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Board Meeting

March 24, 2002

1. Minutes of Last Meeting - Approval
- If there is no objection to the minutes as posted, they will be considered ratified as correct.
2. Annual Report 2001 - Discussion
- The Annual Report by Nancy has been linked off the agenda for discussion.
3. UNIX Servers - Brief Report
- Progress report by Jurian, any new status.
- Update on Sun server donation, status
4. Booklet Production - Report and Discussion
- Report by Mary on copier status and possible repair.
- Progress on current orders and production status.
5. Progress of Short Wave Radio Project - Monthly Report
- Shirley’s Report has been linked off of the agenda for review.
6. 800 Number Status - Discussion and Vote
- Shirley and Cass have brought up the possibility of moving the 800 number to Cass’s home in Canada.
- Cass is to have some details prior to the meeting.
7. Roger’s Acreage Project - Discussion and Vote
- Roger is currently preparing for Spring planting, but has had problems with the tiller.
- There may be some repair costs involved.
- Report by Roger and/or Stan.
- Possible vote on repair costs.