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Board Meeting

May 9, 1998

"5/9/98 11:05:05 AM","Nancy","Hi Gerard! I'm going to setup the whiteboard now!"
"5/9/98 11:05:05 AM","Gerard","guess it will be only the three of us"
"5/9/98 11:05:17 AM","Gerard","btw thanks for the informing phonecall "
"5/9/98 11:05:29 AM","Nancy","Well, I have 3 absentee ballots, and Jan said he was coming!"
"5/9/98 11:05:34 AM","Gerard","okay"
"5/9/98 11:05:46 AM","Nancy","Brand also said he would either sent me an absentee ballot or be here."
"5/9/98 11:06:21 AM","Nancy","Has everyone present seen the proposed change, as I put it up on the web? If so, no need for me to fuss with the whiteboard."
"5/9/98 11:06:47 AM","Nancy","As it is 10 minutes to 11:00 we should wait. Meanwhile I'll put up the whiteboard for everyone's convenience."
"5/9/98 11:07:08 AM","Clipper","Hi Nancy:-)"
"5/9/98 11:07:20 AM","Gerard","i did not set seen the page yet"
"5/9/98 11:08:43 AM","Gerard","i don't see something on the whiteboard yet"
"5/9/98 11:12:40 AM","Gerard","now i do :) "
"5/9/98 11:13:42 AM","Nancy","OK, I've place the two agenda items on the whiteboard, on two pages. We'll wait until 11:00 exactly, then proceed, as between those present and those who voted an absentee ballot on the clear cut issues, we have the quorum of 6."
"5/9/98 11:14:06 AM","Nancy","Brand will be showing up on IRC, as he has a MAC."
"5/9/98 11:14:31 AM","Gerard","he isn't there yet"
"5/9/98 11:14:32 AM","Clipper","Okay"
"5/9/98 11:15:53 AM","Nancy","What time do you all have? 11:00? I think I'm about 5 minutes fast."
"5/9/98 11:16:10 AM","Clipper","51 past the hour"
"5/9/98 11:16:31 AM","Gerard","7:58 pm for me"
"5/9/98 11:16:51 AM","Clipper","9:52 AM"
"5/9/98 11:16:57 AM","Nancy","Do either of you have any questions or concerns about the proposed amendments, and the need for them? "
"5/9/98 11:17:04 AM","Nancy","Just heard a ping, is that Jan?"
"5/9/98 11:17:07 AM","Gerard","btw Jan is here"
"5/9/98 11:17:12 AM","Gerard","Yes that's Jan"
"5/9/98 11:17:22 AM","Clipper","No questions here."
"5/9/98 11:17:30 AM","Jan","Yes, I'm here (1 minute early)"
"5/9/98 11:17:31 AM","Gerard","not for me either"
"5/9/98 11:17:32 AM","Nancy","Hi Jan!"
"5/9/98 11:17:38 AM","Clipper","Hi Jan :-)"
"5/9/98 11:17:39 AM","Jan","Hi all."
"5/9/98 11:18:14 AM","Jan","I have no questions about the need for the proposed amendments, nor have I any questions or concerns with the proposed text."
"5/9/98 11:18:29 AM","Nancy","I was just stating that I have 3 absentee ballots, and expect Brand to either join this meeting or send an absentee ballot (he had a conflict). In that those I expected to attend are all here, lets call the meeting to order."
"5/9/98 11:18:44 AM","Gerard","okay"
"5/9/98 11:18:54 AM","Nancy","Jan, I've place the proposed amendments on the whiteboard, page 1 and 2, each with an agenda item atop them."
"5/9/98 11:19:12 AM","Nancy","Are there any questions or concerns about either of these amendments, and the reasons for them?"
"5/9/98 11:19:27 AM","Jan","Any changes from the last text distributed?"
"5/9/98 11:20:14 AM","Nancy","No, its the same. You all noted that I amended my amendment :-) to include ""patents, copyrights, and trademarks"" in both places where the binding agreement is mentioned."
