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Room & Board Allowance

On April 16, 1000 the Board approved a policy change re reimbursing Nancy for opening the Guest Cottage after a decade of inactivity and preparing the front rooms of the main house being used as the nonprofit's offices. The $3,880 reimbursed were to be considered an advance on room and board at $20/night for sleeping quarters and $10/day for meals. This $3,880 included a number of assets that continue to be used by the nonprofit, and which were entered into the Quickbooks as assets. Ron has suggested that these be considered assets of the nonprofit, which would reduce the room and board allowance by $1,089. Even with this reduction, $690 still remains as an advance on room and board. The list of assets to be retained by the nonprofit, at an overall cost of $1,089, include:

Shop Vac
Power Washer
Power Sprayer
Circular Saw
Gas Weed Whacker
Grinding/Cutting Tools
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