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Board Meeting

May 16, 2004

The meeting was called to order at approximately 18:00 UT. Those attending: Roger, (chairing President), Nancy, Gerard.

Agenda Item 1: Minutes of Last Meeting - Approval
- Since there were no objections, the Minutes of the last Board Meeting were considered ratified as correct.
Agenda Item 2: Projects Review – Discussion
- CD and Survival Booklet: sales continue with inventory adequate. A third CD is under development with more extensive content.
The PayPal account now earns interest and funds are accumulating there and in the checking account for the next production run, when required. Funding is adequate for annual administrative expenses and postage, with about $400 in both the PayPal and checking accounts and $90 in the postage account.
- Acreage & Seed Project: the Troy-Bilt tiller has not been moved due to problems at the new site. Some gardening at the old Kansas site will be done, as well as at the Wisconsin site, but due to weather problems minimal seed production is anticipated, based on the last years growing season and results. Nancy reported excellent germination from the older seed stock planted.
- Shortwave Project: Shirley reported her transceiver for Morse Code on radio is installed and working, that she was named Education Director for their local club in Ontario, and that practice sessions on the ARES nets (Amateur Radio Emergency Section) occurs.
- Server Project: A motion THAT the nonprofit accept Brent's offer to ship the server and software back to the mainland was made by Nancy and seconded by Gerard. Roger will work with talent at the Linux users grop at the University in Kansas to get it online with via his DSL connection.
Agenda Item 3: Semi-Monthly Meetings - Vote
- Due to low activity at the board meetings, a motion was made THAT by Nancy we meet semi-monthly, seconded by Gerard. The motion passed and the next meeting will be scheduled for July.
The meeting was adjourned at 18:53 UT.