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Board Meeting

June 24, 2001

(Brent) OK, we have a full house, folks, So I will now call the meeting to order.
(Barry) Folks, I'm actually at work and may not be a real active type today
(Shaul) Are you ever? (hehehehehe... just kidding!)
(Brent) No problem , Barry....
(Brent) Item 1 Minutes of last meeting....any questions or comments?
(Mary) None here.
(Shaul) Not here
(Jurian) None here
(Toni) No
(Brent) OK, then the minutes will be ratified as correct.
(Brent) We are pausing...Nancy is catching up Shirley....
(Jan) None
(Nancy) None from Nancy and Shirley.
(Brent) Item 2 Projects List, discussion and vote
(Brent) Comments?
(Mary) Excellent outline Brent.
(Shaul) You did a great job drafting that list up, man. Thanks
(Jurian) Looks good here
(Nancy) I have reviewed the list, and 1. the groupings are in accordance with what I recall from last meeting, 2. the valid projects are listed in the groupings.
(Jan) The grouping of the projects is good. I think all important activities/projects are on there
(Nancy) I think it's perfect, and if approved will link the existing project info to these new groups, or rather the other way around.
(Roger) I move that we approve this list.
(Nancy) Shirley says, "looks good to me".
(Brent) Thanks all, we have had so much discussion on this, I figured that this would be a quick item this time, unless there is an objection, we can just vote or not to approve.
(Nancy) I second the motion.
(Toni) I think it is very well done, concise and thorough.
(Brent) One moment...
(Nancy) I have one question, not blocking the vote, however. QUESTION: should we establish an archived or inactive or some such project info list, as a link.
(Jan) Just one minor comment: Each category says "Lab", e.g. Energy Lab. However, these activities may have to be spread on multiple labs and projects or sub-projects.
(Jan) I find nothing to contradict such split-up in the list, but it should be noted that such splits into "Labs" may occur.
(Brent) Good point, Jan...
(Nancy) I think we just need to make the work "labs" not "lab" and all will be well.
(Jurian) So change it to Lab(s)
(Shaul) Yeah, the plural seems to solve this
(Brent) Vote or Not to approve the Projects List, Yes or No
(Jan) Good enough
(Toni) Yes
(Jurian) Yes
(Jan) Vote = Yes
(Barry) Yes
(Mary) Yes
(Roger) Yes
(Brent) Yes
(Nancy) Nancy and Shirley: Yes
(Shaul) Yes
(Brent) The Item passes, and is approved
(Brent) Thanks to everyone for their support! :-)
(Jurian) No problem, it was about time we all agreed on the project list :-)
(Brent) Item 3 Ongoing Projects, Booklet update from Mary...
(Mary) Nothing new. I mailed a partial book to a request in Canada, cost 1.60. Nancy's new format of fewer pictures is a success. I can make a book in less than 15 minutes.
(Shaul) Wow!
(Mary) Practice, practice.
(Nancy) I will reformat the Project page accordingly, and link the existing stuff from it, and put an "Old Stuff' kind of link at the bottom to a historical archieve page.
(Brent) Great, Mary!
(Nancy) If any of this needs changing, we can address this easy on tt-Inc or next board meeting.
(Mary) Thanks.
(Jan) Good work!
(Mary) I would like to propose that each member of the board receive a free copy when it is completed.
(Nancy) Shirley completed the last info to be included and I have just to put this into PageMaker and mail to Mary this week.
(Nancy) This completes our 1st draft!
(Mary) GREAT!!
(Jurian) Very nice :-)
(Nancy) Shirley and I were talking about bundling changes into every 6 months or so, new info, improved layout, whatever.
(Brent) I like the idea, Mary, what do the rest of you think? (Board members copy's)
(Nancy) Not to keep it constantly in motion, but scheduled upgrades, so to speak.
(Shaul) That's a very good proposal.
(Shaul) (Mary's, I mean.)
(Jan) I would really like to see a printed copy. It's also easier to review.
(Jurian) Yeah, same here
(Brent) Me too Jan...
(Barry) Ditto here
(Mary) That's fine with me, Nancy. Try not to have to redo lots of pages, but rather insert additional pages.
(Jan) As to updates, I think it is difficult to set a specific schedule, 6 months may be OK now, but closer to the PS it will be far too long (and would produce only 3 new versions before the PS)
(Nancy) Jan, agreed, only for MINOR stuff, the 6 month span. If something important arises, right away inclusion!
