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  From:    Nancy Lieder 
  Sent:    Wednesday, June 14, 2000 2:34 AM
  Subject: Re: [tt-inc] Yesterday's, June 11 Board Meeting

  Hey Sol, want to be a Board Member?  

Thank you for the kind offer.

I really wasn't thinking about it, as I already work about 10-11 hours a 
day in hi-tech (have four kids to support,) lead a philosophy group at 
night, and am also a performer, so I have to practice sometime as well. 
Time is scarce, and what's available I use to post these horrifically long 
mails on the tt groups, many of which I do research for on the spot, and this 
gives me the warm feeling of contributing something. But I still haven't 
finished my June web-wrapping for the subjects I asked responsibility for, 
and I feel very bad about it. It's coming soon.

You did put out a call for help, however, and I really do have some 
experience, having been a Corporate Lawyer for about ten years up until 
1997, when I switched to computers. (In between, I lived for a year on a 
mountainside in a hippie commune with no electricity or plumbing, so I 
know a bit about survival as well (and also from my military training).)

If you feel that I should join the Board nonetheless - then please view this
message as a consent on my part to serve on the Board. 

I also have a project in mind involving bee cultures, but I have to refine 
the details with the people involved (I'm not a bee-man myself) before I
present it to the group.



Subject:  Re: [tt-inc] Yesterday's, June 11 Board Meeting
Date:     Wed, 14 Jun 2000 09:01:47 -0600
From:     Mary

I have read Sol's postings since he joined TT.  He is fair, astute and
knowledgeable. He always asks for clarification on discussions he is unclear
on. If I could choose, I too would ask him to be a board member.