM","Nancy","I'll assume the no-frames is working unless I hear otherwise from the membership or the field."
"1/25/98 10:47:47 AM","Clipper","agreed"
"1/25/98 10:47:56 AM","Gerard","agreed"
"1/25/98 10:48:02 AM","Nancy","Next item on the agenda is Articles as displayed on the web and voted by the Board, and the official copy filed with the State of Delaware by The Company Corporation."
"1/25/98 10:49:14 AM","Nancy","Both these versions were presented as links off the Agenda that I noticed the Board with almost a week ago. The substance is the same, but here are the differences."
"1/25/98 10:50:04 AM","Nancy","The State of Delaware does NOT require more than 1 person for incorporation, thus the TCC form letter does not list the Board of Directors, as many states would require."
"1/25/98 10:50:42 AM","Nancy","It is assumed that the corporation will form a board after incorporation, or if they have one that the lack of mention is not a problem for the State of Delaware."
"1/25/98 10:51:28 AM","Nancy","Since we are protecting privacy of our Board members, we are listing the address as the Alaska PO box on the version of the Articles we put on the web and voted to approve."
"1/25/98 10:52:45 AM","Nancy","This looks kind of silly, and except for the names of the original board, with hot e-mail addresses, does not give any real information. Now, since we have produced our first Annual Report, which lists the Board during 1997, this information IS available from some place else that will be on the web for the public to access."
"1/25/98 10:53:35 AM","Nancy","The substance of the TCC Articles states the same thing as our present version, regarding nonprofit. This is more or less pro forma for a nonprofit. "
"1/25/98 10:54:35 AM","Nancy","Another difference is that the version filed by TCC with the State of Delaware the filing individual is an employee of TCC, stating they are acting as our agent, which they WERE (we approved this by Board vote)"
"1/25/98 10:56:15 AM","Nancy","Now, the current situation I wish to correct is that our web version, the one we voted to approve, is NOT the official Articles as filed with the State of Delaware. We have two choices here - 1. switch to the copy as filed by TCC, putting this on the web, 2. vote to amend the Articles so that they are the copy we approved earlier, with full understanding that this is NOT the copy filed with the State of Delaware."
"1/25/98 10:56:58 AM","Nancy","In either case, we need a vote. My preference is to list the articles as filed by TCC, made to look as pretty as the other version. "
"1/25/98 10:57:17 AM","Nancy","I open the floor to discussion on this matter."
"1/25/98 10:57:25 AM","Clipper","Maybe leave ours up with a link to TCC's with a list of differences."
"1/25/98 10:58:29 AM","Clipper","That way, there is no doubt as to how this all came about."
"1/25/98 11:01:10 AM","Nancy","Clip, per the Bylaws, we must officially amend. If the amendment does not affect the number of Directors, we can approve an amendment by Board vote, else membership voting is required."
"1/25/98 11:01:34 AM","Nancy","(Brand) to keep our peg in a row and aviod any confusion down the road I would suggest switching the web version to mirror the TCC version"
"1/25/98 11:01:52 AM","Nancy","Note, Brand is Brand (I'll change this onthe posted log)"
"1/25/98 11:02:17 AM","Gerard","okay "
"1/25/98 11:02:26 AM","Nancy","Is there any further discussion?"
"1/25/98 11:02:40 AM","Clipper","If we change to TCC's version, then now would be the time."
"1/25/98 11:03:09 AM","Gerard","can you expain Clipper?"
"1/25/98 11:03:43 AM","Clipper","Yes, change now before we have alot of traffic and confuse folks with different stuff."
"1/25/98 11:04:16 AM","Gerard","Okay... i think you'r right .. We have to do it right "
"1/25/98 11:04:59 AM","Nancy","I concur that avoiding confusion would be good. Folks can look up our incorporation at the State of Delaware, and unless we have it on record here that we are switching to a different version, we are not ""straight"". Also, why switch when the version filed is legal and says the same thing!"
"1/25/98 11:05:35 AM","Nancy","Are we ready for a vote? Does someone want to motion for this?"
"1/25/98 11:06:21 AM","Nancy","(Pat) yes, I believe that the change should be done as soon as possible so as not to confuse anyone"
"1/25/98 11:06:32 AM","Nancy","Note: Pat is Pat and I will change this on the published log"
"1/25/98 11:06:44 AM","Clipper","I move we change to TCC's version"
"1/25/98 11:07:21 AM","Nancy","(Brand) 2nd the motion
> Pat, you've got to format the motion as ""I move that we ...and state the substance."
"1/25/98 11:08:55 AM","Nancy","A motion has been made and seconded that we switch our published version of the Articles to the TCC version. This means this present Board action is 1. adopting the TCC version as official, 2. overriding the prior approval of Articles."
"1/25/98 11:09:22 AM","Nancy","All in favor say Yes, opposed say No"
"1/25/98 11:09:33 AM","Clipper","yes"
"1/25/98 11:09:45 AM","Nancy","(Pat) sorry"
"1/25/98 11:09:46 AM","Gerard","yes"
"1/25/98 11:10:35 AM","Nancy","Pat, don't worry, we had a long learning curve on this in earlier Board Meetings. Our first meeting, Gerard was always seconding motions before they were made. It was actually quite funny :-)."
"1/25/98 11:10:55 AM","Nancy","Yes"
"1/25/98 11:11:15 AM","Nancy","(Pat) yes"
"1/25/98 11:11:38 AM","Nancy","> Brand? Your vote?"
"1/25/98 11:12:17 AM","Nancy","I've heard from 4 of the 5 members attending. All said Yes, the motion passes."
"1/25/98 11:12:35 AM","Nancy","(Brand) yes
"1/25/98 11:13:00 AM","Nancy","Next item on the agenda is Financial Status report from the Treasurer, and this will be deferred until she arives."
"1/25/98 11:13:21 AM","Clipper","agreed"
"1/25/98 11:13:25 AM","Gerard","maybe someone can make a phonecall to her :) "
"1/25/98 11:14:08 AM","Nancy","Next item on the agenda is the 1023 Form to be send into the IRS, along with 872-C Form. I've had this on the web for almost a week and noticed the Board Members. Any questions or discussion on any of the substance?"
"1/25/98 11:14:27 AM","Clipper","None here"
"1/25/98 11:15:03 AM","Gerard","No"
"1/25/98 11:15:20 AM","Nancy","I can't do that without breaking the line, as I have a single line. Does someone else have an extra line? Maybe we could ICQ her to see if she is awake and on the computer."
"1/25/98 11:15:46 AM","Clipper",":-) I can do that if you would like."
"1/25/98 11:16:02 AM","Nancy","Please do, Clipper."
"1/25/98 11:16:07 AM","Gerard","I can do it too. but that would be a long distance call for me"
"1/25/98 11:16:12 AM","Clipper","stand by...."
