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Board Meeting

June 30, 2002

(Brent) OK, I'm calling the metting to order.
(Brent) Item 1 Minutes of last meeting. Any comments or discussion?
(Gerard) not from me
(Roger) None here.
(Stan) none here
(Brent) OK, the minutes of the last meeting are ratified as correct.
(Brent) Item 2 Booklet Production
(Brent) Since Mary is moving, we will just have to discuss this on our own.
(Brent) Roger,
(Brent) did you have a chance to find out
(Brent) about large discounts from Kinko's?
(Roger) Yes...
(Brent) And....?
(Roger) The breakdown is $5.42 per book for 250 books; $4.69 each for 500; and finally $4.34 each for 1000.
(Roger) We don't see any savings for 250 books over what we currently pay, but at the 500 book level we do!
(Brent) Very good...thanks. Did you hear about the problems with the binding of the Booklets? Missing pages, etc.?
(Roger) Well, it was a shock to me to hear that we had QC issues. I can speak to the manager at Kinkos when I place the next order and see what to do about QC.
(Roger) If Mary sends the bad ones back to me, I could bring them back to Kinkos and get them replaced, I'm sure.
(Brent) Good, because there were at least 3 I know of with problems, some already sent to readers. Plus now with the $5.00 charge, it will become more critical!
(Brent) If Mary has any bad ones on hand, I'm sure she could send them back to you...
(Brent) I'm concerned about the ones that have alread go out in the mail.
(Roger) We should ask Mary if she had time to do a quick inspection prior to packing the booklet. If not, then I will have to go through them before sending them to her. Hopefully the manager at Kinkos will work with us. I suppose that 3 out of 200 isn't bad, but we need a good way to prevent sending out bad ones!
(Roger) Could you tell from her email if they were in this last shipment only?
(Roger) They had a confusion about count and had to assemble an additional 50 booklets in less than 24 hours so we may have been victims of haste.
(Brent) Not sure: I got an email from a person who received a bad copy, then when I asked
(Brent) her, she found one in her stock at home.
(Brent) That makes sense, Roger...victim of haste! Hopefully it was only those few booklets with problems. A spot chect by you and or Mary would be a good idea in the future. :-)
(Brent) If those last 50 were a problem, she could send them back to you for credit at Kinko's.
(Roger) Mary would be the best spot checker as she handles them individually. Likely if I checked them, I would tend to be hasty and might miss one as well.
(Brent) True, but a quick check before you send them to her would save us double postage if there is a problem. I'm not saying "check every one", but if YOU spot a problem, you could just take them right back to Kinko's.
(Roger) That is true. Both of us checking them would certainly give us excellent QC!
(Brent) Great! If Mary has ore bad copies, she can send them back to you, and Kinko's can give us a credit.
(Brent) Is ther any Board comment about the email vote for the new $5.00 charge ?
(Brent) It was approved by the entire Board, this is just a comment for the June Board Meeting log.
(Stan) None here, other than they are getting a very good book for the price
(Roger) That and we aren't making any money at all!
(Brent) Very true: the charge doesn't even cover our minum costs! OK, lets move on to Item 3: Shirley's Shortwave report.
(Brent) Any comments?
(Roger) Keep plugging away
(Stan) Same here
(Roger) (Image of switchboard operator)
(Roger) The storms will pass and then we can make some real progress!
(Stan) Pass the rain our way, the storm part can stay away
(Brent) Shirley: Stan you are welcome to the storms we have had! We are ready and in place if a shortwave
(Brent) net is developed.
(Stan) Yes, those storms will be small compared to ones in the near future
(Brent) Moving on the Item 4 : Roger (& Stan's) Acerage Project :-)
(Roger) I'll let Stan field this one as he has the most current conditions, etc.
(Brent) OK... Stan?
(Stan) We had some bug damage earlier on the beans, and are currently battle deer. Right now the biggest concern ist the heat and drying wind Watering is a the biggest concern now
(Stan) Things do look good, we are getting bean production and the corn is developing fast
(Stan) I will get some pics out this week for everyone
(Roger) Two weeks back we prepared the second corn bed (at a considerable distance from the first) and will be planting a second variety this week.
(Roger) The tiller's gas has been treated and it is retired until this fall when we will break additional ground as needed.