(Nancy) Yes, Mary, we should tack on the end if possible, so as not to redo all the pages (numbering).
(Brent) I agree, no need to keep a specific schedule....
(Mary) This all sounds reasonable and acceptable to me.
(Shaul) It's great you're doing this, Mary.
(Mary) Thanky.
(Brent) Great and good work you have the Baord member addresses to mail copies?
(Mary) No, I will get Shirley to e-mail them to me.
(Brent) Great
(Nancy) Shirley says "I still have some sections I want to do - maybe high tech home (computers), safe locations, etc."
(Mary) That's fine, but there must be an end.
(Nancy) Maybe we should hang lose yet, and get these items in! Logically, Safe Locations (guidelines) should go in the front, where we discuss high winds, etc.
(Nancy) Logically, High Tech Home goes in the end of the Settlement section.
(Brent) Catching Shirley up.....
(Mary) Hey, how ever you want it. Just make sure there is a completion time/date.
(Jan) Shirley & Nancy, I think we should close it now, get a printed copy off to the board members, and then continue the discussion on the TT lists
(Jan) The PDFs on the server may be updated whenever there's a reason for it
(Mary) Do you all want a copy before it's done?
(Brent) Nancy and Shirley are discussing....
(Jurian) I'd like a copy
(Toni) Would like a copy.
(Nancy) Shirley and I have discussed. She will send High Tech Homes (just has a last answer from Jan to include) and do Safe Locations this week.
(Jan) This will be an ongoing work, and as activity increases before the PS, additions & changes will be the rule.
(Brent) I think all board members will get a copy
(Nancy) I will put the Safe Locations in the end, in Communities, and tack the HTH at the end of Settlement.
(Nancy) This requires NO renumbering of pages, and all Mary has done is OK.
(Jan) I would very much like to see a copy now. (For professional use, I can use PDF's for reference, but I do like the printed book for reading.)
(Nancy) Jan, Shirley will e-mail you her question.
(Mary) OK. I will get the copies done and mailed out by the 10th of July assuming I get address' from Shirley. Or you all can e-mail me.
(Jan) Nancy & Shirley, no problem.
(Brent) Then we should all have copies to review possable by next meeting...if not, OK.
(Mary) Oh, didn't think of that. I can get them out sooner but they won't have the latest pages.
(Nancy) To let you all know, I'm back on the air waves again, probably, due to a news posting for papers and stations.
(Mary) Nancy.....where and when?
(Barry) Congrate
(Nancy) This all usually incites interest in the nonprofit, and this booklet (as well as the sighting of Planet X) will be mentioned by me!
(Jurian) :-)
(Toni) More new members
(Brent) No rush, Mary...It will work out either way
(Shaul) Good, good, a promo...
(Mary) OK Brent.
(Jurian) Nancy: will it be available in realaudio somewhere that you know of?
(Nancy) Mary, this is a news service, so radio stations call and say "can you go live in 15 minutes" and the like.
(Jan) What sort of show? Will it be possible to download RA later, as with the Jeff Rense shows?
(Nancy) Last time I was on the air from New York city to Jackson, MI to California.
(Jurian) That doesn't include Europe though, so RA would be very nice :)
(Nancy) This happened twice before since I moved to Wisco. Get off the toilet, go live, it's like that.
(Brent) hehehehe
(Shaul) One good thing about radio, they can't see ya...
(Shaul) (;-)
(Brent) Good one Sol..... Hehehhehe (Nancy's laughing....)
(Shaul) Hehehehe...
(Brent) OK, lets move on....Toni, would you like to discuss the seed team list, and contacts?
(Toni) I sent an email to Board members. If I can can copy and paste here, I will add it here.

Note: e-mail attached as a link from the Minutes.
(Brent) Oops, I must have missed it while traveling, Toni, sorry.
(Toni) Just sent before the meeting
(Brent) Nancy catching up Shirley...
(Roger) Sorry, I've not yet received that email.
(Mary) Me either.
(Toni) These seem to be worthwhile to contact. I like the offerings from the Southwest Native Seed Conservancy, but they only donate to Native Americans.
(Jurian) I got it just before the meeting.
(Nancy) Toni, is there a reason that MA and Ontario are so heavy? Or is this just the start?
(Shaul) I also received the message, thanks Toni.