"1/25/98 11:16:58 AM","Gerard","but i remember once that the boardmeeting ended around 9:30am my time. not that consider that a problem but :) "
"1/25/98 11:17:36 AM","Nancy","The 1023 form asked us to state what KIND of a nonprofit we are. There are numerous types, almost all specialized, but we fall into a category called ""educational"" and ""for the public benefit"" and ""supported by the general public"" meaning either covering costs from admission charges or grants and gifts. This also means we must solicite, actively."
"1/25/98 11:18:09 AM","Nancy","(Pat) I could call, I have another line. Don't have her number
(Brand) I have and extra line"
"1/25/98 11:18:26 AM","Nancy","Thank you Pat and Brand, we may call on you to use it in a minute!"
"1/25/98 11:19:10 AM","Clipper","I called her, she will be here in aproxamatly 1/2 hour..."
"1/25/98 11:19:28 AM","Nancy","The definition of actively soliciting covers a number of situations - advertising, filling out forms and submitting to foundations, and I think our web site and registering on the Search Engines qualifies!"
"1/25/98 11:19:42 AM","Gerard","man.... i don't like that sorry :)))))) "
"1/25/98 11:19:59 AM","Gerard","getting later and later for me that way :) "
"1/25/98 11:20:18 AM","Nancy","(Brand) I aggreed with that part of the 1023 form. I thought that was the best fit for us."
"1/25/98 11:20:29 AM","Clipper","Calm down Gerard, we'll make it through this."
"1/25/98 11:21:10 AM","Gerard","Yes, but i have to run up down and upstairs later on :)) "
"1/25/98 11:21:12 AM","Nancy","The tricky part of this business is to avoid being considered a Private Foundation, which means a single source of money is the primary source."
"1/25/98 11:22:13 AM","Clipper","We don't want that."
"1/25/98 11:22:15 AM","Nancy","Essentially, the 1/3 test, as I understand it, says that 2/3 of the funding comes from a broad source, the public at large, etc.. If the group passes that, they have no problem."
"1/25/98 11:23:17 AM","Nancy","There are other tests, where only 1/10 must come from broad public sources. (I may have the 1/3 test confused, perhaps it is 1/3 that needs to come from the public)"
"1/25/98 11:24:13 AM","Nancy","In any case, how this appears to actually operate, is that the IRS does NOT make a judgement right off the bat, on the first few months or even years of operation! This is, of course, to our benefit. "
"1/25/98 11:24:58 AM","Nancy","They allow for extraordinary gifts that would throw the nonprofit off, out of the formulas, so that the gift can be smoothed over several years, for instance."
"1/25/98 11:25:18 AM","Nancy","(Pat) The first few years should be exempt until funding can be established"
"1/25/98 11:26:06 AM","Nancy","As Pat has noted, the IRS seems to defer judgement for 3, 5, or more years until the actual activity shows the nonprofit for what it is. Proof is in the operation over a period of years."
"1/25/98 11:27:19 AM","Nancy","In the case of a new nonprofit filing for nonprofit status with the IRS (this is what the 1023 is), they want the first year of operation accounting and a budget for 2 years forward into the future. I've done that on the 8th page of the 1023 on the web for your review."
"1/25/98 11:28:35 AM","Nancy","This future budget is kind of tossing the dart at the wall, an educated guess, and I think the actual activity will be similar but with, perhaps, different projects. In fact, the financial activity may be greatly MORE than this budget, but this is what we surmise is reasonable at this time."
"1/25/98 11:29:07 AM","Nancy","Did anyone get a chance to look over page 1023-8, and are there any comments about the future budget as I've projected it?"
"1/25/98 11:29:26 AM","Clipper","I saw them and have no comments."
"1/25/98 11:29:52 AM","Gerard","I didin't took a look at it.. missed my comp for one day "
"1/25/98 11:30:20 AM","Clipper","They look good from what I can tell."
"1/25/98 11:30:59 AM","Nancy","The whole point of avoiding the Private Foundation status is that the rules of operation of THAT are a nightmare, as I understand it. These IRS rules are to avoid a wealthy person putting up what they call a nonprofit and then doing all manner of things that help the wealthy individual, to avoid taxes."
"1/25/98 11:31:52 AM","Nancy","I gather that in the past this was done to 1. hire relatives of the wealthy individuals, without paying taxes, 2. to politic (and thus the rules against a nonprofit doing politicing, campaigning)"
"1/25/98 11:32:29 AM","Clipper","I am sure there have been many abuses. We don't want to do that."
"1/25/98 11:32:31 AM","Nancy","(Brand) It seemed a reasonable projection. Fairly conservative but certainly realistic
(Pat) Seems reasonalbe to me as well.
(Pat) May be amended if the need arises"
"1/25/98 11:32:40 AM","Gerard","brb i am going downstairs for a while to see if there is coffeee.. "
"1/25/98 11:34:06 AM","Nancy","So, from what I can see, we need to solicite actively, fill out forms (as this activity in and of itself is proof of a broad source, per the IRS, even if we don't GET anything!), avoid being political and coming out for this or that candidate, and not paying ourselves wages or otherwise look self dealing, and then let an accountant deal with this at a later date if need be!"
"1/25/98 11:34:36 AM","Clipper","Agreed"
"1/25/98 11:35:45 AM","Nancy","I was pleased to see the 872-C form, where we official ask for deferred judgement, appears to be nothing more than an agreement between the IRS and myself as President. No particular data beyond what was placed in the 1023 form was required!"
"1/25/98 11:36:08 AM","Nancy","(Brand) agreed
(Pat) agreed"
"1/25/98 11:36:14 AM","Gerard","I am back, no coffee yet "
"1/25/98 11:37:07 AM","Nancy","I was also pleasantly surprised to note that if we had less than 8 months of operation in the taxable year, that we COULD ask for this deferment via 872-C form (we had 5 months in 1997, being incorporated on July 22, 1997)"
"1/25/98 11:37:38 AM","Nancy","(Brand) May be wise to review the buget in about 6 mos to see where we are relative to the projections."
"1/25/98 11:37:54 AM","Clipper","Good idea"
"1/25/98 11:38:17 AM","Nancy","Brand, these forms get filed, I think, every year, or maybe supplanted by the 990 form, I'm not sure yet."
"1/25/98 11:40:13 AM","Nancy","Does anyone have any CONCERNS about the content of the 1023, which I also think is not written in granite as one can refile or perhaps has to file something each year anyway, tax paying time in the US. The 1023 form reads like it covers refiling, so I think this is common and continuous as the nonprofit passes its first few years. Maybe nonprofits have to reprove themselves ofen, or regularly, as a basis of their continuing nonprofit status!"
"1/25/98 11:40:38 AM","Nancy","(Brand) Nancy so each year we would have new projections for following years? We don't have show a comparison?"
"1/25/98 11:41:22 AM","Clipper","When I read the 1023, I felt nothing wrong with it."
