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Board Meeting

July 16, 2000

The meeting was conducted on IRC and over the phone. Shirley was on the phone with Ron, while Nancy at the keyboard typed for all three. More than a quorum attended: Aron (late), Gerard, Jurian, Nancy, Roger, Shirley, and Ron. A guest member, Brent, who had an interest in Item 2, also attended.
1. Report on Project Status
- No issues or questions were raised
2. Vote on Acceptance of $1,500 Gift
- Gift was accepted, with designation
- Donor Brent clarified future or retroactive intent (either OK)
- Disbursement approved as recommended in Agenda
3. Report on Treasurer's Quarterly Report
- No issues or questions were raised
4. Vote to Increase Project Allowances
- Discretionary accounts increased, as outlined in Agenda
- Status of $2,000 authorized over funds-in-hand accepted
5. Vote to Approve Midyear Election & Qualifications Bylaw Change
- Mid-year elections authorized as outlined in Agenda
- Much discussion on qualifications, who determines, what is covered, depth of inquiry
- No change to Bylaw amendment as worded proposed, after discussion
- Bylaw change, as worded, approved
6. Vote to Revisit Michel as Director - NOT
- Michel not present at meeting, by choice
- Board split on whether Michel's actions deserve a recall vote
- Michel's statements variously interpreted as 1. accusations, or 2. opinion, or 3. questions
- Stance on Board Member competence variously 1. minimum required, 2. educate and forgive
- Point made: Board vote does not remove Michel, but will place issue before membership
- Discussion and votecall before membership NOT approved by the Board
7. Discussion on Survival Site Funding
- Discussion contined to tt-inc and next Board Meeting
- Ability to deliver as promised as a qualification for project suggested
- No other new ideas, beyond those in Agenda, suggested