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Board Meeting

March 12, 2000

3/12/00 12:11:39 PM,Nancy,We have a quorum present. Will the meeting please come to order.
3/12/00 12:11:55 PM,Nancy,We have a light load today, reviewing ongoing activities and a procedureal issue.
3/12/00 12:12:13 PM,Nancy,Calling everyone's attention to the Agenda, Item #1.
3/12/00 12:12:45 PM,Nancy,I received a package from Geson with a BetaCAM, a video tape in both NTSC and PAL format, and another CD-ROM.
3/12/00 12:13:43 PM,Nancy,His bill for all this was $190 UDS, and based on the vote approving $750 to cover $500 for duplication and $50 for my expense duplicating CD-ROM and anticipated Geson expenses, will pay Geson's $190.
3/12/00 12:14:22 PM,Nancy,I also have the tapes into a shop in Madison for duplication. We received our 1st format request, from a group in Germany, and will send his PAL format tape out early next week.
3/12/00 12:15:24 PM,Nancy,I am not 100% satisfied with the shop, though they appeared the best in Madison all around, as they are NOT using the BetaCAM for duplication, are using only the NTSC as input for NTSC and PAL duplication. I think this will wear out the NTSC. Comments?
3/12/00 12:15:53 PM,Clipper,That sounds logical.
3/12/00 12:16:12 PM,Clipper,It is bound to wear out.
3/12/00 12:16:16 PM,Nancy,The cost per tape is slightly over $5 each, as I am doing LESS than 100 each type. Am doing 70 NTSC, and 30 PAL.
3/12/00 12:16:47 PM,Roger,They are converting NTSC to PAL? Do they not have the capability to just duplicate the PAL copy?
3/12/00 12:16:58 PM,Nancy,BetaCAM is more/most durable, right?
3/12/00 12:17:23 PM,Ron,I think it's the highest quality
3/12/00 12:18:09 PM,Nancy,He told me he has PAL (was the only place in Madison with this capability) but when I actually got there to start the process, he can only WRITE to a single PAL. One at a time! Geson may be better able to do this, but it would cost him also.
3/12/00 12:18:41 PM,Clipper,I am sure Geson has the ability to send a new one if necessary
3/12/00 12:19:02 PM,Nancy,Next time around, I'll look for a place that can go BetaCAM to NTSC, and maybe we can work something out in Europe for PAL duplication.
3/12/00 12:19:22 PM,Nancy,Clipper, he said so, yes.
3/12/00 12:19:30 PM,Nancy,Anyway, this project is off and running.
3/12/00 12:19:42 PM,Clipper,Good, I want a tape also
3/12/00 12:19:45 PM,Ron,I also think TV stations prefer BetaCAM
3/12/00 12:20:15 PM,Nancy,Seed TEAM. The Troy Bilt was purchased and arrived. Ron tilled the big house garden, and we are poised to till the loaned land now.
3/12/00 12:20:30 PM,Ron,maybe Clipper could ask his TV friend about it.
3/12/00 12:20:41 PM,Clipper,I will do that
3/12/00 12:21:17 PM,Nancy,Clipper, an NTSC tape or a CD-ROM? My husband is making copies of CD-ROM. I was thinking that each Board Member could get one, etc. $1.70 or less cheap duping at home :-).
3/12/00 12:21:44 PM,Nancy,Yes, can BetaCAM be duplicated, to BetaCAM? Sounds logical.
3/12/00 12:22:02 PM,Clipper,CD rom will work. Our new computer we are getting can handle it this time
3/12/00 12:22:20 PM,Nancy,I'll pop a CD-ROM in the mail, expect my husband to ship this week.
3/12/00 12:22:29 PM,Ron,By the way, the NTSC video tape quality is fantastic. You can read all the words fine.
3/12/00 12:22:35 PM,Clipper,Thanks
3/12/00 12:22:41 PM,Nancy,Shirley is back on NetMeeting. Voice contact?
3/12/00 12:22:51 PM,Ron,Not yet
3/12/00 12:22:53 PM,Clipper,Trying to connect with her.
3/12/00 12:23:07 PM,Clipper,She is hooked to me this time.
3/12/00 12:23:27 PM,Nancy,Admin news: we received the Conditional Use, and can officially hang a shingle and use 2 rooms for an office.
