Solicitation Policy


Methods of research for grantors will be done by almost any means possible.

1. CD's to include Information USA & Government Giveaways for Entrepreneurs.

This is a multimedia CD-ROM covering sources and forms available. This CD covers government sources, there grant histories and application procedures. It also tells who is eligible to receive grants (includes non-profits) from many different sources. Information such as this is very valuable and does a lot of "home work" for us.

2. Web searches to include:

3. Any other sources that come available including public libraries.

Once research is done, applications are filled out. Many Grantors require that you use only their applications, so application forms will vary accordingly.

All grants will be applied for on a grantor by grantor basis, and only after the grantor has been researched as to the likelihood that they would be interested in Troubled Times, Inc. goals. Focused applications, rather than mass mailing, will be the mode.