"5/9/98 11:20:46 AM","Clipper","It seems that the IRS is wanting us to establish some sort of ""Normalacy"" in the way buisiness is usually done."
"5/9/98 11:21:00 AM","Nancy","Also, I amended my amendment to state all ""funded projects"" need to have a place of business associated with them. Just admin business as we are conducting here, with our own funds, does not require this, in my opinion."
"5/9/98 11:21:13 AM","Nancy","However, when asking the public to contribute, we need to have this, per the IRS."
"5/9/98 11:21:30 AM","Gerard","okay "
"5/9/98 11:21:46 AM","Jan","I also suspect that the IRS would not allow a non-profit organozation to fund copyrights or patents which could be used for profit"
"5/9/98 11:21:59 AM","Nancy","The expressed a concern that a nonprofit operating solely on the internet, with only a PO box as a ""place of business"", could be open to a scam, or certainly viewed that way."
"5/9/98 11:22:25 AM","Gerard","I guess so to.. about what you said Jan "
"5/9/98 11:22:28 AM","Nancy","Any amount of money FROM OTHERS, by this I mean not our own funds as we are operating under today, should be able to give a reassurance to the public."
"5/9/98 11:23:21 AM","Jan","Concerning ""place of business"" this needs not be addressed by Monday, right?"
"5/9/98 11:23:28 AM","Nancy","For instance, the IRS mentioned giving lectures or training at a location which might be the headquarters. Folks could FIND the nonprofit representatives in the flesh, SEE the buildings and facilites, and know where the money they contributed went to."
"5/9/98 11:24:09 AM","Gerard","what about that place of business.. as we are a international group "
"5/9/98 11:24:21 AM","Clipper","The IRS feals we should have a real person and a real door folks can walk through."
"5/9/98 11:24:32 AM","Nancy","Jan, yes, I have a Fed Ex prepared to sent right after the meeting. Well, let me say that the place of business is NOT something he asked for by Monday, but was quite concerned about it. I suspect this will follow."
"5/9/98 11:25:33 AM","Jan","There are a number of problems with ""place of business"": 1, Most of us are not willing to go public yet (just look at your responses in sci.astro, Nancy)"
"5/9/98 11:25:47 AM","Nancy","Jan, yes, the IRS made the point, and I have to agree, that even if WE are honorable and want all that is developed to be put into the public domain, that those we fund might not be. If they walked off and filed a patent, without a binding agreement, we could not stop them! Then neither the public or the nonprofit could use the results of the funding, only that individual!"
"5/9/98 11:25:51 AM","Gerard","agree... Jan "
"5/9/98 11:26:09 AM","Nancy","Just checked and Brand is not on IRC, so I expect he may have mailed his ballot."
"5/9/98 11:26:11 AM","Jan","2, Office space and emplyees cost s lot more than the current modus operandi"
"5/9/98 11:26:19 AM","Jan","3, We are an international group"
"5/9/98 11:26:47 AM","Nancy","Jan, I agree there are concerns, but it is not as bad as it looks."
"5/9/98 11:27:11 AM","Clipper","I don't think the ""office"" would have to be a rented place, just a location to call an office."
"5/9/98 11:27:34 AM","Gerard","what do you mean Nancy, do you have a an idea about a office"
"5/9/98 11:27:47 AM","Nancy","For instance, I am in the process of bying my grandparents homestead in Wisconsin, and plan to move there. From the start I have set aside two large front rooms, which have their own entryway, to use for the nonprofit, a gift of space."
"5/9/98 11:28:21 AM","Nancy","This could be a place to distribute videos from, non-hybrid seed from, have a fax machine at, a copy machine, and where volunteers could come at times and work too!"
"5/9/98 11:28:51 AM","Clipper","That sounds like a plan."
"5/9/98 11:28:54 AM","Nancy","It's a huge house, with 5 bedrooms and a full basement, and 400 acare (sp?) of land."