"1/25/98 11:41:47 AM","Nancy","Brand, I noted in the 1023 mention of a 990 form, on the first page 1023-1 I think. This per the instructions seems to be the annual tax form, where in the case of a nonprofit is filing their acitivity, their accounts, showing that their operations still qualify them for nonprofit status. I'm sure the IRS monitors this well!"
"1/25/98 11:42:49 AM","Clipper","I bet the grant givers monitor this as well."
"1/25/98 11:43:11 AM","Nancy","Thanks to Clipper for researching web sites where we can fill out forms and apply for grants. Prior to this, I think, we need actual grant proposals approved by the Board as these sites require you DETAIL what you will do with the money. We need to get busy with that soon."
"1/25/98 11:43:34 AM","Nancy","(Brand) good point"
"1/25/98 11:43:43 AM","Clipper","Yes we do"
"1/25/98 11:43:50 AM","Gerard","I agree "
"1/25/98 11:44:37 AM","Nancy","If everyone is comfortable with the forms as filled out (and I'm sure if they are in error, we'll hear from the IRS pronto), we're ready for a motion to accept them as drafted, so I can mail them into the IRS."
"1/25/98 11:45:10 AM","Clipper","I move that we accept the 1023 forms as filled out."
"1/25/98 11:45:37 AM","Nancy","Clipper, does your motion include the 872-C form?"
"1/25/98 11:45:44 AM","Clipper","Yes"
"1/25/98 11:45:57 AM","Nancy","(Pat) I second the motion"
"1/25/98 11:47:03 AM","Nancy","A motion has been made and seconded to accept the 1023 forms, including the 972-C form, as drafted and presented to the Board. This motion allows the President to file these forms with the IRS. All in favor say Yes, opposed say No."
"1/25/98 11:47:26 AM","Clipper","872 or 972 form?"
"1/25/98 11:47:27 AM","Nancy","Yes"
"1/25/98 11:47:49 AM","Nancy","Pardon the typo, 872-C form"
"1/25/98 11:47:56 AM","Gerard","Yes"
"1/25/98 11:47:57 AM","Clipper","then yes"
"1/25/98 11:48:13 AM","Nancy","(Brand) yes
(Pat) yes"
"1/25/98 11:48:59 AM","Nancy","The motion passes unanimously."
"1/25/98 11:50:30 AM","Nancy","The next item on the agenda is a gift offered via our VP Clipper. This was a partial price reduction on his existing e-mail account with He pays $25/month for this account, which includes the standard stuff - e-mail, Internet access, IRC, WWW, etc."
"1/25/98 11:51:28 AM","Nancy","I'd like to ask Clipper for a report on his getting this in writing, as we may need this to prove that this is not a gift to CLIPPER, but to the Inc."
"1/25/98 11:52:03 AM","Gerard","I am right back (about 3 minuts) "
"1/25/98 11:52:38 AM","Clipper","As of this date, I have not received anything in writing from mosquitonet. I will have to visit their office again during the week and talk to them about this paper."
"1/25/98 11:53:10 AM","Clipper","I don't foresee any problems, they probably just forgot."
"1/25/98 11:53:48 AM","Nancy","(Pat) Would this access have to only be used with TT, Inc business. Would he have to also have an access for personal corespondence"
"1/25/98 11:54:26 AM","Nancy","Pat, my understanding is that the account he has had for some time allows for 2 e-mail addresses, or screen names as they are sometimes called."
"1/25/98 11:54:49 AM","Clipper","I am allowed two email accounts from my server. Untill I set the one up for TT inc, I was only useing one."
"1/25/98 11:55:11 AM","Nancy","He has never used more than one for personal business. He set up a second screen name and I placed that as the contact on the new home page."
"1/25/98 11:55:49 AM","Clipper","The account is for TT inc. only"
"1/25/98 11:56:20 AM","Nancy","He also uses his own screen name to conduct Inc. business, in his capacity as VP. For instance, he registered the Inc with the Search Engines this month, and this took 10 hours!"
"1/25/98 11:57:05 AM","Nancy","Thus, there is some argument that his own personal account, a certain %, is also used for Inc. business."
"1/25/98 11:57:43 AM","Clipper","tt-inc account is a Eurora account with no browser."
"1/25/98 11:57:48 AM","Nancy","Now, my only concern with this is that the gift is $15/mo against $25/mo, and this is not exactly half! Am I being silly here?"
"1/25/98 11:58:04 AM","Gerard","Eurora=Eudora ... right "
"1/25/98 11:58:42 AM","Nancy","Well, the tt-inc account will become a very BIG e-mail queue shortly, I have no doubt, and Clipper a very BUSY man answering mail!"
"1/25/98 11:59:01 AM","Gerard","I think so too.."
"1/25/98 11:59:08 AM","Gerard","Diana isn't on yet "
"1/25/98 11:59:10 AM","Clipper","Yes, I can see this happening:-)"
"1/25/98 12:00:50 PM","Clipper","I hope so. This will prove that traffic is moving through the Inc."
"1/25/98 12:01:02 PM","Nancy","If we equate this gift offer to a business car that many companies rent or purchase for their executive, the logic would be that 1. the executive can use the car for personal business but should gas it up with his own charge card, 2. no one is monitoring if greater than 1/2 the car use is for business, as long as he is a legitimate executive (for instance the vacation month of the executive), 3. trying to separate out personal use of the car is absurd, as for instance stopping for groceries on the way home, etc."
"1/25/98 12:02:26 PM","Clipper","Yes, and if this computer breaks, I pay for it."
"1/25/98 12:03:12 PM","Nancy","Therefore, as long as we get it in writing that the $15 off the $25 is a gift to the nonprofit (and the monthly bill Clipper gets may in fact state this, if nothing else), I feel we are within the guidelines for nonprofits. Separating the e-mail accounts as we have done, and the fact that Clipper never used the second screen name until now, is a point in favor, my view."
"1/25/98 12:03:50 PM","Gerard","brb (about 5 minuts) "
"1/25/98 12:03:52 PM","Nancy","Is there any negative view of this? Any concerns that anyone might want to voice? "
"1/25/98 12:04:18 PM","Clipper","No concerns here. This is a much needed service."
"1/25/98 12:05:18 PM","Nancy","We could accept the gift contingent upon Clipper getting this in writing from, etc., just as we accepted Geson's home page design contingent upon his adding a no-frames version/access."
"1/25/98 12:05:40 PM","Nancy","(Pat) I agree, the second screen name was not used until now. I don't see why there should be any trouble."
"1/25/98 12:06:15 PM","Gerard","I won't have a problem with accepting it "
"1/25/98 12:06:19 PM","Nancy","I think we DO need this in writing, however, to prove that this was not just a buddy to buddy gift to Clipper (thinking worst case IRS audit accusations)"
"1/25/98 12:07:23 PM","Nancy","I think we're ready for a motion on this matter (should be someone besides Clipper), and remember to include the contingent upon in writing bit, thanks from Mother Nancy here :-)."
