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Board Meeting

July 19, 1998

The meeting was conducted on NetMeeting, with 1 member on Instant Message and 2 others on IRC, and proceded according to the published agenda. There were four Whiteboard pages during the meeting - Agenda, Proposals, Diana's Wrap-up, and Check Bounce. 7 of the 11 Board members were in attendance, with Shirley attempting to connect - Brand, Clipper, Gerard, Jan , Lyn, Nancy, and Pat. All votes were unanimous, 50% or more of the active board required by the Bylaws.
1. Vote to Approve Brand as Treasurer
2. Vote to Approve SunTrust as new Corporate Bank
3. Vote to Approve Administration & Operation Costs Grant Proposal:
- Proposal 2 accepted, versus Proposal 1 format
- proposal avoids soliciting membership as counter to the no-fee premise
- proposal avoids soliciting tt-forum as counter to the separation of entities rule
- proposal is structured to accept partial fulfilling of the grant, i.e. small gifts
4. Report on Anonymous $500 Gift
5. Report on Apparent Embezzlement by Former Treasurer Diana:
- general censure of Diana by Board members
- discussion on attempts to contact Diana, which occurred and were extensive
6. Report and Vote on Prosecution Steps:
- general agreement that prosecution was in order
- video of testimony and evidence sent to Pennsylvania DA, as requested
- vote of confidence on President's steps taken to prosecute apparent crimes
7. Report on Steps Taken to Alert SUFOIT:
- subsequent removal of Diana as National Director
- cessation of fund raising by Diana for SUFOIT also enforced
8. Report on Removal of Board Member process:
- per the Bylaws, only when convicted of a felony or unsound mind, or membership vote
- due to Diana's inactivity, next election should see removal by normal course of events
9. Vote on Interim Accounting Approach:
- deferral in submitting Voucher for Attorney Fees, using fee Gift to replace funds missing
- Brand to compile new Balance Sheet to reflect this
10. Vote on Fiscal Controls Committees:
- possible checks and balances discussed, using a bookkeeping service, spot visits, etc.
- Fiscal Audit Committee composed of Jan and Pat to review faxed monthly Statements
- Statements from Treasurer (Brand) and Gift Pool (Clipper) included in monthly audit
- Fiscal Controls Committee approved to study means and methods, not staffed yet