"5/9/98 11:29:03 AM","Gerard","it's a idea.. and it sounds good"
"5/9/98 11:29:28 AM","Nancy","I also plan to put up examples of our solutions there - worm beds and recipe production, perhaps fish tanks, hydroponics barns, and windmills."
"5/9/98 11:29:38 AM","Nancy","This would also be a place folks could visit and tour."
"5/9/98 11:29:57 AM","Jan","Nancy, what about your work and potential damage when going public? Have you thought through this? If so, it would be great!"
"5/9/98 11:30:38 AM","Nancy","If, however, we funded a prototype site that was going to have expensive equipment on it, I think we should, as a Board, require that this place also be open for tours, be a place of business with a license, etc."
"5/9/98 11:30:41 AM","Gerard","Jan i think that sooner or later going public has to happen.."
"5/9/98 11:31:00 AM","Clipper","Sooner or later, some of us have to be available to the public."
"5/9/98 11:31:38 AM","Nancy","Jan, I have a book to sell and a film script which already has some interest in Hollywood, as an insider has been charmed by the scene snipets that we put on the web. "
"5/9/98 11:32:33 AM","Nancy","I could also get a job in Wisconsin, as I have here in California. My current employer is quite aware of my activities, by the way, and they don't care. They made money on me, and no client is complaining, etc."
"5/9/98 11:32:47 AM","Jan","I only know that going public must be well planned, and that life as you know it may end at that time. At one time we will all have to go public, but not without a contingency plan"
"5/9/98 11:33:07 AM","Nancy","Clipper, you certainly are! Anyone who wants to know who is behing that PO box could find out, without too much effort."
"5/9/98 11:33:31 AM","Nancy","Frankly, that's the case with each and every one of us. An e-mail address can be traced."
"5/9/98 11:33:32 AM","Clipper","Yep. I am already public."
"5/9/98 11:33:35 AM","Gerard","that's right"
"5/9/98 11:34:25 AM","Nancy","It's a matter of RELATIVE exposure, etc. I'm quite comfortable meeting the public and taking any abuse that frightened people throw my way."
"5/9/98 11:35:05 AM","Nancy","For everyone who does not want to address the geological evidence that our planet presents to them, there are 10 who look and listen and think it through for themselves. "
"5/9/98 11:35:10 AM","Clipper","I have no problem taking abuse, I've had some training lately in that area."
"5/9/98 11:35:19 AM","Jan","Good - I think your plan for the 400-acre property and your gradma's house sound very good."
"5/9/98 11:35:44 AM","Nancy","Jan, I'm already public. I have 3 sites on the Internet, all registered under my name and address, which anyone can find with a ""whois""."
"5/9/98 11:35:56 AM","Gerard","that's right Nancy"
"5/9/98 11:36:25 AM","Clipper","My family all know what we do. "
"5/9/98 11:36:30 AM","Nancy","When the public want to attack, and they don't like the bearer of an uncomfortable message, that's for sure, they will attack ME, as they already do. "
"5/9/98 11:37:01 AM","Nancy","Nevertheless, there are more people impressed by such facts as Jim Scotti debating me on sci.astro, repeatedly, than otherwise. I find it worth it overall."
"5/9/98 11:37:26 AM","Nancy","If I were not here, Jan, doing what I do, you might have cause to worry."
"5/9/98 11:37:47 AM","Clipper","Almost everyday, I find someone here who is preparing ""for something""."
"5/9/98 11:37:59 AM","Jan","Its a big difference between being traceable via an e-mail and running the public office of TT, being exposed in the local newspaper etc. WHen that happens, you should be 100%+ sure that you can handle the pressure, problems, and fundings up to the PS."
"5/9/98 11:38:20 AM","Nancy","We list the address of all the board members as the Alaska PO box, and I believe that only the IRS or some such might need to know who you are with more precision."