(Toni) There were actually dozens of places I researched here and abroad. Historical places, mainly.
(Nancy) So these areas are just more service oriented? Good for Ontario and MA!
(Toni) However, some of them duplicate seed that we already have.
(Jan) Got it. Seems you've done some good research here
(Toni) Some are definitely of a commercial nature. There are huge places like Greenfield Village in Michigan but they don't seem to have anything appropriate.
(Brent) Just read the email also, good work Toni
(Toni) Nor Williamsburg, VA or Monticello
(Nancy) Toni and Roger, are we only trying to get varieties we don't already have, or increase BULK! 2002 may be a big request year.
(Mary) Do we have a "list" of seeds that should be saved? You know, certain veggies, herbs, etc.
(Toni) Bulk will be important for some varieties.
(Nancy) A related news item, I picked up a cooler for $100 from my sister's closing store, and have the seeds here nice and cool this summer.
(Toni) No we do not have such a list, Mary.
(Toni) Good investment.
(Nancy) This was passed by Brent and the seed team hubs, for approval from discretionary fund.
(Brent) Yes, there is a list, Nancy has an inventory of whats here in Wisco.
(Roger) Bulk is necessary, though we are short varietal diversity in some species.
(Toni) 2 members of tt-forum have contacted me over the weekend to grow some seed
(Mary) Should we allocate some money to purchase what we need? Do we have the money?
(Nancy) Mary, we did that last year, bought year-old seed from Arc, good price, for hubs and banks, etc.
(Mary) Yes, I know, but are they enough?
(Nancy) We do have on Seed TEAM of TT, a table of what we are/have growing, but this needs updating, perhaps.
(Roger) And we still have most of that seed.
(Nancy) Each hub also knows what they have, quantity, etc.
(Brent) Won't it be important for the Seed Team to have inventory lists of whats available for future demand?
(Nancy) And the hubs and banks share/smooth inventory if needed at other sites.
(Toni) We have a posted list
(Mary) OK, it's obvious you guys have this under control.
(Barry) Toni, funny question for you.
(Toni) Don't think the Seed Savers varieties are included.
(Nancy) Mary, indeed, my thinking has always been that as crop shortages click in, home gardeners increase, and folks cannot even BUY SEED, that we will get a lot of demand.
(Nancy) My thinking has been that only community seed growers, those known to their community, should get the seed in that case.
(Nancy) Also, they should be the most experienced seed grower/saver in that community, etc.
(Nancy) Guidelines for a VERY heavy demand, which to date, we have not had.
(Mary) Yea, the seeds would be wasted on me for sure. I can't even grow sprouts!!
(Toni) Mary, you will need to grow sprouts..:-)
(Toni) On a global basis, of course, there are definite shortages.
(Mary) Nope, I'm hoping someone nearby can trade other things with me.(-:
(Brent) Any way, lets move on, thanks Toni....
(Toni) And the GE seeds are a threat
(Brent) Low light Crop Research Project, Comments?
(Jan) Good work. For those of us that can't even grow sprouts (more than one...), this work is vital
(Brent) Toni, do you wish to discuss the project proposal...
(Toni) This is of utmost importance. We have some seed already that will work for the research - lettuces, including 5 kinds from Seed Savers Exchange.
(Nancy) Toni, do you and Roger have a Project Plan and have you quantified your funding needs, and where will your "lab" be?
(Toni) Kale. spinach, arugula(rocket), sorrel turnips.
(Nancy) Low Light foods are a VERY important issue, we all talk about high light crops without much thought!
(Nancy) In a lab, you'd need some way to keep the light DOWN, right?
(Roger) There is shading material.
(Toni) There is also the indoor with flourescent lighting idea
(Roger) I will need to build a 75% shaded area to transplant my goldenseal to at the new land donation.
(Nancy) Excellent, Roger. You could use some of the loaned land, with cover!
(Nancy) So, would funding be for these extra supplies, then?
(Roger) Yes, I think.
(Toni) I see some extra seed needed. For example, a large leaved dandelion
(Roger) Indoor lighting is more controlled and the 'lab' should have dual locations.
(Toni) And sprouting experiments.
(Toni) Actually, I think it important enough that we all should begin trying to grow plants.
(Brent) Your thinking is along the right lines, and funding will probably be appropiate, so at next meetin, could the both of you do a written request for funding?
(Toni) Indoors now and throughout this winter.