3/12/00 12:24:01 PM,Clipper,This is good news.
3/12/00 12:24:06 PM,Nancy,Ron and I also applied for a building permit to install a storm shelter where the bermed hut/metal roof thingie was to go. Also, to install his radio antenna.
3/12/00 12:24:18 PM,Shirley,I can see all your messages anyway, but don't know if I can contact you.
3/12/00 12:24:30 PM,Nancy,Ron located a firm that DOES this antenna installation, has the crane and all, so this should help.
3/12/00 12:24:44 PM,Nancy,We would like to put the antenna next to the big house, but an alternative is next to the cottage.
3/12/00 12:24:45 PM,Clipper,You are here Shirley. I can hear you breathing.
3/12/00 12:25:38 PM,Clipper,Next to the house will get you up another, what 20 feet into the air.
3/12/00 12:26:02 PM,Ron,No, it's about the same level.
3/12/00 12:26:04 PM,Nancy,I got an application from the PO, for free mailing, but it is not quite free! $100 per year, $100 upon application, and one must mail at least 200 pieces at a time! So, we can't use it yet (no volume) and it is not cost effective yet either.
3/12/00 12:26:13 PM,Nancy,I'll keep the application for later.
3/12/00 12:26:38 PM,Clipper,Nothing is free is it? :-)
3/12/00 12:26:52 PM,Jurian, Sunshine is :)
3/12/00 12:27:05 PM,Nancy,We are also required to register in the State of Wisconsin ($15 fee) and can then apply to be relieved of paying sales tax! A bit cheaper to buy things, and don't have to charge sales tax either when we distribute tapes and brochures, etc.
3/12/00 12:27:08 PM,Clipper,Not according to NASA:-)
3/12/00 12:27:25 PM,Shirley,We are supposed to have free mail but I never use it, because it takes so long to get where it is supposed to go.
3/12/00 12:27:43 PM,Nancy,Moving onto the house and cottage, as I see no questions, etc.
3/12/00 12:28:02 PM,Clipper,Okay
3/12/00 12:29:47 PM,Nancy,My block grant loan is in action here, the plumbers came and went and we have a new bathroom. I laid the floor and Ron is wacking tile adhesive off the walls. 2 new stainless steel sinks in the kitchen (had to get custom sizes). Ron made a cabinet for one out of the old wood box, so the woodwork looks the same. Left the hand pump in, for later demo use, and the cistern looks in good shape (Ron peeked) but is not filled with water at present. A later cleanup task (I'm so weary!).
3/12/00 12:30:24 PM,Nancy,ALL the plumbing in the house is new! The basement is glorious! Copper pipe everywhere, all new, and a slop sink installed for hydroponics, an additional drain there.
3/12/00 12:30:55 PM,Nancy,There will be a slight charge to me directly, for the basement sink, etc., which I will detail for hydroponics chargeback later ($116, I think).
3/12/00 12:32:05 PM,Nancy,The electricians are here. ALL the electrical will be new, cutting off the old nob-n-tube, etc. They are required to put in smoke detectors, so the crew smoking in the basement (I make them go there, no smoking in bed) may have to puff out a window! We're not sure yet.
3/12/00 12:32:53 PM,Clipper,Cig smoke usually does not affect smoke detectors.
3/12/00 12:33:02 PM,Jurian,it shouldn't
3/12/00 12:33:09 PM,Nancy,Because of cutting a trench in the basement for the additional drain, and patching the basement floor anyway, and all the holes being cut for wiring, the house is a dusty mess! But spring cleaning will be glorious. I will revel in it!
3/12/00 12:34:25 PM,Nancy,We had to get a carpenter, which the block grant will pay for, as Ron cut the tip of his finger off doing the kitchen sink cabinet. Circular saw, no other way, and he twiched! They refused to sew it back on, so he is into a 3 month healing process. Forced inactivity, painful for Ron who plunges into everything.
3/12/00 12:35:17 PM,Ron,Nancy, you might mention that the electricity for the hydroponics and fish tanks will have a seperate meter and be charged back to the Inc.
3/12/00 12:35:31 PM,Nancy,While they were here, I arranged for them to fix the cottage. Carpenters are hard to secure here, and summer time it is impossible. $5,000 my expense. $2,000 for materials ($1,200 for windows, then drywall and insulation and plywood, etc.)