"1/25/98 12:09:14 PM","Nancy","Hello, a motion?"
"1/25/98 12:09:51 PM","Nancy","If we don't get a motion, we'll have to either defer this item or refuse the gift!"
"1/25/98 12:10:04 PM","Clipper","I can't motion here."
"1/25/98 12:10:07 PM","Nancy","(Pat) I motion that we accept the $15 internet connection if and only if such can be given in writing that it is a gift to the non-profit TT, Inc."
"1/25/98 12:10:11 PM","Nancy","A second?"
"1/25/98 12:10:21 PM","Gerard","I second the motion "
"1/25/98 12:11:29 PM","Nancy","A motion has been made and seconded that the $15 internet connection (e-mail screen name) gift be accepted on behalf of the corporation, contingent upon getting this in writing that it is a gift to the nonprofit TT, Inc."
"1/25/98 12:11:39 PM","Nancy","All in favor say Yes, opposed say No."
"1/25/98 12:11:47 PM","Clipper","yes"
"1/25/98 12:11:50 PM","Gerard","Yes"
"1/25/98 12:11:57 PM","Nancy","(Brand) I second"
"1/25/98 12:12:40 PM","Nancy","(Pat) yes
(Brand) yes"
"1/25/98 12:12:42 PM","Nancy","Yes"
"1/25/98 12:13:45 PM","Nancy","The motion passes. I note that a quorum was reached on this vote, even without Clipper's vote, so were he to have abstained from the vote, it would have passed."
"1/25/98 12:14:29 PM","Nancy","Next item on the agenda is the Annual Report. A draft of this was placed on the web approximately 3 days ago, and the Board noticed of this fact. "
"1/25/98 12:16:15 PM","Nancy","The Annual Report is just putting into words and a format what we already know. It is the words and format that we should be concerned about here. I used as the basis some Annual Reports lying around the house,but these were not for nonprofits, they were for-profit corporations. Thus, the model I had showed price of stock, profitability stuff, which I excluded from what I put together."
"1/25/98 12:16:52 PM","Nancy","Instead, I added sections on Grant Proprosals and Gifts and Grants, as seemed fitting."
"1/25/98 12:17:37 PM","Nancy","Was there anything that I missed, or anything that I phrased poorly? Don't hesitate to give constructive criticsm, I don't cry easily :-)."
"1/25/98 12:18:45 PM","Clipper","Since I am still not sure what is right and what would be wrong with the form, I reveiwed the content and felt nothing wrong with it."
"1/25/98 12:18:56 PM","Nancy","Any discussion at all about the Annual Report? This will receive a link on the home page, probably from the TT-Inc menu button."
"1/25/98 12:19:31 PM","Nancy","Well, Clipper, did you LIKE it? Did it turn you on?"
"1/25/98 12:19:50 PM","Nancy","(Brand) One comment I have was the link to the passage. While a good work and interesting I am not sure the context of the play needed to be part of the report"
"1/25/98 12:19:59 PM","Clipper","I did not turn me off, if that's what you meen."
"1/25/98 12:20:07 PM","Nancy","Well noted, I'll remove the link :-)"
"1/25/98 12:21:06 PM","Gerard","Diana are you here"
"1/25/98 12:21:07 PM","Gerard","?"
"1/25/98 12:21:12 PM","Diana","Sorry I'm late. Long lines at the drug store"
"1/25/98 12:21:28 PM","Nancy","Overall, was there anything that appeared to be missing from the Annual Report?"
"1/25/98 12:21:52 PM","Gerard","it's 9:00pm for me now :)))) "
"1/25/98 12:22:09 PM","Clipper","No, as the reprt is only for a partial year with not much activity but setting up. I think it looked good."
"1/25/98 12:22:17 PM","Nancy","No problem Diane, hope you came armed with Financial Statement data. (fingers crossed)"
"1/25/98 12:22:34 PM","Diana","yup- I just sent it to you, are you getting it?"
"1/25/98 12:22:59 PM","Diana","ok, it's sent"
"1/25/98 12:23:17 PM","Nancy","Yes! Neat thing this!"
"1/25/98 12:23:28 PM","Diana",":) good"
"1/25/98 12:23:31 PM","Gerard","Diana, your forgot to include my info "
"1/25/98 12:23:41 PM","Diana","I didn't get yours"
"1/25/98 12:23:43 PM","Gerard","i did send you an email with a file attached"
"1/25/98 12:23:51 PM","Diana","date?"
"1/25/98 12:24:15 PM","Gerard","several days ago, i mentioned it to you on ICQ and you said that you would check it out "
"1/25/98 12:24:19 PM","Nancy","(Brand) question about the balance sheet. I notice in the asset section with the cash and bank accounts at 0.0 and trouble times inc. at 554. Where does the 554.00 live?"
"1/25/98 12:24:37 PM","Nancy","We are continuing to discuss the Annual Report at present, then we'll take up finances."
"1/25/98 12:25:26 PM","Diana","Gerard, I havent' recieved that yet, my geocities mail is messed up, re-send through "
"1/25/98 12:25:33 PM","Diana",""
"1/25/98 12:25:49 PM","Gerard","i did send it to your mailexite account as far as i know"
"1/25/98 12:25:59 PM","Diana","send it through this one"
"1/25/98 12:26:18 PM","Gerard","I didn't had the 'time' ect last months as i felt worse "
"1/25/98 12:26:28 PM","Gerard","Okay , i will "
"1/25/98 12:26:43 PM","Clipper","Okay. lets finish the annual report first."
"1/25/98 12:27:03 PM","Nancy","Diane, Brand is noting that in the Annual Report, I assumed both the $1,000 and $500 gifts to be within 1997 (as we accepted the $500 last December). He also wonders about where the $1,000 was put, the line. Did you have an opportunity to look at the Annual? Can you comment?"
"1/25/98 12:27:47 PM","Diana","I did the sheet according to when the checks cleared at the bank"
"1/25/98 12:28:07 PM","Nancy","What is proper? I think Diane's approach is the proper approach."
"1/25/98 12:28:30 PM","Diana","the line after the 1,000 is just an end line for assets. In 1998, we had 1,000 assets that were left over fron 1997"
"1/25/98 12:29:58 PM","Nancy","OK, If I look at the financial data that Diane just presented, and remove the 1998 information, then we are in the red! This is because one of the Vouchers is for 1998 expenses, and they were paid in 1997!"
"1/25/98 12:30:53 PM","Nancy","Note, the $401.45 voucher is also from Nancy, the original incorporation charges."
