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Board Meeting

Jan 26, 2003

1. Minutes of Last Meeting - Approval
- If there is no objection to the minutes as posted, they will be considered ratified as correct.
2. Trouble Times, Inc. Booklet - Discussion
- General Report of orders status. Orders were reported up in December.
- Booklets ordered in December; inventory and next order status.
3. Treasurer's Quarterly Report - Report
- Being pressed for time, a Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement have not been prepared.
- The status at Year End 2002 is $4,735.80 in the bank, with a check of $101.74 outstanding.
- Commitments include monthly DSL line charges of $101.74 and whatever co-location charges for hosting the second server might cost. Booklet costs are in the main returned to the nonprofit because of the $5 contribution requested, but the cost for printing stays ahead of any return, so funds should be retained for the next batch of booklets to be printed.
4. Imaging Software - Discussion & Vote.
- Jan has requested Board consideration in the purchase of photo imaging software for the Troubled Times Planet X Imaging Team.
- The Imaging Team has not requested the software, but Jan feels that the purchase would help to avoid discussion of image processing problems.
- Steve Havas should be present to help the Board decide this issue.
5. Server Project - Discussion
- Server Status to be reported on by the President.
6. Ongoing Projects - Discussion
- Acreage Project - brief winter report by Roger & Stan, and discussion of any Spring plans.
- Short-wave Project - Shirley
- Seed Team Project Update
7. Troubled Times, Inc. Elections and Future in 2003 - Discussion & Vote
- Discuss upcoming board elections in February.
- Discuss Nonprofit future status. Possibility of disbanding prior to May Poleshift.