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Board Meeting

June 20, 1999

The meeting was conducted on NetMeeting for all Board Members attending. More than a quorum attended - Clipper, Gerard, Jan, Nancy, Shirley, Roger, and Ron. All votes carried without opposition.
1. Report on TV Clip of Pole Shift
- Board Members were pleased with the still shots
- No one was able to download the video clips, due to technical difficulties
- Production of the videos will require different frequencies for the US and Europe
- Geson's access to video reproduction equipment, and costs, not known
2. Vote on TV Clip of Pole Shift Funding
- Geson requested to provide a video cartridge for each Board Member
- $250 allocated for video production and mailing costs
- Capacity to produce video cartridges, and quality of final product, will be ascertained
- Final approval for distribution to TV stations will be based on this review
3. Report on Prototype Progress
- Family Garden is tilled and planted, germinating, Apple and Plum trees bearing
- Seed TEAM participation will include an edible Fiddler Fern
- Cleanup included salvaging Raspberries from a tenatious vine weed
- Worm Bed is a great success, fat, healthy worms reproducing and thriving
- Campground clearing in progress, but needs a gas chain saw and rope
- Bermed Hut foundation is being cleared of young boxelder trees
4. Vote on Prototype Funding
- $250 needed for gas chain saw and rope provided by homeowner, Nancy
- Work on Hydroponics cannot proceed at present, due to inadequate lighting in basement
- Basement circuits being upgraded in July, 1999 by homeowner, Nancy
- Short Wave radio demo and classes dependent upon antenna and shipping transmitter
- $250 for antenna and shipping costs approved for Short Wave prototype
5. Vote on Gift Pool Disbursement
- $100 for Seeds received, an additional $500 from another donor pending
- Wiring funds from the Gift Pool to corporate accounts will be combined to maximize the $15 fee
- $100 for Seeds approved for disbursal to hubs Toni and Roger for seed purchases
6. Report on Balance Sheet
- Balance Sheet reviewed by Internal Auditor, Jan, and approved
- $797.17 liquid assets, including physical inventory Assets are $2,026.11
- All Vouchers paid, no Accounts Payable outstanding
- Corporate account setup complete, interim Transactions finalized also