"1/25/98 12:31:19 PM","Gerard","Diana, i did send you the file i mean"
"1/25/98 12:31:31 PM","Diana","Yes Nancy, End bablce for 1998 as of Friday is: 845.55"
"1/25/98 12:31:39 PM","Diana","ok gerard"
"1/25/98 12:33:20 PM","Nancy","The vouchers I send in were 1. $401.45 for 1997 incorporating expenses, 2. $188 for 3 additional seals (a 1997 expense) and the remainder for 1998 expenses, 3. $35 for a Certified copy of Incorporation, for 1023 form attachment."
"1/25/98 12:35:07 PM","Gerard","And i (sorry that i am so late) just send a voucher... $72.46"
"1/25/98 12:35:41 PM","Nancy","Also, I am missing the voucher that Brand would have submitted for the lockbox ($60), Gerard's PO box ($75), Clipper's PO Box ($106), and any postage expenses Clipper incurred (apx $50)."
"1/25/98 12:36:28 PM","Diana","Everything that is in there, is everything that i have in my files. If It wasn't in the statement , then I didn't get it yet"
"1/25/98 12:36:47 PM","Clipper","I sent mine."
"1/25/98 12:37:00 PM","Gerard","I just send my voucher to Diana, i did it before but i guess i deleted the email before i send it ... or :) but anyway Diana has it now "
"1/25/98 12:37:02 PM","Nancy","Diane, I send you a packet of Vouchers in late December, I believe, that lines up the expenses as I've stated here. Not $218 but $188, as TCC overcharged and then backed out, etc."
"1/25/98 12:37:38 PM","Diana","i'm looking now"
"1/25/98 12:38:29 PM","Nancy","Clipper, perhaps you can state for the record what you submitted, as did Gerard."
"1/25/98 12:39:07 PM","Clipper","I did submit my voucher, but will have to research to find it."
"1/25/98 12:39:11 PM","Nancy","There is no question that the gifts are $1,000 for 1997 incorporation costs, and another $500 the Board accepted in December, 1997 for 1998 operating expenses."
"1/25/98 12:39:21 PM","Diana","yup. you'e right Nancy- "
"1/25/98 12:39:30 PM","Nancy","(Brand) I have not gotten billed for the box yet"
"1/25/98 12:39:41 PM","Diana","i'll edit it right now"
"1/25/98 12:41:43 PM","Diana","re-sending file nancy"
"1/25/98 12:41:57 PM","Nancy","Then there is the e-mail gift we just voted to accept, but I feel this definitely should be excluded from the 1997 Annual Report. On income to be included in the Annual Report, the open question is whether it should be $1,500 or only $1,000. Problem with only $1,000 is that bills were incurred in 1997 that were for 1998, except I don't think Diane PAID the vouchers until 1998."
"1/25/98 12:42:47 PM","Nancy","Should the Annual Report reflect only 1997 expenses and gifts, and should this be at the point when the Treasurer recieves the gift or voucher, or what??!!??"
"1/25/98 12:42:51 PM","Diana","This is right"
"1/25/98 12:44:16 PM","Nancy","Um .. which of the 2 is right?"
"1/25/98 12:45:01 PM","Diana","that was for your ""apid vouchers' statement"
"1/25/98 12:45:32 PM","Nancy"," (Brand) yes Nancy we should use a cash based account not accural"
"1/25/98 12:45:37 PM","Diana","the anual report is ONLY for 1997..1998 is jsut showing what the balace is now. 1998 is the monthly statement"
"1/25/98 12:45:44 PM","Gerard","Diana, you didn't includ my voucher yet.. next time i think :)"
"1/25/98 12:45:53 PM","Diana","i just got it gerard"
"1/25/98 12:46:01 PM","Diana","that will go in next month's"
"1/25/98 12:46:37 PM","Gerard","okay :)"
"1/25/98 12:47:00 PM","Nancy","OK, for use accounting dummies, explain the difference between Cash Based and Accrual, Diane can you explain?"
"1/25/98 12:47:40 PM","Diana","Cash accural is the whole shebang, ALL gifts and cash from pervious years"
"1/25/98 12:48:32 PM","Nancy","(Brand) accural is when you count the expence when it accurs. cash based is when you really pay it"
"1/25/98 12:48:44 PM","Diana","Cash-based is paying said expesnses"
"1/25/98 12:49:03 PM","Nancy","What do we want to follow? "
"1/25/98 12:49:19 PM","Diana","this year, it will be cash -based"
"1/25/98 12:49:21 PM","Clipper","What ever works best for the treasurer"
"1/25/98 12:49:29 PM","Nancy","(Brand) same with revenue. You count it when it is recieved not pleged."
"1/25/98 12:49:40 PM","Diana","Since the vouchers must be paid, I will have to state an accounts payable section"
"1/25/98 12:50:02 PM","Diana","also an accrued expense section"
"1/25/98 12:50:23 PM","Diana","1997 is done as accurals"
"1/25/98 12:50:35 PM","Nancy","(Brand) cash based is easy and more accurate for small business"
"1/25/98 12:51:48 PM","Diana","To me, it doesn't matter, I use both methods for the business I do accounting for. "
"1/25/98 12:52:06 PM","Nancy","OK, what I'm hearing is that for the official accounting, we should be Cash based - that's the Financial Statements and Annual Report. For the 1023 Budget forcast for the next 2 years, I'm reporting this as Accrual, however, showing in 1997 what was promised or incurred in 1997. Is this a problem, to show it 2 different ways in 2 different places?"
"1/25/98 12:52:26 PM","Nancy","(Brand) are you comfortable with diana?"
"1/25/98 12:52:51 PM","Diana","cash is much easier, but accrual shows more detail"
"1/25/98 12:53:14 PM","Diana","we can do a cash, no problem there"
"1/25/98 12:53:33 PM","Nancy","It seems to me that the 1023 forms, the Annual Report, and the Balance Sheet and Financial Statement should all be in line with one another, to avoid confusion."
"1/25/98 12:53:59 PM","Diana","definately"
"1/25/98 12:54:50 PM","Clipper","Yes, no confusion"
"1/25/98 12:55:29 PM","Diana","complete definition of accrual: Requires tht expenses and revenues be recorded in the period in which they are incurred, reguarless of when thye are paid or processed"
"1/25/98 12:55:29 PM","Nancy","For instance, if one shows it as accrual, do you list the expenses even though you don't have the voucher in hand? Do you list the expenses as ""anticipated"" and then show them in the same spot as 'actual"" when they come in? How does the reader know if it is actual or anticipated (as in budgeted)"
"1/25/98 12:55:51 PM","Diana","look up Nancy :)"
"1/25/98 12:56:02 PM","Diana","I saw your question coming"
"1/25/98 12:56:54 PM","Diana","to elaborate:"
"1/25/98 12:57:18 PM","Nancy","OK, then for a budget, we show all expenses anticipated. For an actual statement, we show all expenses incured or gifts promised."
