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Board Meeting

March 22, 1998

1. Form 990 - Report
Unless a nonprofit has gross proceeds exceeding $25,000 there is no need to file a Form 990 for the tax year. However, in anticipation of future years where this will be necessary, Form 990EZ-1 and 990EZ-2, along with its Schedule A pages 990A-1, 990A-2, 990A-3, 990A-4, 990A-5, 990A-6 are available to view along with a Summary of what this entails.
2. Accounts Payable- Report
The Treasurer will report on the status of writing checks against outstanding Vouchers received with proper Receipt verification.
3. Lockbox Content - Report
The annual report from the Secretary Proxy, Brand, on the contents of the Lockbox containing the official records of the organization.
4. Solicitations - Report
Report by the Vice President on establishing a Gift Pool account, and generating receipts with the Troubled Times, Inc logo as acknowledgement for contributions. Since we are a nonprofit, these receipts will be used to indicate charitable contributions as deductions on IRS income tax forms. Part is assisting Clipper on creating these receipts. Report by the Vice President on application to Ben & Jerry's Foundation.
5. New Member Application - Vote
Membership indicated approval of a short cut to voting on applicants during the last votecall on new applicants. On new applicants, if no objection is raised by any members of the nonprofit, the applicant will be considered a member, the same as though a vote had been cast with either approval of the new applicant of absention.
6. Officers and Staff - Vote
Elected Board Members must affirm the Officers elected by the membership during the annual vote completed in March, and re-approve the key Staff positions, which are appointed positions.
7. Web Application - Discussion
The Bylaws state that an Application for new membership will be available via the web. Today, this application is not yet on the web. Discussion should focus on the application content and format.