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Board Meeting

March 25, 2001

1. Minutes of Last Meeting - Approval
If there is no objection to the minutes as posted, they will be considered ratified as correct.
2. Review Project List - Discussion
- The Project List, with supporting documentation, is a link off the home page
- Are all these in keeping with our mission? What is the priority?
- Which are truly more than a documentation or publication type project?
- How/where will the current assets, the equipment, be used this year?
- Should the off-grid energy project, mentioned by jan, be added to the Project List?
3. Short Wave Radio - Report by Jan
Jan recently took over the Short Wave Radio project, a step discussed and approved by the Board during the last meeting. He wants to Reword the project, to get specific on what is required to join and the protocols and standards used, etc.
4. Booklet Costs - Vote or NOT
Mary has compiled a list of printing and binding Cost needed to publish the Booklet (formerly Brochure) being finalized by Shirley and Nancy. The issue of whether to purchase a copy machine, or use copy-shop facilities, needs to be resolved. The Booklet team is seeking approval of these purchases, in order to print and mail in response to requests from the public. As the Booklet may reach 100 pages, 50 printed on both sides, the cost has increased. The issue of whether to charge to cover costs may need to be revisited.
5. Award for Booklet Development - Vote or NOT
Shirley has been working for 9 months, several hours a day on average, to create a summary of the Troubled Times web site content. This was anticipated to require a team of people, each an expert in the subject matter they would address, due to the massive amount of material, but volunteers did not come forward. For each of the TOPICs addressed, the detail pages need to be read and condensed, so that an average of 24 pages is condensed into a single page or less. Putting the survival spin on the summary is also required, so that it reads less like a recipe book and more like a guided tour. At this point, the Food, Health, Info, and Shelter sections have been essentially completed, with the Energy section to go. These are available for review, a work-in-process, in .pdf format in three sections - Part1, Part2, Part3. Shirley received a $1,000 reward last Fall for these efforts. Due to the size of the effort, several Board Members (Nancy and Brent) are recommending an additional award of $500 to $1,000. Brent's comments: I’m leaning toward the latter, if we can afford it - we’d have paid a team of people at least that much to do it! Treasurer's note: the corporation has received over $2,000 in new donations since the start of the year, primarily Knowledge Systems awards.
6. 800 Answering Service - Vote or NOT
- Shirley has offered to have the 800 number installed in her home, to act as a volunteer answering service
- As Secretary, with a pleasant voice and British accent, she would be the ideal contact
- As a Canadian resident, within an area code district, the cost would be comparable to the US cost
- Conference phone (hands free), current unused asset, could be utilized
- Costs include installing 800 line, purchase of answering machine
7. Web Hosting Disbursement - Vote or NOT
- Prior designated donation of $1,500 to support web hosting was disbursed as $705 for year 2000
- Nancy is requesting 1/2 year disbursement for 2001, through June - $350
- These costs include $50/month for over 50 MB web hosting, and (3) domain name renewals at $35 each/year.
7. Seed Saver's Exchange - Proposal by Roger
Roger has prepared a Letter to Seed Saver's Exchange, in support of the Seed TEAM's efforts, for the Board to review.