"1/25/98 12:58:15 PM","Diana","Expenses that Have been incurred but not yt recorded at the end of the period require and adjusting entry to regonize bith the expense for the period on the statements"
"1/25/98 12:58:26 PM","Nancy","For instance, on the 1023, I show in 1997 the $1,000 and expenses incured with Brand and Gerard and Clipper ($50 for postage is a swag, however), and in 1998 the $500 gift, etc."
"1/25/98 12:58:38 PM","Diana","yup"
"1/25/98 12:59:09 PM","Diana","sorry for typos, typing without looking"
"1/25/98 12:59:41 PM","Nancy","Oh, so the ""adjusting entry"" is the work overhead for the Treasurer or accountant! A tad more work. "
"1/25/98 12:59:50 PM","Diana","just a bit :)"
"1/25/98 1:00:15 PM","Diana","an example would be:"
"1/25/98 1:00:34 PM","Diana","Salaries payable--------300.00 (debit column)"
"1/25/98 1:01:02 PM","Diana","Accrued salaries (dec 30th) 300.00 (asset column)"
"1/25/98 1:01:27 PM","Nancy","I have to say, that to stay in line with what the 1023 form requires, that we forcast 2 years forward as well as explain our current (just past) year of operation, the accrual method is the only one that makes sense. If we were HUGE and had mega accounts in place, the Cash method might be OK, but with only a couple grand here, is looks odd otherwise. My thoughts."
"1/25/98 1:01:41 PM","Diana","then an entry would go into the journal making tjat statement and adjusted entry"
"1/25/98 1:02:19 PM","Diana","I'd rather go with Accrual--like I said before, it shows more detail, mor work, yes, but it is better in the long run"
"1/25/98 1:02:45 PM","Diana","your 2 year budget is accrued"
"1/25/98 1:02:49 PM","Clipper","I think the system we set up now should remain in the future."
"1/25/98 1:03:19 PM","Diana","ok , so what system are we using?"
"1/25/98 1:03:28 PM","Gerard","Yes, what kind of ?"
"1/25/98 1:04:02 PM","Clipper","It should be something that will be used forever with no changes."
"1/25/98 1:04:23 PM","Diana","should we vote on this? or is it up to me?"
"1/25/98 1:04:30 PM","Clipper","I am not even close to an accountant so I can't say what would be best."
"1/25/98 1:04:59 PM","Nancy","To my knowlege, this is the first time we have discussed this! However, it is in the back of my mind that SOMEPLACE we were asked what method. I don't know where this was?"
"1/25/98 1:04:59 PM","Diana","cash is much easier, less time, accrual is time comsuming, but better"
"1/25/98 1:05:30 PM","Diana","Just be glad I kept all my accounting books from college :)"
"1/25/98 1:06:24 PM","Diana","Not sure Nancy"
"1/25/98 1:06:34 PM","Clipper","Me either"
"1/25/98 1:07:43 PM","Nancy","I think if we were reporting to the IRS based on at least 3 years of activity in the past, then the Cash method would be OK as we'd be reporting actual activity. However, as they ask for forward budgets, 2 years forward, then the Cash mixed with the future Budgets shows a LAG! I think we have no choice but to go with an Acrual method, as this keeps the 1023 fully in sync, with no lag."
"1/25/98 1:08:01 PM","Diana","i agree"
"1/25/98 1:08:05 PM","Nancy","(Brand) Well it seems Diana is comfortable with and has been using Accrual method so we might as well stick with that. "
"1/25/98 1:08:32 PM","Diana","sounds ok with me "
"1/25/98 1:08:36 PM","Clipper","Accrual makes sense to stay with the current format."
"1/25/98 1:09:24 PM","Diana","Does everyone understand what the accrual method is ? I think Brand and I explained it ok? Or are there unclear parts"
"1/25/98 1:09:34 PM","Nancy","Since the drift of the discussion seems to be to go with Accrual, then will the Financial Statement have to be changed?"
"1/25/98 1:10:13 PM","Diana","1997 will remain like it is, For 1998, I will have to make a different statement"
"1/25/98 1:10:46 PM","Diana","it is ok like it is , for now, but for the quarterly statements, it will have to be more elaborate"
"1/25/98 1:11:02 PM","Nancy","To respond to Diane. My understanding is that at the end of 1997, we would show the expenses incurred, but not yet paid, so there would seem to be more money in the bank, but then there would be a line saying ""saved off to pay for 1997 expenses"", an adjustment line."
"1/25/98 1:11:23 PM","Nancy","Then in 1998, when those 1997 expenses are paid, there would be a line saying ""1997 expenses paid"" or some such. "
"1/25/98 1:11:39 PM","Diana","exactly right Nancy!"
"1/25/98 1:11:39 PM","Nancy","(Brand) ok then I motion we accecpt using Acural Accounting basis for our record keeping."
"1/25/98 1:11:47 PM","Clipper","I like that:-)"
"1/25/98 1:12:07 PM","Clipper","I second that motion"
"1/25/98 1:13:50 PM","Nancy","A motion has been made and seconded that the Accrual Accounting method be used on the corporate Financial Statements and Balance Sheet,, as reported to the IRS, and as represented on the Annual Report."
"1/25/98 1:14:01 PM","Nancy","All in favor of the motion, say Yes, opposed say No"
"1/25/98 1:14:06 PM","Nancy","Yes"
"1/25/98 1:14:08 PM","Diana","Yes"
"1/25/98 1:14:10 PM","Clipper","yes"
"1/25/98 1:14:11 PM","Gerard","Yes"
"1/25/98 1:15:16 PM","Nancy","(Pat) yes
(Brand) yes"
"1/25/98 1:15:22 PM","Nancy","The motion passes unanimously!"
"1/25/98 1:16:32 PM","Nancy","OK, now my understanding is that this would NOT affect the 1023-8 accounting page (except that I'd like to get figures on postage from you, Clipper), but WILL affect the Annual Report and 1023-9 page, perhaps."
"1/25/98 1:17:22 PM","Clipper","I will get that to you"
"1/25/98 1:18:06 PM","Clipper","I also snail mailed the reciepts to Diana"
"1/25/98 1:18:21 PM","Nancy","For the 1023-9 page, a Balance Sheet, I included $1,500 in and both 1997 and 1998 expenses. If that were to be in accordance with our new Accrual method, then this is not $554 in hand, but $209 left over for 1997 (with a few dollars more as I don't think Clipper spend all of the $50 for postage)"
"1/25/98 1:18:59 PM","Diana","i'll get a draft together for you Nancy and e-mail it out"
"1/25/98 1:21:02 PM","Nancy","Does anyone have any problem with my changing the 1023-9 Balance Sheet to line up with the Accrual method we just adopted? This would mean that instead of $554 on hand, we show $209. And this is the ONLY figure that is on the Balance Sheet, per my understanding. I'm going to ask Diane to give it a glance. 1023-9 page off the Agenda page for today ../nonproft/jan25989.htm to go there directly."