(Stan) Roger, How are we going to get water up there? If the dryness continues it will certainly need it
(Brent) Shirley: Actually Stan, it sounds like you are getting "PS like conditions", so it's good practice! (except for the dryness)
(Roger) Hoses? We might want to consider buying a large water tank (200 or more gallons) and have it set up to trickle feed that upper bed.
(Stan) I was thinking the same, just haul it behind the tractor
(Roger) If we got a tank that would fit in your lawn-tractor trailer, we could bring it back and forth, etc.
(Stan) Shirley: the rain would be welcome but the associated fungus wouldn't
(Roger) Shall we ask the board for preliminary approval to price out the tank, etc.?
(Stan) Yes roger I'm not sure abouta 200gal but something in the 100 gal range should fit
(Brent) Why don't you both research the watertank, and we will discuss next meeting.
(Stan) Yes I will check on price at Orschelins
(Stan) It will probably run in the $60.00 to $100.00 range
(Roger) We might need to get it sooner than next meeting, Brent.
(Roger) We have ~$500 in the discretionary fund. Is this a purchase that can be conditionally approved?
(Brent) OK, Roger. Yes, this is an item that would
(Brent) fall in the are of the discretionary fund. Just discussing the need here is good enough.
(Brent) No vote needed.
(Roger) Okay. I'm trying to load Orscheln's page at the moment. I'll post a tentative price if they have one...
(Brent) If you need it before next meeting, just buy it, and fill us in on the details next meeting.
(Roger) Thanks.
(Roger) On another note, I just harvested about 2 cups of scallion seed and the same amount of parsley seed.
(Brent) Excellent! Our seed stock is growing. Shirley says she's comming to dinner! :)
(Roger) I also collected about a cup of garden sorrel (vitamin C source) as well.
(Roger) Hehe, she's welcome!, as are you all!
(Stan) I like that sorrel maybe we can grow some in the fall out at the farm
(Roger) Of course!
(Stan) We also need to collect some poppy mallow seed
(Roger) I should have planted some out there.
(Roger) Stan and I are planning to catalog the wild's out in the field near the garden as well. We should be harvesting some seed from there as well this year.
(Brent) OK, let us know next meeting about the progress with the water tank...just for the record.
(Brent) Can we move on to Item 5?
(Roger) Orscheln's website is only a store locator :-(
(Brent) Item 5 Sun Server donation. Gererd would you add your comments for the official log?
(Gerard) As i was on a holiday for 3 weeks i couldn't ask sirgrim during that time, (Gerard) he was at the zetatalk session yesterday, but i forgot to ask about it.
(Gerard) Also the point that the server was gonna to be send to Jurian but Jurian (Gerard) isn't involved with the Inc anymore.
(Gerard) So even if it still a viable donation, wich i am not sure about at this (Gerard) time. Then we have the issue who to send it to otherwise
(Brent) Thanks Gerard. Do we feel that it is still a viable donation, or should we just forget about it?
(Brent) Let's do this: If you get any more info on the server, Gerard, just bring it up at the next meeting, and if not it will become a dead isssue.
(Gerard) well Jurian was the one wo whould install the server, and he ain't the admin anymore also... and the server was gonna to be send to him.. So right now it doesn't seem that viable anymore to me.
(Gerard) okay Brent i will
-) (Brent) Gerard: if sirgrim still wants to donate, we will find a place and use for it! We will even pay the shipping, as Nancy mentioned in email a few weeks ago.
(Brent) Still there gerard?
(Gerard) Okay Brent, if he will be online today i will ask him as for what i know he ain't online during the week.
(Brent) Ok, thanks.
(Brent) IF there is nothing more, that is the end of the items list. Gerard: Shirley asks that you please send the log right away as she is leaving for a few days tomorrow, and wants to get it to Nancy tonight.
(Roger) If that is all, I move to adjourn!
(Brent) Gerard?
(Gerard) i will Brent
(Brent) Thanks Gererd.
(Gerard) i second the move to adjourn
(Brent) OK, this meeting is now adjourned! (Roger we decided a while ago that we didn't have to have a move to adjourn) :)
(Gerard) :)
(Gerard) i will send the log now
(Gerard) brb
(Roger) Oh, I missed it!
(Brent) Thanks for comming, and have a great week everyone!