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Special Board Meeting

May 09, 1998

The meeting was conducted on NetMeeting, and was called to order and proceded according to the published agenda. The Whiteboard contents during the meeting were the proposed Bylaw amendments, the additional paragraphs to be added to Section 2 and 5 of Article 9. 4 of the 11 Board members were in attendance, with 3 giving an absentee ballot on the delimited issues. Attending were - Clipper, Gerard, Jan, and Nancy. Absentee Ballots were from Shirley, Lyn, and Pat. All votes were unanimous, 50% or more of the active board required by the Bylaws.
1. Vote to approve Amendment for Binding Agreement:
- Principals or participants to directly receive funding must sign
- Binding Agreement gives Troubled Times, Inc any patent, copyright, or tradmark to ensue
2. Vote to approve Amendment for Place of Business:
- Place of Business defined as contact point for public
- Place of Business may be the corporate headquarters, or distribution point