"1/25/98 1:21:03 PM","Gerard","k"
"1/25/98 1:21:52 PM","Diana","ok i will"
"1/25/98 1:21:53 PM","Clipper","I have no problem with you changing what needs to be changed on the form."
"1/25/98 1:22:12 PM","Nancy","Also, this would impact the Annual Report in the same manner, the Balance Sheet showing $209 on hand at the end of 1997. Only 1997 gifts and expenses listed."
"1/25/98 1:22:14 PM","Diana","going there now"
"1/25/98 1:25:30 PM","Nancy","This is the only point remaining, to get Diane to look over the Balance Sheet in 1023-9 (which is the same as the Annual Report Balance Sheet, in fact) and then to vote on the content of the Annual Report. Been a long meeting!"
"1/25/98 1:25:34 PM","Clipper","My total was $79.40"
"1/25/98 1:25:38 PM","Diana","if we are going to use accrual for '97, the '97 vouchers must be shown in there as accounts payable , with an adjusting entry"
"1/25/98 1:26:10 PM","Diana","it would be : accrued accounts payable"
"1/25/98 1:26:30 PM","Clipper","I forgot to add the P.O. box. of 106"
"1/25/98 1:26:58 PM","Nancy","Clipper, is the $79.40 for postage?"
"1/25/98 1:27:32 PM","Clipper","Mostly yes. And tape and packaging material"
"1/25/98 1:27:48 PM","Clipper","Gerard is very expensive:-)"
"1/25/98 1:27:55 PM","Diana","hehehehe"
"1/25/98 1:28:06 PM","Gerard","Hey,,,,,I ain't "
"1/25/98 1:28:16 PM","Gerard",":)"
"1/25/98 1:28:40 PM","Gerard","but my PO Box will be more expensive this year"
"1/25/98 1:29:00 PM","Nancy","OK, Diane, we mention the money in the bank ($1,000 - what you've got vouchers in hand) as ""Cash"", then in Liabilities, we say for ""Accounts Payable"" ""Accrued Accounts Payable"" and put the outstanding Vouchers you have yet to recieve. So the Fund Balance is $209 (or a bit less as Clipper spend more than $50). Right?"
"1/25/98 1:30:28 PM","Diana","yup--it would be--Cash=1,000 --then in liabilities we would out accrued expenses that have to be paid out, with the dates that they were incurred, or projected"
"1/25/98 1:30:34 PM","Diana","out=put"
"1/25/98 1:30:35 PM","Nancy","Overseas postage is far more than within the US, for sure!"
"1/25/98 1:30:44 PM","Gerard","that's right .. :) "
"1/25/98 1:31:03 PM","Diana","Gerard, move to the USA :)"
"1/25/98 1:31:56 PM","Gerard","that's expensive :) "
"1/25/98 1:32:04 PM","Nancy","Having an international membership, on the Board, etc., is a point in our favor of being BROAD scope and open to the general public I think. I emphasized this in the 1023 forms, as a point proving the contention, etc."
"1/25/98 1:33:14 PM","Nancy","OK, I'll change this on the 1023-9 and Annual Report, and ask you to give this a once over. I'll put this in the body of an e-mail to make it easy."
"1/25/98 1:33:23 PM","Diana","ok :)"
"1/25/98 1:33:41 PM","Gerard","be right back.. I have to eat something ... it's 10:11pm for me "
"1/25/98 1:34:11 PM","Nancy","Now, we have one remaining vote, on the Annual Report. Before Diane joined, Brand had made the comment that a link to the Passage, grant proposal, was not balanced, and I agreed to remove it. This was the only comment on changes, to my recollection."
"1/25/98 1:34:36 PM","Clipper","That is correct"
"1/25/98 1:35:42 PM","Diana","is ok with me"
"1/25/98 1:35:48 PM","Nancy","If there is no further comment on the Annual Report, and my plan to place a link to this in the page off the tt-inc button on the home page, then we are ready for a motion to approve the Annual Report as drafted, with the change to remove a link to the Passage."
"1/25/98 1:36:26 PM","Nancy","Does someone want to so move?"
"1/25/98 1:36:36 PM","Clipper","Yes, typing:-)"
"1/25/98 1:37:16 PM","Clipper","I move we accept the annual report as written with the changes stated"
"1/25/98 1:37:39 PM","Nancy","(Brand) I move we accept the annual report with the link to the passage play removed"
"1/25/98 1:37:42 PM","Gerard","hey if takes to long .. i. will quit .... the phonecost are to expensive for me ... :( "
"1/25/98 1:37:54 PM","Nancy","Hole on, wer're voting!"
"1/25/98 1:37:59 PM","Gerard","okay "
"1/25/98 1:38:00 PM","Diana","I second that "
"1/25/98 1:38:29 PM","Nancy","A motion has been made and seconded to accept the Annual Report as drafted and with the change to kill the link to the Passage. All in favor say Yes, opposed say No."
"1/25/98 1:38:31 PM","Nancy","Yers"
"1/25/98 1:38:37 PM","Diana","Yes"
"1/25/98 1:38:40 PM","Gerard","Yes"
"1/25/98 1:38:41 PM","Clipper","yes"
"1/25/98 1:39:35 PM","Nancy","(Brand) yes"
"1/25/98 1:39:46 PM","Nancy","The motion passes unanimously!"
"1/25/98 1:40:05 PM","Nancy","I think it would be Ok for you to go, Gerard, as we only have a discussion point remaining."
"1/25/98 1:40:33 PM","Gerard","i wait, if it takes to long i go "
"1/25/98 1:41:35 PM","Nancy","In our Bylaws we state that election of Officers and Board members is annual, with the President taking nominations 2 months before the end of the year, and the vote being the last month of the years, which I entirely forgot about!"
"1/25/98 1:42:09 PM","Nancy","However, is seems not to sync up as we need the crew on board until AFTER the year end to wrap up, and THEN have elections."
"1/25/98 1:42:10 PM","Diana","oop"
"1/25/98 1:42:30 PM","Nancy","(Pat) yes"
"1/25/98 1:42:35 PM","Diana","then that would mean that elections would start this month"
"1/25/98 1:42:45 PM","Diana","or next month, sorry"
"1/25/98 1:42:45 PM","Gerard","I think so too "
"1/25/98 1:43:16 PM","Clipper","Lets start 1 Feb 98"
"1/25/98 1:43:21 PM","Nancy","I want to propose that we amend the Bylaws to state that nominations take place the first month of the year (January) and voting in February,"
"1/25/98 1:43:36 PM","Diana","that is a sunday Clipper"
"1/25/98 1:43:47 PM","Clipper","So....."
"1/25/98 1:44:25 PM","Diana","You know how I am with sundays :)"
"1/25/98 1:44:39 PM","Nancy","Oh, perhaps most convenient would be that nominations are done during February, elections in March?"
