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Board Meeting

July 14, 2002

1. Minutes of Last Meeting - Approval
- If there is no objection to the minutes as posted, they will be considered ratified as correct.
2. Treasurers 2nd Quarter Report
- The Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement are links off of the agenda.
3. Trouble Times, Inc. Booklet - Review & Discussion
- Discuss Booklet binding errors from Kinko’s. Report from Roger or Stan.
- Report on orders increase from last month by Mary.
4. Ongoing Projects - Discussion
- Roger & Stan’s Acreage Project. Water tanks purchased for drip irrigation.
Stan to report since Roger will be absent from the meeting.
- Shirley’s short-wave radio Report.
- Input from Jan regarding any progress in Europe.
- Report on Server donation by Gerard.
- Final discussion as to if this is still a viable donation.