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Board Meeting

July 29, 2001

1. Minutes of Last Meeting - Approval
If there is no objection to the minutes as posted, they will be considered ratified as correct.
2. Treasurer's Quarterly Report - Report by Nancy
- Balance Statement and Profit and Loss as of June 30.
- Funds in the bank as of June 30 are about the same as at the start of the year.
- Booklet has been produced, copier and award to Shirley paid out.
- Request for budget increase: Wegner LPP, Vote or Not. The current Budget is $600 a year, or $150/Q, excluding 990 preparation. Nancy is requesting a budget increase to $1,000/year
3. Troubled Times, Inc. Booklet - Review and Discussion
- Booklet has been mailed to all Board Members two weeks prior to the meeting, to allow each proper time to review and discuss.
- Mary reports: "The US cost per book was $1.46, Shirley's cost $1.85 and the overseas ones were $4.80 each".
4. Ongoing Projects - Results/Review
- Seed TEAM: Roger traveled to Wisco to relocate the Troy Bilt tiller and other Items to Kansas. Roger to outline future plans and to request funding for Supplies.
- Low-Light Lab: Roger to discuss current concept.
- Energy Lab: Nancy to discuss inclusion of Carbon Arc in the hydroponics lab. Need construction of homemade Carbon Arc, and comparison of Halide light to Carbon Arc on hydroponics and chick laying.
- Video Clips: Addition to educational effort, to create streaming video or video clips. Nancy's husband Ernie is offering to put together a computer with video editing capabilities, at no cost to the nonprofit. Available by Fall, 2001 to prepare clips.
5. Short Wave Radio Antenna - Vote or NOT
- Shirley’s plans for using shortwave/packet radio have moved ahead rapidly, and she would like to request funding of $850 Canadian for an Antenna.
- Shirley has the necessary qualifications for funding as previously decided by the Board on June 11, 2000. The pertinent Agenda, Minutes, and Log discussion brought forward.
- Shirley and Jan, the Radio Principal, are currently the only persons Qualified in the group to have shortwave funding. She has gotten her license, including the Morse Code requirement.