"1/25/98 1:45:23 PM","Gerard","good idea"
"1/25/98 1:45:25 PM","Diana","that would be better since januart is almost over"
"1/25/98 1:45:31 PM","Diana","january, even"
"1/25/98 1:45:43 PM","Nancy","If we get busy, then there is tax forms to prepare, and the Annual Report to write, and a Financial Statement to file (I think) with the State of Delaware, etc. A bit much for just January, so a 2 month period (Jan and feb) is more ample.,"
"1/25/98 1:45:45 PM","Clipper","I make a motion that we ammend the bylaws to state that nominations take place the second month of the yea5r and elections on the third month."
"1/25/98 1:46:06 PM","Nancy","(Pat) agreed"
"1/25/98 1:46:22 PM","Diana","I second that motion"
"1/25/98 1:47:15 PM","Clipper","yea5r=year"
"1/25/98 1:47:20 PM","Nancy","A motion has been made and seconded to amend the Bylaws controlling annual elections to state that nominations will take place in February of each year, followed by elections in March of each year. All in favor say Yes, opposed say No."
"1/25/98 1:47:33 PM","Nancy","Yes"
"1/25/98 1:47:34 PM","Gerard","Yes"
"1/25/98 1:47:38 PM","Diana","Yes"
"1/25/98 1:47:38 PM","Clipper","yes"
"1/25/98 1:48:20 PM","Nancy","(Pat) yes"
"1/25/98 1:48:30 PM","Nancy","(Brand) yes"
"1/25/98 1:48:40 PM","Nancy","The motion passes unanimously."
"1/25/98 1:49:25 PM","Nancy","This concludes the formal Agenda. Does anyone else have formal business to address (remember, we are supposed to notice the Board 3 days before the meeting with material to review)?"
"1/25/98 1:49:36 PM","Gerard","I don't "
"1/25/98 1:49:41 PM","Clipper","not here"
"1/25/98 1:49:46 PM","Diana","I do"
"1/25/98 1:49:57 PM","Nancy","What is it, Diane?"
"1/25/98 1:50:22 PM","Diana","Fund raising--are we thinking about that yet?"
"1/25/98 1:50:51 PM","Gerard","as far as i know yes"
"1/25/98 1:51:07 PM","Nancy","Yes, before you arrived we chatted a bit about it. Clipper included about a dozen sites where we can fill out forms to ask for grants via the web, alone."
"1/25/98 1:51:14 PM","Clipper","I think it's too early for that yet, at least for me. I want to concentrate on the Grant paper work here."
"1/25/98 1:51:35 PM","Nancy","In addition, our web site constitutes solicitation, as Clipper registered this with the Search Engines."
"1/25/98 1:51:47 PM","Clipper","Fund raisinf and grants are two different things."
"1/25/98 1:52:17 PM","Diana","I'm just in PR more right now. I'm working on fund-raising for sufoit. also more exposure would be nice. What about getting NAncy on Jeff Renses' show? "
"1/25/98 1:52:20 PM","Clipper","You meen like pie sales and such?"
"1/25/98 1:52:21 PM","Diana","more=mode"
"1/25/98 1:52:29 PM","Nancy","However, before we can do so, we need to have approved Grant Proposals, and to date we only have the film script, Passage."
"1/25/98 1:52:33 PM","Diana","no silly puppy"
"1/25/98 1:52:51 PM","Clipper",":-)"
"1/25/98 1:52:52 PM","Nancy","(Brand) none here"
"1/25/98 1:52:55 PM","Gerard",":)"
"1/25/98 1:53:41 PM","Diana","I just got SUFOIT/PARA-4 bumperstickers made. that will give us exposure, and money. What about something like that for TT?"
"1/25/98 1:54:01 PM","Nancy","Frankly, the emphasis now should be on writing up our good ideas, the Grant Proposal ideas we approved earlier at a Board meeting, and getting them formally on the web."
"1/25/98 1:54:51 PM","Nancy","Yes, bumper stickers OK, but how to distribute them, how to fund them in the first place?"
"1/25/98 1:55:12 PM","Diana","Nancy- go here"
"1/25/98 1:55:18 PM","Gerard","Make them for free. Diana?"
"1/25/98 1:55:20 PM","Diana","that will explain your question"
"1/25/98 1:55:25 PM","Diana","no, Gerard"
"1/25/98 1:55:27 PM","Nancy","This needs to be written up and presented to the Board as a Grant Proposal, that we are looking for x $$ and then will spend it in xx manner, etc."
"1/25/98 1:55:35 PM","Diana","3492/sticker.html"
"1/25/98 1:56:40 PM","Nancy","Do you charge for them, at cost, or give them away?"
"1/25/98 1:56:49 PM","Diana","Also, instead of grant funding--loo for sponsors"
"1/25/98 1:56:52 PM","Diana","at cost"
"1/25/98 1:57:21 PM","Nancy","In any case, we need to have this written up as a formal item for the Board to consider, and then the Board needs a 3 day period before the meeting with the material before them. Next meeting, OK?"
"1/25/98 1:57:21 PM","Diana","I got lucky with the stickers, my boyfriend's Mom's made them. we pay as we sell"
"1/25/98 1:57:29 PM","Diana","ok :)"
"1/25/98 1:57:32 PM","Gerard","ok:)"
"1/25/98 1:57:50 PM","Clipper","Cool move Diana:-)"
"1/25/98 1:57:56 PM","Diana","thx :)"
"1/25/98 1:58:52 PM","Nancy","Does anyone move for the meeting to be ajourned? Our official business is concluded."
"1/25/98 1:59:12 PM","Diana","I move that this meeting be adjourned :)"
"1/25/98 1:59:12 PM","Clipper","I move that the meeting be adjourned"
"1/25/98 1:59:23 PM","Clipper","beat ya"
"1/25/98 1:59:33 PM","Diana","did not"
"1/25/98 1:59:38 PM","Nancy","(Pat) I move that the meeting be adjorned"
"1/25/98 1:59:41 PM","Clipper","did too"
"1/25/98 2:00:07 PM","Nancy","A motion has been made (3 times) and therefore seconded that the meeting be adjourned. All in favor say Yes, opposed say No."
"1/25/98 2:00:14 PM","Gerard","Yes"
"1/25/98 2:00:15 PM","Diana","Yes"
"1/25/98 2:00:15 PM","Clipper","yes"
"1/25/98 2:00:26 PM","Nancy","(Pat) any seconds
(Brand) I second"
"1/25/98 2:00:34 PM","Clipper","beat ya again:-)"
"1/25/98 2:00:39 PM","Diana","did not!"
"1/25/98 2:00:44 PM","Nancy","(Pat) yes
(Brand) yes"
"1/25/98 2:00:45 PM","Nancy","Yes"
"1/25/98 2:00:46 PM","Clipper","did too!"
"1/25/98 2:00:51 PM","Nancy","The meeting is adjourned!"