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Board Meeting

June 10, 2010

The meeting was called to order via email on June 10, 2010. Those attending: Roger, (chairing President), Gerard, Steve, Mary, and Nancy.

Agenda Item 1: Asset Retirement - Discussion and Approval
- Nancy proposed that the board allow her to displose of the antique clothes washer (now in pieces though $245 a decade ago) to a museum.This approach was approved and Nancy has located a Sauk County museum (associated with the Antique Tractors and Steam Engines) willing to accept the item.
- Nancy will provide electronic documentation on this recipt at the next board meeting.
- Nancy proposed that the board allow her to displose of the tiller (depreciated to $166) and chipper (depreciated to $117) in trade for labor to clear out the seed cooler blocking the garage door. The seed cooler was purchased for $100 a decade ago, not used in almost a decade, and take 4 men to move.
- Nancy noted that the past week's estate auctions had show one with a tiller and another with a chipper so these items are available elsewhere at auction. Nancy reported that she had attempted to get dealers and repair shops in the areas to buy or carry these used items and they had suggested Craig's List.
- The board opted to require an attempted sale via Craig's List or a similar move locally if not successful via Craig's List, for $150 for the tiller and $100 for the chipper. Prior to completion of the votecall, Nancy snagged a local buyer, her lawncutter and someone who also deals in metal recycling. His deal was $150 for the tiller and $50 for the chipper and he would take the cooler away no charge. Roger indicated this local sale was within the bounds of the motion being voted upon.
- Nancy will provide electronic documentation that $200 went into the nonprofit at the next board meeting. [Note, $200 deposit for Nonprofit Checking]
- Nancy proposed that the hydroponics and aquaponics equipment be gifted to the University of Wisconsin, and made attempt to contact the Deans office locally re this. An assistant Dean accepted, and Nancy forwarded photos showing the equipment in use in her basement. He stated that a biologist would come by in a pickup truck, when the time came. He subsequently stated that approval must be sought from the Dean, who will also determine a site for the equipment. The rusting cow watering tanks, used as a fish pond (approximately $100 purchase when new), will be taken away for metal recycling, not sold, as they must be dragged from the basement and it is labor intensive to drag them out again.
- Nancy will provide electronic documentation that this equipment was properly gifted to the University. Forms must be filled out, etc, for IRS purposes.
Agenda Item 2: Administrative Expenses
- Nancy noted that the cost of the annual Wisconsin Charitable Organization license renewal, to operate as a place of business in Wisconsin (as required by the IRS, one site at least a physical location) increased from $15/yr to $54/yr.
Agenda Item 3: Booklet/CD Project
- Roger noted that there are not enough funds in the nonprofit PayPal account to do a full CD burn when the time comes for additional CD's to be burned, but a partial run can be arranged.
Agenda Item 4: Adjournment
- A motion THAT the meeting adjourn was made by Nancy and seconded by Gerard.
- The meeting was adjourned on June 19, 2010 with no objections from the board members.