(Toni) OK
(Roger) Sure
(Toni) I have more on sprouting too.
(Brent) Great, even itemize finding needs, location of lab,(mabe Rogers land), etc.
(Brent) Lay it all out for us, and we will link it to the agenda.
(Jan) Toni, some of us have no clue whatsoever when it comes to growing plants. Therefore your research is so important, so that we can set up an environment closer to the PS based on your recommendations and findings.
(Toni) A person can survive on 1 lb of sprouted beans per day
(Jurian) Need variaty tho
(Toni) At the minimum, with no lighting, a low tech community can sprout.
(Jurian) Eating just one kind of food is not healthy.
(Mary) With worms!! Yummy
(Toni) Maybe you can catch fish
(Jurian) And snail sauce :)
(Barry) Toni, any chance you could include radishes in your study?
(Brent) Jan, Toni, can we take this off line? we need to keep moving.
(Toni) Radishes are a good low light crop to study and also good for sprouting.
(Nancy) Minimum Requirements for group/community eating would be a good addition to the Booklet.
(Barry) Yes
(Mary) Nancy, I think we tried to get this info before, didn't we?
(Nancy) People are not going to find this info in the LOG, we need a booklet section.
(Brent) Next meeting we will vote on the project and funding... Good research.
(Jan) Brent, nothing to take offline I think - only a comment to Toni why her project is important to us all. Let's move on.
(Brent) OK, Item 5 Roger, your land and tiller discussion (and vote).
(Roger) Well, in case everyone doesn't know, I have been offerred the use of a good portion of land to grow vegetables for seed harvest.
(Brent) Has the Lease gone through, Roger?
(Roger) The total land package is on the order of 30 acres, though I alone won't be able to work that much space. I have selected a 10 acre corner of the property that is fenced on all sides and only needs to have the gates repaired.
(Roger) Of course, I've not yet walked the fences so I am not aware if there will be additional repairs needed.
(Brent) Has the lease gone through, Roger?
(Roger) The land is being purchased by an associate of mine and I am permitted to use it without a lease, once the real estate deal is completed.
(Nancy) Mary, re minimum requirements, this is not firm though many have asked for it. Depends on starvation or good-eating, rules, etc.
(Roger) The keys were to be turned over last week, but you know how real estate often can be stalled by a title company, etc.
(Brent) Is he giving you a verbal or written contract? I mean he won't say "sorry" and throw you out in 6 months....
(Roger) The land is pasture and has been idle for at least 2 years. There is an incredible diversity of plants within the pasture! Many edible wilds, etc.
(Toni) How long will you be there Roger, 1 year, 2 years? More?
(Shaul) Brent's question is very valid and needs an answer.
(Barry) I agree.
(Roger) The "contract" is verbal and there is little chance of that happening in the next two years.
(Roger) After that...well the 12th will be here by then.
(Mary) Roger, are you goint to be able to do this on your own or are you getting help?
(Toni) Very good question, Mary
(Roger) I will mostly grow things that require little maintenance - beans, peas, corn, etc.
(Brent) Roger, you are asking us to "trust"us with Inc property, on a verbal contract from someone we don't know.
(Shaul) That's the concern.
(Roger) The individual is known by a few members. I am not to publicly announce his name.
(Shaul) Ah, well that's possibly different. is there any reason his identity shouldn't be revealed?
(Mary) Are we concerned with the tiller? Is that the question? Or is it the funding for the supplies?
(Roger) He did not specifically request anynomity, but he did not authorize an announcement either.
(Nancy) We can take this offline, as to his identity, and have Brent etc. confirm, perhaps.
(Brent) Yes, Roger is welcome to the equipment, but I think we need details if we are to send several thousand dollaers worth of equipment.
(Nancy) For example, we don't include last names or e-mail addy in the logs on the web site, but all this and much more is known to our Secretary, etc.
(Jan) Roger, is this site far from Nancy's place?
(Brent) Yes, Mary, the tiller alone is worth 3,000... There is other items we are willing to send also.
(Jurian) Relaying to the 'viewing room' can be turned off by saying "relay off" here
(Toni) I think as long as the tiller is in safe keeping, and is being used, it is better than not being used. It still belongs to the Inc.
(Mary) How much to get the tiller to Roger?
(Shaul) You can write nolog before the message and it's automatically excluded.
(Roger) Too late.
(Mary) Does Roger want the tiller?