3/12/00 12:36:15 PM,Clipper,This is good.
3/12/00 12:36:43 PM,Nancy,It's looking great! 6 new windows, cross venting, and the door over the basement entry (the door to no-where, big first step!) and any other opening into the side from removing crud, will be a blank (plywood, insulation, drywall inside).
3/12/00 12:37:16 PM,Clipper,Excellent!
3/12/00 12:37:21 PM,Nancy,I am uneasy willy-nilly charging the nonprofit for this kind of thing, and think we should consider an arrangement whereby the nonprofit is only charged for USE.
3/12/00 12:37:44 PM,Nancy,In other words, the funds already put forth for 2 front rooms, and cottage, be considered early rent, kind of.
3/12/00 12:38:15 PM,Nancy,For the cottage, a $20/night for visitors using it, and the 2 front rooms, a $40/month each.
3/12/00 12:38:21 PM,Nancy,This would include utilities, etc.
3/12/00 12:38:43 PM,Clipper,Good price
3/12/00 12:39:03 PM,Nancy,It would take 90 nights for the funds put into the cottage already to be used up, in this way, and the $5,000 would require someone staying there for 8 solid months.
3/12/00 12:39:39 PM,Nancy,The front rooms are paid for 18 months or so, by this arrangement. Just thinking that this is quantifiable, not muddy, no self-dealing problems, etc.
3/12/00 12:40:03 PM,Nancy,So I'm not suggesting we vote on this or anything, just consider it, mull it over, etc.
3/12/00 12:40:23 PM,Clipper,Agreed
3/12/00 12:40:58 PM,Shirley,Seems like a very sensible arrangement to me, I must say.
3/12/00 12:40:59 PM,Nancy,Ron is holding regular short wave classes, has lessons on the web, and this appears very popular and is definitely taking off and doing well!
3/12/00 12:41:22 PM,Clipper,Ron is very good at this.
3/12/00 12:41:37 PM,Nancy,I'm moving through the activities, if there is no discussion beyond the comments being made, etc.
3/12/00 12:41:39 PM,Ron,Thanks.
3/12/00 12:42:00 PM,Nancy,The storm shelter has not yet been ordered, as we want to get the building permit first.
3/12/00 12:42:02 PM,Clipper,Everything today seems pretty cut and dry.
3/12/00 12:42:45 PM,Nancy,$250 or so for worm bed materials has long been authorized, but we will not purchase until the last minute. Ron has some excellent ideas for a design, and Roger will arrive on the 20th, daughter in tow.
3/12/00 12:43:28 PM,Nancy,Hydroponics was purchased and arrived, including fish tank clarifier and bio-filter, pump, etc. They are all in boxes, as the electricans and dust are everywhere, etc.
3/12/00 12:43:53 PM,Roger,Yep, just counting the days and wondering what all (seed and otherwise) I should bring along...
3/12/00 12:43:54 PM,Ron,The fish stuff hasn't arrived yet
3/12/00 12:44:15 PM,Nancy,We are having extra outlets in this area (slight expense $200 or so to be billed to the project eventually, as this was considered a non-traditional basement need :-).
3/12/00 12:44:43 PM,Nancy,We will be getting a couple cow watering tanks for fish tanks, as the big round tanks would NOT fit in any stairwell or doorway, etc.
3/12/00 12:45:04 PM,Clipper,That is an excellent idea.
3/12/00 12:45:35 PM,Nancy,I want to also, eventually, get algae towers, plexiglas on all sides (tubes) to utilize most light. This is not approved or even estimated yet, but goes hand in hand with the eventual lab work to be done in the basement.
3/12/00 12:46:34 PM,Nancy,Ichi is coming back in late April or so. I put a project plan on the web at which shows that first we get hydroponics/fish/worm/algae to grown, then mix across for fertilization, etc.
3/12/00 12:46:58 PM,Nancy,Controlled experiment. Recipes to be developed using ONLY stuff that can be grown (peppers and vinegar for spice, etc).
3/12/00 12:48:00 PM,Nancy,Ichi is up to this, though it will be a challenge. We want to be able to say fertilize with worm casing liquid, x amount of stove ashes, x urine also flow the water from the worm beds to the hydroponics, thense into the fish tanks, thense into the algae towers.