"5/9/98 11:38:25 AM","Jan","Anyhow, it was only a small matter of concern. Let's continue with the meeting :-)"
"5/9/98 11:38:41 AM","Gerard","okay"
"5/9/98 11:38:43 AM","Gerard",":)"
"5/9/98 11:38:55 AM","Nancy","It may be that they would want a letter from each board member, to be sure you are real, but this would not be among the information that they would make public. I feel that would be the case."
"5/9/98 11:39:17 AM","Jan","No problem with such a letter from me"
"5/9/98 11:39:30 AM","Nancy","Jan, that I expect and have been dealing with all along. Don't worry :-)"
"5/9/98 11:39:37 AM","Gerard","not for me either"
"5/9/98 11:39:53 AM","Nancy","OK, I've place on the whiteboard two pages, one for each issue."
"5/9/98 11:40:35 AM","Nancy","The first page, page 1, shows the TWO places that the Article 9 would be amended for binding agreement issue."
"5/9/98 11:40:50 AM","Jan","Is it only me, or have you lost the righthand side of the text on page 1?"
"5/9/98 11:41:17 AM","Nancy","I mention it both in the place where we discuss what needs to be in place before we APPROVE a grant proposal in the first place, put out name behind it, and where we discuss disbursement of funds."
"5/9/98 11:41:34 AM","Nancy","Page one is skewed to the right, but use that bar on the bottom."
"5/9/98 11:41:41 AM","Gerard","No i can't read that text that good either... have to use the bars.. but nor problem"
"5/9/98 11:42:03 AM","Nancy","Sorry, it got a huge indent on the left, but if you move the bar you can see it all."
"5/9/98 11:42:19 AM","Jan","It cannot be corrected with the scroll bar, but I do have a print-out"
"5/9/98 11:42:51 AM","Nancy","My thoughts here were that if someone asked for us to promote their proposal, asking for funding, or GET funding from us if we had a substantial pool, then we need the binding agreement right up front."
"5/9/98 11:43:17 AM","Nancy","BUT, between our approval of the idea, the proposal, and disbursement, there may be additional parties joining the group, or a change of hands."
"5/9/98 11:43:34 AM","Nancy","So, I place a second restriction at the disbursement point."
"5/9/98 11:43:38 AM","Nancy","Any questions on that?"
"5/9/98 11:43:41 AM","Clipper","That way, no one can profit FROM us or THROUGH us."
"5/9/98 11:44:09 AM","Jan","No questions, no comments except it looks good."
"5/9/98 11:44:19 AM","Clipper","No questions here."
"5/9/98 11:44:33 AM","Gerard","no questions for me either"
"5/9/98 11:45:05 AM","Nancy","I moved the text boxes to the left, hopefully that helped."
"5/9/98 11:45:29 AM","Gerard","Yes, better now"
"5/9/98 11:45:35 AM","Jan","Thanks, it is OK now"
"5/9/98 11:45:44 AM","Nancy","Do I have all the holes covered? So anyone looking for a loophole can't find one?"
"5/9/98 11:46:04 AM","Nancy","We can always amend again, if this is not tight enough. "
"5/9/98 11:46:27 AM","Clipper","It seems to be a tight system so far."
"5/9/98 11:46:32 AM","Nancy","If everyone is comfortable with this first binding agreement amendment, we are ready for a motion to approve."
"5/9/98 11:46:54 AM","Clipper","And the motion would read?"
"5/9/98 11:47:26 AM","Nancy","Your understanding of the issue, Clipper, perhaps as stated in the agenda item on page 1."
"5/9/98 11:48:24 AM","Clipper","I make a motion that we aprove the changes made on page one."
"5/9/98 11:48:42 AM","Nancy","A second?"
"5/9/98 11:48:48 AM","Gerard","I second"
"5/9/98 11:50:41 AM","Gerard","i don't see any messages now. Is someone writing?"