(Brent) Yes, Mary
Note: donor made known privately.
(Nancy) I want to say that this donor is SUPERB! He send many items to us here and refused reimbursement, etc. No problems from my end!
(Toni) He is sincere and has been very helpful.
(Brent) Yes, Toni, I agree.... Roger, I agree that he is solid. We will exclude his name from the log.
(Nancy) Shirley and I edit the log for this type of info, anyway. Privacy issues, safety issues, etc. not related to CONTENT directly.
(Jan) Even if Roger should be thrown off the land, the tiller itself should not be lost in that process; that would be theft. If the person in question is already known to Nancy, the lack of a signed contract should not be a problem, I think.
(Toni) Someone should drive to pick it up with a trailer.
(Shaul) You're right, Jan. the man can be trusted, I feel.
(Roger) Anyway, the cost of transporting the tiller is variable. I have suggested to Nancy and Brent that perhaps my ex-wife would be willing to allow the use of her Ford Explorer to tow a trailer to Wisconsin and back. The cost of this venture is the trip mileage and expenses plus trailer rental and motel.
(Roger) The costs is estimated at about $400.
(Toni) It is better than the tiller not being put to use.
(Roger) Another possibility is for me to fly up and drive back a moving van. The flight is about $400 and the moving van rental is also about $400.
(Toni) This is an investment for the seed team?
(Nancy) Roger, is your ex FIRM in letting you do Option 1?
(Nancy) I think the way we should work this approval, is approve Option 2, and let Roger do Option 1 if he can, etc.
(Brent) Yes, Toni, I'm surprised that Roger didn't fill you in.... 10 more acres of seed growing!
(Roger) Well, I spoke to her this morning and she is not against. She has reservations about making a long round trip on a weekend and then going to work without rest the following day.
(Toni) To me that seems more work than one person could handle, even if full time work.
(Nancy) Roger, would she let just YOU drive up?
(Roger) No
(Roger) We get along, but not well enough for me to put 1200 miles on her vehicle.
(Shaul) Nancy's right that we have to approve Option 2 and hope the first one works. But number 1 can't be counted on, right?
(Brent) True Sol...
(Nancy) Lets put this into perspective! A $3,000 tiller is sitting idle, 2 years to go! Let's get the 10 acres going!
(Mary) I move we allot Roger $1000 US. for getting the tiller to his 10 acre site.
(Nancy) The nonprofit has the funds, and 10 acres will grow a LOT of seed.
(Nancy) Especially if seed becomes UNAVAILABLE.
(Barry) Then let's get it on!
(Toni) Who is going to do the work?
(Roger) Toni, I will make the time.
(Roger) This is a huge priority to me and others.
(Nancy) I second Mary's motion.
(Roger) After all, I am only a lowly graduate student that can take another year or so to "finish" his degree.
(Toni) I hope you have help.
(Roger) There will be help.
(Shaul) That's good to hear.
(Roger) When needed (have faith).
(Mary) Toni, he doesn't have to use the entire 10 acres.
(Brent) A motion to vote has been made....all in favor of alocating 1000.00 to move the tiller to Roger vote yes or no.
(Barry) Yes
(Jurian) Yes
(Jan) Yes
(Mary) Yes
(Roger) I need 10 acres to properly spread out the varieties, etc.
(Toni) He could plant buckwheat to improve the soil.
(Nancy) Re the work, the nonprofit can pay for hands, if they can be found. I'd have worked the loaned land here if I could employ workers, but they are not available.
(Brent) Yes
(Roger) Yes
(Shaul) Yes
(Nancy) Shirley and I say: Yes
(Toni) Yes
(Mary) What else will Roger need? It says "request funding for supplies"
(Brent) Motion carries... Congrats, Roger... on the land and Equipment! :-)
(Shaul) Farm-hands are not available in Wisconsin?
(Roger) Another funding issue is that the tiller will need to be protected from the elements and vandalism/theft.
(Roger) Thanks Brent.
(Nancy) Sol, a very low unemployment situ. Right
(Brent) Mary, that was mostly for transportation, but Roger had mentioned a shed for storage....
(Mary) Roger...what do you propose?
(Roger) I propose that a shed is needed to lock the tiller and the other tools in while I'm not on site.
(Nancy) Sol, I could not even get a farmer to come till the acres in the fall, with his tractor drawn thingie, for $100 (as Ron had left and I was overworked). This was a real easy $100! No takers! They are busy!
