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Board Meeting

July 20, 1997

1. Approve Articles & Bylaws, or NOT
Articles of Incorporation
Bylaws on the Mission Statement, Board Members, Board Meetings, Officers, Officer Duties, Committees, Funds, Records, Members, Grants, Amendments.
2. Formally elect officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, or NOT
3. Formally appoint staff positions: Public Relations, Internal Audit, or NOT
Election results
4. Presentation by Secretary of Lockbox procedure for records retention
5. Approve Lockbox procedure, or NOT
Section 14 of Article 4 of the Bylaws, which state "A backup to the Secretary of Troubled Times, Inc. will be established such that the original records of Troubled Times, Inc. are retained in a Lockbox within the continental United States, with a complete copy of such records in the hands of each officer. The Secretary will select, and the board approve, an elected board member who is not an officer to secure such Lockbox, and both the Secretary and this board member will have access to the Lockbox."
6. Presentation of Solicitation Policy by Vice President
7. Approval of Solicitation Policy, or NOT
Solicitation Policy
IRS Rules
8. Presentation of Accounting Method and bank choice by Treasurer
9. Approval of Accounting Method and bank, or NOT
10. Presentation of 2 Year Budget by President
11. Approval of Budget, or NOT
2 Year Budget
12. Discussion on immediate need for Attorney and CPA
13. Approval of deferral on Attorney and CPA choice, or NOT
Comparison of Articles to Nolo Press and IRS recommendation
14. Presentation by Public Relation on InterNIC Domain Name choices
15. Approval of domain name choices, prioritized, or NOT
16. Presentation by Internal Audit on Electronic Bookkeeping and sharing
17. Approval of electronic sharing method, or NOT
18. Discussion of Mail Forwarding requirements
19. Approval of Basic Mail service, or NOT
Clipper's PO Box for all director's mail at $90/year plus postage. Only important mail would be forwarded, junk mail discarded.
20. Consideration of $1,000 Gift from Nancy toward incorporation and administration costs.
21 Acceptance of gift or NOT
Gift to be used for incorporation and administrative costs.