3/12/00 12:48:33 PM,Nancy,Something like that, a tried and true, proven methodolgy! Recipes that even kids will eat, yummy, etc.
3/12/00 12:48:48 PM,Clipper,Yummy.
3/12/00 12:49:05 PM,Jurian,As long as they dont know what's in it :-)
3/12/00 12:49:23 PM,Nancy,Rain water will be collected in the cistern, pulled up by the hand pump and Ron thinks into the fish tanks too, as they warn against hard water for fish, etc., causes problems I guess!
3/12/00 12:50:12 PM,Nancy,My son (with Ron's help too) built a dam at the outlet of the marsh, so the water line is raised 18" looks like and the wild rice will do better. The pond there is 3 times as large!
3/12/00 12:50:35 PM,Clipper,Wow!
3/12/00 12:50:39 PM,Nancy,We are offering cattail seed to the Seed TEAM, collected a bunch last fall.
3/12/00 12:51:58 PM,Nancy,Remaining activity is that Michel has doddled a new Vivo Clip (link off the agenda and project page) re animation possibilities on his pole shift video, and my husband will be coming out this week with an e-mail estimate on server (linux) costs.
3/12/00 12:52:31 PM,Jurian,Cool :)
3/12/00 12:52:34 PM,Nancy,Ernie will offer two options, costed out (he's done some thinking on this). 1. for $1,000 each (a 50% savings!) and 2. at $2,000 each as estimated.
3/12/00 12:53:02 PM,Gerard,About the vivo Clip, I don't know if it's me but I only see a sky with stars or so.
3/12/00 12:53:25 PM,Nancy,He tells me the details and I glaze over. Jurian has established a mailing list, so this will be used, shortly, for review of options, costs, etc. Next month a better report on this, I suspect.
3/12/00 12:53:37 PM,Nancy,Gerard, there is more.
3/12/00 12:53:55 PM,Gerard,OK
3/12/00 12:53:55 PM,Nancy,Well, I'm hoarse from talking so much (phew).
3/12/00 12:54:03 PM,Clipper,:-)
3/12/00 12:54:20 PM,Nancy,The only agenda item remaining, and the only one having a vote potential is Agenda Item #2.
3/12/00 12:54:47 PM,Roger,Stretch your fingers a moment, Nancy.
3/12/00 12:55:03 PM,Roger,[Like getting a sip of water.]
3/12/00 12:55:07 PM,Nancy,Roger mentioned last meeting that he was concerned with every $20 requiring a Board approval. This will increasingly be a clog, as we get active. We need to find a better way of handing minor related expenses.
3/12/00 12:55:43 PM,Clipper,I like the #2 option.
3/12/00 12:55:50 PM,Nancy,For instance, last week Ron spent some pennies on getting the Troy Bilt dry battery acid, and gasoline for the engine. Where do we charge this? Does the Board need to hear about obvious minor related expenses?
3/12/00 12:56:55 PM,Clipper,It sould be from petty cash.
3/12/00 12:57:26 PM,Roger,I think not. I like a combination of #1 and #2. #2 will cover most of those expenses like the battery and gasoline for the tiller, with #1 as a check and balance for a bit larger expenses (over say, $10 but still will under $100).
3/12/00 12:57:48 PM,Nancy,It would be hard to imagine a project where there would NOT be minor expenses. We could establish guidelines, like a % of the whole, for these types of expenses, or a sum, an estimated sum per project for maintenance or minor related expenses.
3/12/00 12:57:49 PM,Ron,I like the approach most companies use, where the chief officer approves such items ... initial the Purchase Order.
3/12/00 12:59:08 PM,Nancy,If there were guidelines, such as a dollar amount when the project is funded, or a percentage of the total if minor costs are not quantifiable or known. The President can bring it to the Board attention if something is going over, is excessive.
3/12/00 12:59:11 PM,Clipper,I like Roger's idea. Maybe with monthly or quarterly statements about where the petty cash was spent for each project.
3/12/00 1:00:02 PM,Clipper,Of course, with approval over a dollar amount.
3/12/00 1:00:47 PM,Shirley,Yes, I think I could go for that idea too, Clipper.
3/12/00 1:01:14 PM,Nancy,Perhaps, we should set as an agenda item for next month an estimate, per project, for each project we have already funded. For some, like the storm shelter, there WILL be no ongoing maintenance or minor expense. Well .. what if we want to put a little sign on the door, and this costs $5.99!
