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Board Meeting

May 16, 1999

1. Corporate Bank Account - Report by Treasurer
During the past month, a flurry of activity occurred in order to properly open a corporate account with Baraboo National Bank. The bank required that a Board Resolution be passed specifying the relationship between the corporation and the bank. Specifically that the officers could change, as it was the corporation that had opened the account. A Vote by e-mail was taken and quickly passed. The bank also required that the Secretary attest to the veracity of the signatures, which was a problem as Shirley is legally blind. Another officer could so attest, but two officers must then sign the statement. Clipper performed this function, verifying signatures that Ron as Treasurer and Nancy as President sent under separate cover to him.
2. Corporate Accounting - Report by Treasurer
Gift Pool funds were transferred to the Treasurer, and the corporate bank account opened. Outstanding Vouchers have been paid, a voucher numbering scheme established, and new purchases vouchered and scanned for the Internal Auditor's review. The Treasurer will provide a Balance Sheet for the quarterly financial review during the June Board Meeting.
3. Progress on Prototypes - Report by Principal
Per the Board's wishes, work progressed (indicated in rose) on several Prototypes during the past month. The Family Garden has been tilled, with the purchase of a new tiller. As a side note, pruning of the fruit trees and grape vine has been rewarded by a record display of blossoms - eventually to be grape, plumb, and apple seed for the Seed Saving prototype. The Worm Bed has been started with mulch and select earthworms, with the purchase of a new chipper. Clearing the path to the Campground has been started, with the purchase of a new weed whacker and mulched with wood chips. And work on the Bermed Hut has started on clearing young trees from the bermed barn foundation.
4. Video of Pole Shift - Report by Co-Principal
The Board requested more cost details from the Video of Pole Shift principals last month. Geson has promised some details soon, and Michel will be present for the Board discussion. Now that funding of proposals has begun, plans should be firm.