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6/11/00 1:45:48 PM,Gerard,

(Michel) To what extent will funding be pushed to be used for basically preparation at the Inc. site? Basically, when the poleshift hits - the Inc. site will have been made into a prepared survival site with all the necessary necessaries to survive paid by funds. I do not like this idea when there is nothing in it for the other board members of the Inc.

6/11/00 1:50:52 PM,Gerard,

(Michel) Nancy, whether all items paid by funds can be moved or not does not matter if they will eventually be used by you or Ron or another present member of the Inc to survive while the other board members have nothing - in most cases. They have nothing to offer for they have in most cases nothing. Wouldn't the Inc. be able to co-fund property for building such a lab on, for instance?

6/11/00 1:57:18 PM,Gerard,

(Michel) Nancy, that was an example, as I made clear. The point is, will all funds be used at the Inc. site only?