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Board Meeting

Jul 11, 2004

Session Start: Sun Jul 11 12:51:20 2004
(Roger) I hereby call this July semi-monthly meeting of the Troubled Times, Inc. board of directors to order!
(Roger) The first order of business is the minutes from the last meeting. Are there any questions or comments?
(Nancy) None here.
(Gerard) No comments
(Roger) Then they are accepted.
(Roger) The next item is the usual project reports.
(Roger) I will begin with the CD and Booklet report.
(Roger) Not much to report, I've seen a slump in requests. I had 26 total requests in the last two months, with most of those coming in late May.
(Roger) Our stock is still sufficient.
(Nancy) I too have noticed a slump in the snail mail orders.
(Roger) We currently have a balance of $447.11 in the PayPal account.
(Nancy) However, I think this is likely to change, suddenly, based on Earth changes.
(Nancy) I currently have $562 in the checking account, $175 of that will be called out for Delaware rep renewal this Fall, and $25 for domain renewal.
(Roger) I used $37 for a personal purchase and have transfered personal funds in the same amount to the postage fund. The postage fund has $75.27 remaining.
(Nancy) If there is media coverage relating the current weather and meteors and fire balls to Troubled Times survival info, we could have a run on our stock in a hurry!
(Nancy) Looks like we are well positioned.
(Roger) I haven't heard from Mike Lob in a while so I am unaware of the progress of his continuing efforts to web-wrap our sublinks.
(Roger) Anything else to report Nancy?
(Nancy) Nothing here. I feel we WILL have demand on our inventory in future, so am very pleased we are positioned to meet the demand.
(Roger) End of CD/Booklet report.
(Nancy) AND that we have given the public the right to print and distribute for free, etc. had the forsight to do this in prior votes, etc.
(Nancy) End Nancy's rant :-)
(Roger) Okay :-) The next project is the Acreage/Seed team.
(Roger) Nothing much to report here either. My friend is still working on solidifying his land purchase and assures me that we are still welcome there, once the Deed is in hand!
(Nancy) Looks like good future prospects, if we don't have a pole shift, etc.
(Nancy) On this end, I have planted my garden to max, and am saving seed as I get it, always can use fresh seed.
(Nancy) End Nancy's end of the report.
(Roger) The original land site (Stan's) is still functioning with Stan overseeing all activities. He has constructed cold cribs and shading supports to work with out there.
(Nancy) We thus have 3 working sites :-)
(Roger) The cooler temps and extra rain we have had in the midwest are encouraging lush growth, but little seed production. I have a small space at my house and will have some basil and cherry tomatoes as well as corn, beans and lettuce.
(Roger) End of report.
(Nancy) I have found the corn and sqash and peas and beans doing OK, and expect tomatoes too, but others like Okra are hesitant, wanting warmth.
(Roger) Chime in Gerard, if you have any questions or comments.
(Nancy) I basically take every opportunity to save FRESH seed, as the older stock will lose germination.
(Roger) My father is experiencing the same with his okra, etc. This is his year for okra seed as he plants these once every 5 years.
(Nancy) At some point, this will be called for, our seed stock.
(Gerard) I don't have any questions.
(Nancy) By the way, Roger, I found a way to get carrot seed, having problems with mold in the root cellar, etc.
(Nancy) I bought carrot top carrot, so they had a 'rest' and put them into the ground and they are going to seed!
(Nancy) My first, with carrots.
(Roger) Cool!
(Nancy) Also, many of the herbs in herb row have seeded themselves into the road sides near my home! Medicinal herbs.
(Roger) The next item is the Short Wave radio project. I have not received a report from Helena for this meeting.
(Nancy) No change there, I presume.
(Roger) My thoughts exactly.
(Roger) She may post a report after hearing that we had this meeting. If so, we could link it in the minutes, as it was mentioned here.
(Gerard) We could do that yes
(Roger) The last project is the Server project. I have received the server and software from Brent. All arrived in excellent condition and very promptly! I have not had a chance to set it up to begin configuring it. I will have more to report next meeting.
(Roger) Any questions or comments?
(Nancy) None here.
(Gerard) Not realy.. Hope you will succeed with the setup of the server.
