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Board Meeting

June 20, 1999

Board members have been polled, and Clipper, Shirley, Gerard, Jan, Roger, Ron, and Nancy have stated they can attend a June 20, 1999 Board Meeting.
1. TV Clip of Pole Shift - Preview by Geson
Last month the Board requested that Geson provide an update on Proposal 98001001, including cost details and a storyboard. Geson has provided a visual storyboard, a preview of his production. This preview is available for download as a zipped file to be played by Quicktime for the MAC or PC, and in Indeo for PC. These large files are only temporarily available at this location, for the Board Meeting, and Geson has provided Instructions on how to run these clips. Geson has also provided Still Shots for those who cannot download large files (approximately 20 MB zipped).
2. TV Clip of Pole Shift - Funding Approval Vote or NOT
Geson reports that these film clips constitute 30% of the final production, and this completed portion only needs to have music added, which can be done by a friend. It appears that Geson is ready for funding so this product can be packaged and made available to TV stations around the world!
3. Progress on Prototypes - Report by Principal
Continuing progress has been made on several prototypes funded by the Board in April. The Family Garden is germinating well. In addition to the garden contribution as a Seed Saving demo, the plumb tree is developing fruit, and the grape vines are emerging. The Worm Bed is growing. Clearing the path to the Campground and cleaning young trees from the Bermed Hut foundation has been strenuous work. Plans are being laid for the Woods Survival instructions to be videotaped.
4. Progress on Prototypes - Funding Approval Vote or NOT
Clearing a place for the campground, the path to the campground, and remaining trees in the bermed hut foundation will require the purchase of a gas chain saw (estimated at $200) and 100 feet of rope (estimated at $50). Approval for these purchases is requested so that the clearing can progress, which will allow the construction phase of these prototypes to proceed in the future.
5. Gift Pool Funds - Disbursal Vote or NOT
An additional $100 was received from a member on the Seed TEAM, bringing the total in the Gift Pool to $157.72 as of May 26, 1999. This $100 gift was designated for Seed purchases. This gift should be transferred to the Treasurer and disbursed to Board Member Roger, so that he and co-Seed TEAM Hub Toni, the active hubs, can make puchases as they see fit. Both Roger and Toni are experienced gardeners and seed collectors, and between them are supporting some 27 growers this year.
6. Balance Sheet - Report by Treasurer
Payment of all outstanding vouchers has been completed. Funds are low, and a minimum balance needs to be maintained in the accounts.