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Board Meeting

Mar 26, 2006

Session Start: Sun Mar 26 17:58:19 2006
(Roger) This March 26, 2006 meeting of the Troubled Times, Inc. Board of Directors is hereby called to order.
(Roger) The first order of business is the minutes from the last meeting. Are there any comments or questions?
(Nancy) None here.
(Mary) none here.
(Gerard) None here
(Roger) Gerard?
(Roger) Okay, then the minutes stand as correct and ratified.
(Roger) The next order of business is the team project reports. First up is the survival booklet and CD project.
(Nancy) Is inventory still adequate for the current order rate?
(Roger) The inventory is still holding well. We have seen a slump in orders lately. I ship, on average, two packages a week now.
(Nancy) Yes, I've noted the slump too, but this might pick up if Earth changes do, or interviews, etc.
(Nancy) The Blog was down for over a month, and their website hits went way down, now coming back.
(Nancy) Our booklet/CD was advertised on their home page, and the hourly shows often had Roger's add in them, so this will return.
(Roger) We have about 50% of the orginal order of cd's and approximately 400 booklets on hand.
(Nancy) This downtime, for 6 weeks almost, surely had an impact.
(Roger) It's been the last 6 or 8 weeks that I've had the slump in shipping.
(Roger) Any questions or comments (end of report)?
(Nancy) I've checked Alexa ratings and they have curved back up again, so things are back with a bang, etc.
(Mary) No questions here.
(Gerard) None here
(Nancy) None here.
(Roger) Moving on to the next project. There is little or no change in the status of the seed and acreage project. Other than Nancy's plot, there is no land available for our use at present.
(Roger) Nancy, add what you have to report...
(Nancy) I am doing a germination test on many seeds this year, did so last year too, and will report re that.
(Nancy) Beyond this effort, which of course will net fresh seed, I am not planning any activity.
(Nancy) Doing most of the beans, etc.
(Nancy) End of report.
(Roger) Are there any questions or comments to add?
(Mary) None here.
(Gerard) None
(Roger) The next project (shortwave radio) also has seen no change since the last meeting.
(Nancy) None here.
(Roger) The server project is running well. I've checked into the possibility of obtaining a static IP address and found the cost to be somewhat too high for me to justify on my own. If the dynamic nature of my IP address becomes to frequent to manage, we may need to discuss some assistance in covering the expense. At the moment, there is no use of the server (other than my weekly tests to make sure it is still running, etc.)
(Gerard) Any idea when the server can be put in good use?
(Roger) The address is and it accepts anonymous logins. Check it out (I recommend FileZilla for an ftp client).
(Roger) The survival cds have been copied into subdirectories html and pdf for their particular format. When an anonymous user logs in, they are pointed at the Survival directory and can download the content for either (or both) directories. The server supports passive downloads.
(Nancy) So the only problem is a scenario where we would have a large number of users?
(Roger) I have most of the content cds that MikeL has been working on. There is a larger dvd version that he has not sent to me yet. There is plenty of space available for storing this content and any of us could begin uploading the backup information for the websites, though it might be better if it came from the source (Nancy).
(Nancy) I would imagine this to be unlikely. Most likely, a few select people would be downloading the files so as to replicate the booklet or CD, handing it out for free.
(Nancy) This does not seem like a huge crowd.
(Gerard) As long as the server will be used for this purpose.Then i guess there won't be that much problems either
(Roger) The server will support up to 100 connections, but the bandwidth is limited to about 440 kbps.
(Gerard) Well if a whole DVD will be put on for a download then this bandwith could be to less i think
(Roger) I agree Gerard. I've checked into getting that increased as well. DSL service is limited in that respect. However, with passive download and luck, one could get it overnight, as long as the IP didn't change and you were the only user at the time.
(Nancy) Yes, sounds like we would need to manage the users, in that regard.
(Nancy) So, are we getting to the point of needing to ADVERTISE somehow, that these downloads would be available?
(Roger) For large content files, like this aforementioned dvd, we could assign a temporary id and password and schedule the download with the patron.
(Gerard) I guess it is time to put the server at use now. Am i right or not
(Nancy) In this way, we could manage the downloads, and the users, yes.
(Nancy) Well, first we have to load the data, finalize the data, etc.
(Nancy) My hunch is that if the Earth changes heat up, WE will get contacted regarding our offerings.
(Nancy) Roger may be getting into place just in the nick of time!
(Roger) Yes, we should put it to use! Nancy, can you put a link on the website and offer it as an alternative to ordering?
(Nancy) Sure, can you send me the info?
(Nancy) Do we want to frame the user somehow, not just everybody, etc.
(Nancy) Who is the client base?
(Gerard) Roger, is it stable engough. The server, well proteced.. As there are always those that like to mess up servers with denial of service attacks ands so
(Nancy) Those who will duplicate and distribute for free to others?
(Roger) Anonymous access is available at
(Nancy) We might get thousands of users, suddenly, if we have New Madrid problems, so better have this tight enought that this can't happen.
(Roger) The anonymous login does not allow much other than view (download) rights. The server is isolated from the rest of my network and is firewalled from all but port 21.
(Nancy) I think we need to vet the users, before giving them access, and change the passwords and all frequently so this info can't be passed around.
(Roger) The drive that is accessible is not the boot drive.
(Roger) Perhaps then we could mention the availability, but not the access and post an email link to request access. That way I can screen users and manage the connections more closely.
(Nancy) Roger, can you compose the text, and I will include this in the page that folks go to for PayPal and/or address for the booklets and CD and combo orders.
(Roger) Cool. It may be a day or more...
(Roger) Gerard, is there a specific protection from the kind of attack you mentioned? Perhaps we should review the settings together and make sure all that can be done has been done.
(Roger) Are there any other comments or questions about this project?
(Gerard) All the latest patches, and a good firewall, and most ports closed only the one(s) that are necessary should be open.
(Gerard) that is all i know
(Nancy) None here. I'll look for your email.
(Gerard) None here either, at this point
(Roger) I think that is what we have, so we should be good.
(Roger) Mary?
(Mary) Sorry! No comments
(Roger) Is there any business that is not on the agenda?
(Nancy) None that I know of.
(Gerard) Not that I know of either.
(Roger) Mary (nudge)
(Mary) me neither
(Roger) I would entertain a motion to adjourn this meeting.
(Mary) I move we adjourn.
(Gerard) I second
(Roger) Thanks for coming everyone, have a nice day (what remains of it), and see you all soon! This meeting is hereby adjourned!
Session Close: Sun Mar 26 19:20:38 2006