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Board Meeting

May 16, 2004

Session Start: Sun May 16 13:00:37 2004
(Roger) I call the May Troubled Times board meeting to order!
(Roger) Our first order of business is the minutes from the last meeting.
(Roger) Any discussion on the minutes?
(Gerard) I have no comments on the minuts of the last meeting
(Nancy) None here either.
(Roger) Then they are approved.
(Roger) The next order of business is our project review.
(Roger) The CD sales are progressing as usual. I've experienced orders coming in fits and starts.
(Roger) I had no orders for nearly a week and a half and suddenly 4 just in one day (yesterday).
(Roger) Our supplies are good and, of course, the funding is rebuilding with each order.
(Gerard) good to hear
(Roger) On a side note, I signed up the account to earn dividends as it is just sitting there at Paypal. We earned a whopping $.25 last month!
(Nancy) Good move :-)
(Roger) Well, every little bit helps.
(Nancy) It will add up as the amount accumulates, prior to next CD burning or booklet printing.
(Roger) MikeL is still working on web wrapping a much more extensive CD set of all of the site. At last report, it looked like it would be 3 or more CD's in the set.
(Roger) End of report, unless Nancy has more to add...
(Nancy) Nothing to add except that we occasionally get orders into the PO boxes, which means our account here has over $400 now, enough to cover this years admin expenses.
(Nancy) Or to forward to you Roger for expenses.
(Roger) The paypal account is almost that much and I still have $90+ in the postage fund. I don't anticipate needing any of those funds and admin expenses take priority!
(Roger) Moving on the the booklet. The report is the same as with the CD (I'm going to link these two for the next agenda!).
(Nancy) They are minor but do add up to about $300/yr. TCC take $175, PO boxes about $100, registration in Delaware and Wisconsin total $35.
(Roger) If the Treasurer's funds run short, we can tap the Paypal account to cover.
(Nancy) We'll have more than enough here.
(Roger) Moving on the the Acreage/seed project. The seed stock is still maintained. The acreage project has been put on hold. The secondary location is still on board, but there is a delay in the title transfer (to the donor from the previous owner) so no equipment has been moved, etc.
(Roger) Stan's land is still being used, to a lesser degree. He is more than capable, as a gardener, and I am too busy to check in more often that about once a month.
(Nancy) I have planted some of the OLDEST stock, 1997 from the Arc and seed grown here in 1999, and it is highly viable! Don't expect to collect much seed, however, if this year is like last.
(Roger) I've turned that portion of the project over to Stan and taken an advisory role. The tiller is still stored there.
(Roger) End of my portion of the report...on to you Nancy
(Nancy) Roger, I don't have the Adenda up, can you tell me what I'm scheduled to report on?
(Roger) Just your portion of the Seed project. I think you started already (with the viable seed comment--awesome!).
(Nancy) I was really stunned. The tomato seed we collected in 2000 is almost 100% viable. This is my first experience with older seed, the aging process, so I was pleased to see this.
(Nancy) End of report.
(Roger) Tomato seed, if stored properly, should last more than 5 years. Kudos for a job well done, Nancy!
(Nancy) All that moldering vats of seed on the front poach paid off :-)
(Roger) Shirley's Shortwave Radio report is linked off the agenda. Any comments or questions we want to pass on to her?
(Nancy) None here. On a side note, I link to short wave radio stations that are carrying any interviews I am asked to give.
(Nancy) Someday this soon, I suspect, this will all heat up. She is an expert on tap for those times.
(Roger) Definitely
(Gerard) I have no question for Shirley either. But she is doing a good job for all i see
(Roger) again, definitely
(Roger) Brent's Server report is also linked. Comments?
(Nancy) Re his suggestion to ship back to the mainland, paying for this. Roger if you can get the server hooked up in Kansas, tapping resources at the U there, this would at least put it into operation of some kind.
(Nancy) I have one of the twins here, my copy of all the software and booklets, and can't find the time put it online, frankly.
(Roger) I would be willing to receive it and work on it as much as I can. I have a resource available in the form of a Linux user's group on campus. They are a collection of students and staff that are very busy, but generally enjoy talking about Linux. I'm sure they would be willing to help get it set up.
(Gerard) Roger: that's good to hear ...
(Nancy) I MOVE that we accept Brent's offer to ship the server back to the mainland, paying for this out of his own pocket.
(Roger) I currently have DSL and could donate a shared connection.
(Roger) Gerard, do you second Nancy's motion to accept Brent's offer to ship it here?
(Gerard) Yes, I second the motion
(Roger) Seems a moot point, but we have a motion and a second. All in favor type yes, opposed type no...
(Gerard) Yes
(Nancy) Yes
(Roger) Then we will pass this on to Brent.
(Roger) I will provide him with a secure ship to address and inform the board when this arrives.
(Nancy) Excellent
(Roger) The last item on the agenda is to discuss a change to a semi-monthly meeting frequency. There has been little change in the discussion items at this frequency and since scheduling has been problematic, I propose a switch to meeting every other month.
(Roger) We can call a meeting sooner if needed for an important discussion or vote.
(Nancy) I MOVE we switch to a meeting every other month, semi-monthly, with the option that the President can call an emergency meeting should this be deemed necessary.
(Roger) Well, I'm not sure a vote is needed, but if Gerard seconds...
(Gerard) I second the vote
(Roger) :-) Does vote=motion?
(Gerard) Yes
(Nancy) Yes
(Roger) Okay, it is the reality anyway with the last couple meetings.
(Gerard) Yes
(Roger) Is there any further items not on the agenda?
(Nancy) None that I'm aware of.
(Gerard) The same for me
(Roger) Very well, I will poll for a July meeting date at the end of June. Do I have a motion to adjourn?
(Nancy) I MOVE we adjourn.
(Roger) Excellent 45 minute meeting. Thanks for coming!
(Gerard) I second
Session Close: Sun May 16 13:53:12 2004