(Shaul) bummer! it's good for the state, but bad for us.
(Nancy) I move we push this to the next meeting for costing. General approval given now.
(Mary) OK, Roger how much will that cost?
(Jan) How much for a shed?
(Nancy) We can say "in general" this would be approved, look at the cost options later.
(Brent) Roger can get the shed details for next meeting
(Roger) I have looked into shed costs a bit and I think one of sufficient size (8'x10') can be purchased and constructed (by me) for around $700.
(Shaul) Sure, it's obvious that we would need something like that, to protect our property.
(Shaul) But are there other options besides a shed?
(Shaul) Haven't been on a farm lately, sorry...
(Roger) This would be a wooden shed which would stand up to the weather better than a metal one.
(Mary) Will the tiller be there before the next meeting?
(Roger) Perhaps.
(Mary) Then how will you keep it safe if you have no money to build a shed?
(Nancy) Sol, dig a hole and bury it? Unless a barn is available nearby and can be used ...
(Roger) The nearest barn is 20 acres away.
(Shaul) Hehehehehe... I thought maybe locking it up, or putting it up for money at somebody else's barn
(Shaul) Ah, so that's out.
(Brent) Good point..... it will need protection right away.
(Nancy) The tiller can be walked for a mile or more, we did that, to safekeeping in my locked garage. Is there a structure nearby? Barn?
(Roger) Unless we buy a trailer for me to haul it back and forth.
(Nancy) Roger, running the motor, it's just a walk, not a push. Not hard to move.
(Shaul) 'Course the rent may just come to about the same amount of money in the end.
(Toni) Maybe buying a trailer is better than building a shed.
(Roger) Well, that might be a possibility, except the fuel and time expense of the two-way trip.
(Nancy) It "walks" itself, put into a gear mode that does not till. Easy to move, and I'd suggest using the barn thingie, at start at least.
(Brent) So should we walk it to the barn, or build the shed first?
(Mary) No, couldn't we just allocate $700 and be done with it?
(Nancy) Roger, it "walks" as fast as YOU can, and does not use a lot of gas for this, as it is not "working".
(Roger) That's a good start. I will need to do this daily for several days to get the plots set up before fall. It's not quite a mile, but it is overland, not on a road.
(Nancy) Overland is not good, you get the $$ my thinking.
(Nancy) I move to allocate $700 for shelter, Roger can return if this is not enough.
(Mary) I second Nancy's motion.
(Roger) There should be an overage of the transportation expenses...
(Nancy) Roger, this can be prepaid to you if you need the funding, per our Bylaws, etc.
(Brent) A motion has been made to allocate 700.00 for a shed. Vote or Not yes or no
(Mary) Yes
(Barry) Yes
(Jurian) Yes
(Brent) Yes
(Toni) Yes
(Nancy) Shirley and I say: Yes
(Shaul) But is that the exact sum or is that a preliminary estimate?
(Shaul) Sorry, - I vote yes.
(Jan) Yes
(Roger) Estimate. 84 Lumber is having a sale and I fudged the sales tax.
(Nancy) Sol, Roger is given a tad more on the move, perhaps a tad less on the shed, but it will all work out, he's an honest man.
(Shaul) Oh of course.
(Nancy) In fact, given his track record, you'll have more documentation and penny pinching that you can stand!
(Brent) The motion carries....700.00 is allocated for a storage shed for the tiller.
(Roger) Thanks, everyone. I'll get the shed kit order right away.
(Nancy) Roger, if you need a pre-pay check (as we did for Mary re the copy machine) just let me know!
(Toni) Congrats, Roger!
(Mary) Good luck Roger.... Let us know how much weight you lose!
(Shaul) Great show, man.
(Roger) I have a credit card... I'll pick up a check when it's said and done.
(Brent) Great, Roger.... Mary had a good point earlier. Will you build the shed before getting the tiller?
(Roger) Yea, I'll get the kit ordered this week and have my associate get with me to clear a spot for it.
(Brent) OK, Roger..... Well, great meeting people! Do I have a motion to adjourn?
(Mary) I move to adjourn.
(Roger) Hopefully no more than 10 or 20 pounds, Mary! I'd be too low in body fat after that.
(Brent) Second?
(Barry) Second
(Mary) (-:
(Shaul) right!
(Brent) OK, meeting is officially adjourned!