3/12/00 1:02:08 PM,Clipper,Agreed
3/12/00 1:02:50 PM,Nancy,Should we say minor, related expenses for $100/project funded/year, to be treated as petty cash and approved by the President? Anything in excess needs to come to the Board attention?
3/12/00 1:03:28 PM,Jurian,I think a small percentage of total funding allocated for the project would make more sense
3/12/00 1:03:34 PM,Ron,I would prefer a percentage per project.
3/12/00 1:03:43 PM,Clipper,Same here.
3/12/00 1:03:47 PM,Roger,How about $20 per month? Most months will be $0, but just in case...
3/12/00 1:03:54 PM,Clipper,Everything supports itself.
3/12/00 1:04:08 PM,Nancy,This would cover Seed TEAM (gas for the tiller), Family Garden (fertilizer or whatever), wetlands as food (concrete or whatever), short wave radio (extention cord, etc.)
3/12/00 1:04:12 PM,Ron,Depends on the project ... many are done all at once.
3/12/00 1:04:44 PM,Nancy,Ron, the storm shelter would be a huge amount, but NOT need maintenance! The Family Garden needs regular stuff, but is low cost to begin with!
3/12/00 1:04:45 PM,Clipper,There would have to be a certain amount of flexibility.
3/12/00 1:05:17 PM,Nancy,Hydroponics will have an electric bill, big time. Worm beds will only need a bit of water, etc.
3/12/00 1:05:44 PM,Clipper,If each project takes care of it'self, then there is little or mixing of funds.
3/12/00 1:05:56 PM,Nancy,I think a dollar amount should be provided with the project items to be purchased, when the project is first funded, first approved!
3/12/00 1:05:58 PM,Clipper,No mixing is what I meant
3/12/00 1:06:00 PM,Jurian,How about, when approving a project, we also decide on the percentage of total located funding to be used for small things related to it?
3/12/00 1:06:13 PM,Nancy,Jurian, yes!
3/12/00 1:06:33 PM,Ron,I agree with Jurian.
3/12/00 1:06:37 PM,Nancy,We need to do catchup, and review the approved projects, and next meeting I can present a table for review and vote.
3/12/00 1:06:47 PM,Nancy,Mean time, we just keep our little receipts :-)
3/12/00 1:06:54 PM,Jurian,:)
3/12/00 1:06:54 PM,Clipper,Yes
3/12/00 1:07:04 PM,Roger,Institute a percentage charge for each project to cover admin, maintenance, etc.
3/12/00 1:07:04 PM,Nancy,OK, an action item for me, then.
3/12/00 1:07:23 PM,Nancy,This concludes our business! I will entertain a motion to adjourn if there is no other business.
3/12/00 1:07:45 PM,Clipper,I make a motion that we adlurn the meeting.
3/12/00 1:07:56 PM,Nancy,Clipper, I will send you a CD-ROM when they arrive. Does anyone else want their own CD-ROM?
3/12/00 1:08:04 PM,Nancy,Geson's film clip CD-ROM that is.
3/12/00 1:08:05 PM,Jurian,Yes please
3/12/00 1:08:16 PM,Ron,Don't forget the tt-radio IRC session in an hour
3/12/00 1:08:19 PM,Clipper,Thank you.
3/12/00 1:08:53 PM,Nancy,Is there a 2nd to the motion? Any other business?
3/12/00 1:09:07 PM,Ron,I second the motion to adjourn
3/12/00 1:09:34 PM,Nancy,A motion has been made and seconded to adjourn. All in favor say Yes, opposed say No.
3/12/00 1:09:35 PM,Nancy,Yes
3/12/00 1:09:38 PM,Clipper,Yes
3/12/00 1:09:38 PM,Jurian,yes
3/12/00 1:09:39 PM,Ron,yes
3/12/00 1:09:45 PM,Gerard,yes
3/12/00 1:09:47 PM,Roger,yes
3/12/00 1:09:58 PM,Nancy,The motion passes. Meeting adjourned.
3/12/00 1:10:11 PM,Clipper,A very good meeting.
3/12/00 1:10:13 PM,Nancy,I will send Clipper and Jurian a CD-ROM of Geson's clip.