"5/9/98 11:50:41 AM","Nancy","A motion has been made and seconded that we amend the Bylaws in Article 9, section 2 and 5, to include a requirement that a binding agreement be signed by the priciples and participants submitting a grant proposal for board approval, and before receiving any funds. All in favor say Yes, opposed say No."
"5/9/98 11:50:51 AM","Clipper","Yes"
"5/9/98 11:50:54 AM","Nancy","Yes"
"5/9/98 11:50:54 AM","Gerard","Yes"
"5/9/98 11:50:55 AM","Jan","Yes"
"5/9/98 11:51:33 AM","Nancy","In addition to the 4 votes in favor, there have been 3 absentee ballots posted for all to see on the mailing list, and I expect a fourth, in Brands. The motion passes."
"5/9/98 11:51:53 AM","Nancy","Moving to the second agenda item, place of business on page 2 of the whiteboard."
"5/9/98 11:52:20 AM","Nancy","Just checked and Brand is not in the IRC window. He's not coming, it appears."
"5/9/98 11:52:20 AM","Gerard","some of the second agenda item is already discussed as fas as i know"
"5/9/98 11:53:26 AM","Nancy","Not the amendment is not so tight as to state that each and every funded party or paid expense needs to BE the place of business."
"5/9/98 11:54:08 AM","Gerard","okay"
"5/9/98 11:54:14 AM","Nancy","Clearly, if one hires a copy shop to print and bind, or if there are half a dozen individuals participating by sending in their work to a central place, each and every one is not a place of business."
"5/9/98 11:54:31 AM","Nancy","Yes, Gerard, we discussed this right off during the meeting."
"5/9/98 11:54:32 AM","Clipper","A business liscence is required before one can be funded?"
"5/9/98 11:54:40 AM","Jan","A few comments: "" of business shall be approved by the Board of Directors."" may be somewhat difficult across the pond, or we have to approve on trust only. May not be a problem with your site, Nancy, but what about other proposed places of business?"
"5/9/98 11:55:27 AM","Nancy","There will probably be one per funded project, and they must get a business license, etc., no small step!"
"5/9/98 11:55:29 AM","Jan","What about the ""will secure a business license"" - what does it mean in practicle terms?"
"5/9/98 11:55:53 AM","Jan","... practical terms..."
"5/9/98 11:55:59 AM","Nancy","If you real annual reports, for instance, a corporation may have a dozen if they have divisions scattered, one for each division, etc., and then the headquarters."
"5/9/98 11:56:34 AM","Clipper","I have a business liscence, it is not hard to do."
"5/9/98 11:56:53 AM","Jan","But if we fund a project like the video, must the one running the project be registered for business even if only incurred expenses are reimbursed?"
"5/9/98 11:56:54 AM","Nancy","In the states, anyway, if you present yourself as a corporate image, mail stuff, receive stuff, from the public, you must take out a busines license and pay a small fee, in most cases. I think they do this to control zoning as much as anything."
"5/9/98 11:57:20 AM","Nancy","Jan, for the video, the artists contributing are NOT the place of business, only the distributor of the video."
"5/9/98 11:57:41 AM","Nancy","Likewise, distributing seed, each and every grower is not a place of business. "
"5/9/98 11:57:41 AM","Gerard","right"
"5/9/98 11:57:56 AM","Nancy","Basically, as I understand it, it is where the public expect to come and do business."
"5/9/98 11:58:09 AM","Clipper","I think they also do the business lisence thing, so the IRS and others know what and who is doing what around the world."
"5/9/98 11:58:17 AM","Nancy","I don't even thing a farm is a place of business, but the farmer's market where he takes his goods to be sold would be."
"5/9/98 11:58:44 AM","Nancy","Clipper, who is the ""they"" you were referring to?"
"5/9/98 11:59:06 AM","Jan","If so, all projects must be run by you, Nancy, no delegation possible, or?"
"5/9/98 11:59:12 AM","Clipper","Government agencies, local and national."
