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Administration & Operation Costs
Grant Proposal 2

Purpose: To cover normal and periodic administration and operation costs such as filing fees, agent fees to The Company Corporation for corporate presence in Delaware, retainer and expenses for Corporate Attorney or CPA, Board and Officers (B&O) Insurance, stationary and clerical support, and any other expense deemed by the Board to be included as an administration cost.

Scope: Such a grant may cover expenses for a single year, for several years, or for part of a year. Any grant not covering estimated expenses 5 years forward would be considered a partial meeting of the proposal.

Cost: Annual expenses are estimated by the President and are reflected in the current Budget, updated periodically. Recurring costs of maintaining corporate status are approximately $600/year. Corporate Attorney and CPA and B&O Insurance may amount to an additional estimated $2,500-$4,000/year, depending upon activity of the nonprofit.