(Roger) For the record, I want to mention that since our last meeting, our chat log has been used to imply that by our very continuation of activities we are planning for a future that we are telling others will not exist.
(Nancy) Not planning for a future, you mean, that pole shift issue?
(Roger) Precisely.
(Nancy) Well, the nonprofit has stated, formally, in the meetings, that they consider a pole shift a POSSIBILITY, among others, of troubled times in our future, date of any of this uncertain.
(Nancy) In EITHER case, a future exists.
(Nancy) The Survival Booklet and CD certainly state that.
(Roger) Statements made by Nancy in here position as member of board were taken to indicate inconsistancy with certain predictions.
(Nancy) It seems, in trying to help mankind in this simple way, that the messenger is attacked.
(Nancy) As though the Red Cross should be attacked for PLANNING for a disaster, anticipating what to do.
(Nancy) I think these attacks are because the message makes them afraid, uneasy, and they prefer to be in denial.
(Nancy) Should the Red Cross stop operation because it makes people uneasy?
(Nancy) The weather changes, the increasing meteor and fireball activity, all this on the uptick.
(Roger) I want to reiterate that this meeting is a function of the non-profit organization known as Troubled Times Incorporated, not a forum for Zetatalk. We share common interests and purposes.
(Nancy) And oceans rising, poles and glaciers melting. ALL this says that our operations have had forsight.
(Nancy) Indeed, one has only to look at the Bylaws of the nonprofit, which STATES that differentiation clearly.
(Nancy) If a Republican is on the board of the Red Cross, that does not make the Red Cross a GOP puppet.
(Roger) Zetatalk and Nancy have been and continue to be valuable resources, but the statements of an individual member are not necessarily those of the entire organization!
(Nancy) The nonprofit arose to allow the information on the Troubled Times web site, which is the opinon of hundreds, and information on thousands of subjects, to be more readily available.
(Roger) I think that is understood, but there are those that will still use our words to suit their own interests.
(Nancy) It is not, and has not been ZetaTalk, though I Nancy support Troubled Times as the BEST resource of its kind.
(Nancy) Well, the Red Cross can say, until they are blue in the face, that their Republican board member does not make them a GOP political arm, but those that want to attack are not operating under logic.
(Roger) Troubled Times has always tirelessly worked toward the goal of being a single one source of information for all aspects of survival in troubling times. It is saddening to realize that we may need to post a disclaimer to protect ourselves from misquotation.
(Nancy) There is no arguing with illogic.
(Nancy) Misquoting and taking out of context. All that needs to be done if for the Bylaws, and the Mission Statement, to be quoted.
(Roger) That is true.
(Nancy) It is like that 'missing $10,000' that a certain illogical person was spreading all over the Internet.
(Nancy) NO missing $10,000 which we put on the agenda to address, but he spread it around anyway.
(Gerard) Yes, I remember that
(Nancy) I suspect that at base, if one knew these people who attack, one would find a very fearful individual.
(Nancy) They think silencing the message makes the problem go away.
(Nancy) I do wonder what Homeland Security does with this kind of argument.
(Roger) So, for the record, the very fact that we have held this meeting and will plan to have another one in 2 months does not guarantee that the world will be here, as we know it, in 2 months!
(Nancy) THEY distribute info on what to do, etc. and mention bioterrorism, etc.
(Nancy) Should THEY go away and not plan?
(Nancy) Indeed, as the nonprofit is not pretending to be a prophet!
(Roger) Exactly.
(Nancy) Just strugging to distribute booklets and CD's and grown and distribute seed, in future.
(Nancy) Let us hope that misquoting is avoided by people putting the ENTIRE log up, not portions.
(Roger) Okay, I think we have addressed the issue well enough. Our log is publicly available and hopefully everyone with an interest in our statements will read it entirely.
(Nancy) And I heartily recommend reading the Mission Statement! Says it all!
(Roger) If there are no other issues or topics for discussion, I would entertain a motion to adjourn...
(Nancy) I move we adjourn
(Gerard) I second
(Roger) This meeting is hereby adjourned.
Session Close: Sun Jul 11 14:10:42 2004