"5/9/98 11:59:26 AM","Nancy","Jan, heavens no!"
"5/9/98 12:00:02 PM","Gerard","i don't that they know everything.. altough if they ask the chamber of commerce "
"5/9/98 12:00:12 PM","Nancy","For instance, if Geson wants to be the point of distribution on the video, then he must register as a place of business in Sweden. If I distribute from Wisconsin, then the headquarter of the nonprofit would be that place of business."
"5/9/98 12:00:14 PM","Gerard","they might know"
"5/9/98 12:01:30 PM","Jan","If the point of distribution is different than the video maker, then the reimbursement to the video maker would have to go through the distributor, or the video maker would have to be registered as a place of business, as far as I understand it."
"5/9/98 12:01:40 PM","Nancy","If one is a publisher, they are a place of business as they produce a product that book stores buy. But the editors and aritsts and all that they hire, are not a place of business, they are an employee or a volunteer or a contractee."
"5/9/98 12:02:02 PM","Nancy","But the printing press they hire to produce the book, and the book stores they sell to, both would be a place of business."
"5/9/98 12:02:02 PM","Gerard","right Nancy"
"5/9/98 12:03:27 PM","Nancy","Jan, in the video example, the principals or participants in the video project, Geson and Michel, would have to sign a binding agreement, but the place of business where the videos would be distributed from could be the Wisconsin homestead. The public could come there, see the videos on the shelf, etc., and see that this is real, no kidding, etc."
"5/9/98 12:04:28 PM","Nancy","The binding agreement is with those receiving the funding. Clerks or volunteers might do the distributing from a place of business, but could hardly go and patent the idea! The patent office would not allow that, etc. "
"5/9/98 12:04:44 PM","Jan","I am uncertain about the business license - if it can be compared to being registered for business in Sweden (which I believe Geson is) or Norway, it is not a small step. Is it mandatory that all projects be registered with a place of business with a business license, or did you put that in Nancy to make it water-tight?"
"5/9/98 12:04:56 PM","Nancy","Likewise, a publisher hires clerks to distribute, but the copyright office only gives a copyright to the author, the one who wrote the book."
"5/9/98 12:06:28 PM","Nancy","I think the way I worded it, it requires SOME place of business to be associated with the project. It is where the public would come to verify that the project is REAL. In the case of the video, this is where the finished video is available, not the artist at his computer. In the case of seed, it is where the seed stores are packaged and distributed, not the growers backyard."
"5/9/98 12:06:58 PM","Clipper","Yes......"
"5/9/98 12:07:20 PM","Gerard","yes"
"5/9/98 12:07:21 PM","Nancy","Wait a minute, I'm looking this up in the Blacks Law book"
"5/9/98 12:09:04 PM","Nancy","""The location where one carries on his business or employment. Under many state statutes, service of process may be made at one's place of business and jurisdiction may be acquired by a court whose territorial district includes one's place of business."""
"5/9/98 12:09:47 PM","Nancy","In other words, this is where one can come to serve a subpoena, to suit the nonprofit, should that be the case. However, our agents in Delaware are also such a point. "
"5/9/98 12:10:28 PM","Nancy","I believe the IRS was concerned that the public have some solid way to determine who their money is being spent, to perclude fraud."
"5/9/98 12:10:30 PM","Jan","The way I read it, the account and reimbursement is locked in on the place of business and the business license, requireing that there is a ""project manager"" at the place of business, handling the interface between the video makers, growers etc. and the Inc."
"5/9/98 12:10:46 PM","Clipper","A place folks can touch, feal, and see....... a store."
"5/9/98 12:11:51 PM","Nancy","For instance, if seed distribution does not have a place of business, then we can ""disburse"" several hundred dollars to reimburse for postage, and they would have no tangible proof that any seed was mailed at all!"
