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Board Meeting

January 25, 1998

The meeting was conducted on NetMeeting, and was called to order and proceded according to the published agenda. There were not Whiteboard contents during the meeting, but the quarterly Financial Statement was presented by the Treasurer on Notepad. 6 of the 8 active Board members were in attendance, more than a quorum - Brand, Clipper, Diane, Gerard, Nancy, and Pat. All votes were unanimous, more than the 50% of the active board required by the Bylaws.
1. Report on the Home Page placed on the web:
- per the Board's ruling in November, a no-frames option was provided
- the site was registered with Internet Search Engines
2. Vote to amend the Articles:
- the version of the Articles filed by The Company Corporation will be official
- the version approved earlier by the Board is thus amended
3. Report on Quarterly Financial Status by the Treasurer:
- vote to use Accrual Accounting method vs Cash method
- discussion on missing vouchers sent vs appearing on statement
- appropriate Balance Sheet determined during discussion
4. Vote to approve draft 1023 Form:
- IRS Form 1023 as drafted out by the President approved
- per adoption of Accrual Accounting method, 1023-8 and 1023-9 modified
5. Vote to approve E-Mail Account Gift from
- contingent upon written record that gift is the the corporation, not Clipper
6. Vote to approve Annual Report as drafted:
- Balance Sheet to be changed in accordance with Accrual Accounting method
- link to Passages to be removed
7. Vote to amend Bylaws re Annual Elections:
- nominations during February, voting in March