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Board Meeting

March 24, 2002

The meeting was called to order at approximately 18:07 UT. Those attending: Brent (President, and chairing the meeting); Shirley, Roger, Jurian, Gerard, Mary, Jan, Stan.

Agenda Item 1: Minutes of Last Meeting – Approval
- Since there were no comments or questions concerning the minutes of the last meeting, they were considered ratified as correct.
Agenda Item 2: Annual Report 2001 – Discussion
- Apart from the fact that the achievement list should be re-formatted for readability, there were no comments concerning the Annual Report. Jan undertook to have the formal statement from him as Internal Auditor ready for the next meeting.
- So acceptance of the Annual Report, with IA statement, will be approved at the next Board meeting.
Agenda Item 3: UNIX Servers – Brief Report
- Nothing new to report on the current servers, and still waiting for delivery of the new Sun. The donor has contacted the shipping company, since the machine should already have been delivered, according to that company, but currently no-one seems to know where it is. The donor is going to contact the shipping company again and find out what is going on. The Sun machine was insured.
Agenda Item 4: Booklet Production – Report and Discussion
- After some discussion as to whether it would be better to repair the copier or start getting the Booklet printed elsewhere:
- Motion, made by Jan, seconded by Mary, THAT: “we approve the printing of 100 booklets, bulk mail to Mary, and that we revisit this point when we know the final cost at the next meeting.”
Motion, made by Jan, seconded by Jurian, THAT: “we also approve the cost of USD 300 for printing & mailing, to be forwarded to the organizer of the printing.” Carried unanimously.
Jan also proposed that a cap of ten Booklets to one recipient be put in place, but later withdrew the motion for discussion at a later meeting.
Agenda Item 5: Progress of Short Wave Radio Project – Monthly Report
- There were no questions, or comments upon this item. The report had already been sent to the Inc. prior to the meeting for review.
Agenda Item 6: 800 Number Status – Discussion and Vote
- Because the current 800 number appears on Booklets which have already been sent out, the Board leaned towards moving the number, rather than changing it.
- Motion, made by Roger, seconded by Jan: “THAT we move the 800 number, rather than changing it, unless the cost is prohibitive.”
- Amended motion, made by Jan, seconded by Roger: “THAT we move the 800 number, provided it does not add more than USD100.00 in cost over obtaining a new number, and that a residential line is chosen, at least initially, based upon the costs forwarded by Cass.” Carried unanimously.
Agenda Item 7: Roger’s Acreage Project – Discussion and Vote
- There was a suggestion to the Inc. via email that the tiller may have engendered expensive repair costs. As it turns out, though, the cost was only $50.00 and has been paid from Roger’s discretionary funds. Everything else re the project seems to be progressing in a more or less satisfactory manner.

Motion to adjourn made by Mary, seconded by Roger. The meeting was adjourned at approximately 20-05, UT.