"5/9/98 12:12:01 PM","Jan","So, Nancy, your new TT office will have to be the place of business, you need a business license (unless you already have one) and you will have to front all projects. Or what am I missing here?"
"5/9/98 12:12:10 PM","Nancy","But if a place of business exists, then they could pop in, call and visit, and see all the seed being packaged, etc. "
"5/9/98 12:12:30 PM","Nancy","It is, when you think about it, a big difference, and would be a squelch upon fraud."
"5/9/98 12:13:08 PM","Nancy","Brand and I were discussing this, (by the way, I tried to call each Board Member, had a long chat with Lyn and Brand, touched base with Gerard and Jan who said they would come, et.c)"
"5/9/98 12:13:16 PM","Jan","Again, I have no problem with this, only if we all understand the implications."
"5/9/98 12:13:40 PM","Nancy","This is an issue we will have to address when we have a large funded project. How do we know that the receipts are for real supplies, etc.?"
"5/9/98 12:14:11 PM","Nancy","We will have to institute spot audits, by real people visiting real sites, for this type of thing, which DOES happen. Rip off occurrs where the rules are lax."
"5/9/98 12:14:32 PM","Clipper","Yes they do."
"5/9/98 12:14:36 PM","Jan","In practical terms, Geson is probably registered in Sweden, I am registered in Norway (if I should make my survival center such a public project sometime in the future)"
"5/9/98 12:15:14 PM","Nancy","Does anyone have any other questions or concerns about the second amendment, that a place of business MUST BE associated with each funded project? Note this excludes actiivites that a given Officer might be doing from their home, etc., as we are doing today, and funding out of our own pockets."
"5/9/98 12:15:54 PM","Clipper","No further questions here."
"5/9/98 12:16:00 PM","Nancy","Yes, but Jan, you don't need to register your home unless you DO run tours through there, etc."
"5/9/98 12:16:08 PM","Nancy","Are we ready for a motion?"
"5/9/98 12:16:37 PM","Clipper","yes"
"5/9/98 12:16:59 PM","Jan","Yes - no further questions"
"5/9/98 12:17:19 PM","Clipper","I make a motion that we accept the changes made to Agenda item #2."
"5/9/98 12:17:26 PM","Gerard","I second"
"5/9/98 12:17:34 PM","Nancy","Could someone make a motion? As chair, I'm precluded from that (or so said Ron, anyway, and he should know, sitting on the Board of the YMCA)"
"5/9/98 12:17:57 PM","Clipper","Already done"
"5/9/98 12:18:27 PM","Nancy","A motion has been made and seconded that the proposed amendment to Article 9, Section 5, wherein each funded project must be associated with a physical place of business. All in favor say Yes, opposed say No."
"5/9/98 12:18:30 PM","Nancy","Yes"
"5/9/98 12:18:34 PM","Clipper","Yes"
"5/9/98 12:18:35 PM","Gerard","Yes"
"5/9/98 12:18:35 PM","Jan","Yes"
"5/9/98 12:19:43 PM","Nancy","All have approved the amendment, all 4, and including the 3 absentee ballots I have in hand, which were likewise up for all to see on the mailing list, the motion passes."
"5/9/98 12:20:08 PM","Nancy","The Special Meeting is concluded, as soon as we get a motion to this effect and all vote to adjourn."
"5/9/98 12:20:31 PM","Clipper","I make a motion that this meeting be concluded"
"5/9/98 12:20:38 PM","Gerard","i second"
"5/9/98 12:20:54 PM","Nancy","A motion has been made and seconded to adjourn. All in favor say Yes, all opposed say No."
"5/9/98 12:20:55 PM","Nancy","Yes"
"5/9/98 12:20:59 PM","Jan","Yes"
"5/9/98 12:20:59 PM","Gerard","Yes"
"5/9/98 12:21:02 PM","Clipper","Yes"
"5/9/98 12:21:20 PM","Nancy","The meeting is adjourned. Thank you all for taking time out for this quickly called meeting."