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Board Meeting

May 16, 1999

5/16/99 11:11:32 AM,Nancy,The meeting will come to order. We have 7 members in attendance. Michel and Roger on IRC, Jan, Clipper, Shirley, Gerard, and Nancy on Netmeeting.
5/16/99 11:12:13 AM,Nancy,I've place a Balance Sheet on the Whiteboard, which Ron sent to me this morning.
5/16/99 11:13:02 AM,Nancy,There is an Account Payable of $590.78 only because the bank account is still on hold, or being released, which is why there is a balance of $1,495 in there.
5/16/99 11:14:27 AM,Jan,Nancy, it does not seem like you have gotten your money back yet??
5/16/99 11:14:54 AM,Nancy,Jan, I received a $765 check from Ron, partial payment, the rest to come when the bank account is off hold. All is well.
5/16/99 11:15:17 AM,Nancy,Please note that Ron is also keeping an inventory of our physical assets.
5/16/99 11:16:25 AM,Nancy,Jan, those vouchers paid are not listed, and I think he also paid the Seed TEAM postage.
5/16/99 11:17:04 AM,Nancy,I feel we've just reported on Agenda Item 2, corporate accounting.
5/16/99 11:17:21 AM,Nancy,I'll briefly address Agenda Item 1, for those unaware.
5/16/99 11:18:27 AM,Jan,I'll try to order a copy of the program Ron uses for bookeeping, to be able to follow up better. As has been, I can only attest to the individual transactions and balances, not the details behind.
5/16/99 11:18:39 AM,Nancy,The bank, Baraboo National, required us to have a Board Resolution on points they wanted on record. All but one was already in our Bylaws, and that stated that the corporation was an entity, so the officers could change, but the checks could still be cashed.
5/16/99 11:19:31 AM,Nancy,We did an emergency Board votecall by e-mail, on the resolution, approving it.
5/16/99 11:21:01 AM,Nancy,In addition, the bank wanted confirmation that the current signators and signatures on file were accurate, a form signed by both and confirmed by the Secretary. Well, Shirley is blind. But an option was for another officer to so confirm, as long as at least two officers did this confirmation. We took this route.
5/16/99 11:22:02 AM,Nancy,Mail in every direction, and now the bank has Signture cards from Ron and I, a form signed by Clipper stating the signatures on that form are what he knows to be ours, and Clipper has separate mail from Ron and I with our signatures, End of story.
5/16/99 11:22:26 AM,Nancy,I'm moving on briefly to Agenda Item 3
5/16/99 11:23:03 AM,Nancy,I've colored in rose those tasks completed already on the prototypes, indicating partial completion as well.
5/16/99 11:23:44 AM,Nancy,Bottom line, Ron has moved forward onto other Prototypes, not funded, as long as he had the equipment at hand and time to do so.
5/16/99 11:24:01 AM,Nancy,Aron has also joined IRC
5/16/99 11:24:24 AM,Nancy,For instance, he is cutting the trees out of the Bermed Hut (barn foundation)
5/16/99 11:24:46 AM,Gerard,Yes, but Aron isn't a member.. he is just looking
5/16/99 11:24:59 AM,Nancy,No dust settles on Ron! Are there any questions on the Prototype progress. I'll respond, as Ron is not yet here.
5/16/99 11:25:27 AM,Ron,I'm here!
5/16/99 11:25:47 AM,Clipper,No questions here
5/16/99 11:25:51 AM,Nancy,

(Aron) The roots?
(Nancy) Aron, the roots need a backhoe, that needs funding.
5/16/99 11:26:37 AM,Nancy,Ron, we've gone over Agenda 1 & 2, the accounting. We're just into 3, Prototype progress. I explained you're working ahead, re Bermed Hut, etc., and asked for questions.
5/16/99 11:26:51 AM,Nancy,
(Aron) So there are trees growing in the barn?
5/16/99 11:26:58 AM,Nancy,We have a question from Aron
5/16/99 11:27:11 AM,Ron,Ok, when you get to it, I need to explain a bit about the balance sheet.
5/16/99 11:27:48 AM,Nancy,
(Nancy) Aron, the barn collapse 20 years ago, and young boxelders have grown up in the cow pie earthen floor, yes.
5/16/99 11:28:14 AM,Nancy,Ron, I put the Balance Sheet on the Whiteboard, and the IRC got it into their log, in entirety.
5/16/99 11:28:18 AM,Nancy,Explain away!
5/16/99 11:28:37 AM,Gerard,Yep
5/16/99 11:28:59 AM,Clipper,Ron left the meeting
5/16/99 11:29:14 AM,Nancy,
(Aron) So the foudation is still good?
(Nancy)Yes, foundation is almost perfect, a metal roof at ground level will make it a perfect firestorm, windstorm hut!
5/16/99 11:29:46 AM,Gerard,Maybe Ron had a problem with his connection?
5/16/99 11:29:52 AM,Nancy,OK, as there are no further question about prototypes, lets move to Agenda Item 4, the only item needing real discussion, I believe.
5/16/99 11:30:35 AM,Nancy,Michel, what do you wish to say to the Board?
5/16/99 11:31:13 AM,Jan,Nancy, I never received the agenda for this meeting. Could you post the link to the agenda please?
5/16/99 11:31:19 AM,Nancy,Last Board Meeting we touched on the Video of Pole Shift project, and I stated I'd go back to the Principals and ask for funding specifics, description of the steps they'd take, etc.
5/16/99 11:31:40 AM,Ron,I'm back
5/16/99 11:31:45 AM,Nancy,
(Michel) Yes OK
(Michel) The Board requested more cost details from the Video of Pole Shift principals last month.
(Michel) I have worked on the details and here is what I've come up with regarding costs for producing a documentary video of 30 minutes animation and 3d renderings plus video footage.
5/16/99 11:32:18 AM,Nancy,Jan, 1 establishing the bank account, 2. accounting balance, 3. prototype progress, 4. video of pole shift status
5/16/99 11:32:52 AM,Jan,Nancy, I found it on the site now. Thanks
5/16/99 11:33:07 AM,Nancy,Ron, I explained that the AP was due to the bank on hold, etc. I think everyone is happy with the Balance Sheet, etc.
5/16/99 11:33:36 AM,Nancy,
(Michel) 30 minutes documentary doesn't include the additional 30 minutes of survival by Ron.
5/16/99 11:33:47 AM,Gerard,Which programs are used for the video. Can the video if on the web be seen by everyone or only by those with a special player?
5/16/99 11:33:49 AM,Nancy,
(Michel) Rendering and animation costs are nothing, I do this on my computer when I am not using it for something else.
(Michel) The cost of footage of tidal waves, floodings, forest fires and eruptions of volcanoes stays undetermine untill we have actually found a source who is able to tell us the cost for usage. I am under the impression that non-profit organizations in general pay less to nothing for some footage, as it is only common to be asked for payment where commercial usage is concerned, me thinks =)
5/16/99 11:35:41 AM,Nancy,OK, it seems to me that Michel is talking about collaboration with Ron on survival footage, and the video of pole shift project idea was 6 minutes for TV stations. I think we're talking about 2 different projects! Which is OK by me!
5/16/99 11:36:07 AM,Nancy,
(Michel) Things that will bring about some costs to my impression will be: postage of large files to Geson where internet file transfer is not functional due to the size of files. Geson has several computers to render animations to video, as I have not such equipment. Costs will be for postage (stamps and special packaging for the data-carriers) and data carriers (like CD-roms and Iomega Zip disks).
5/16/99 11:37:38 AM,Nancy,Jan and I had talked during the last Baord Meeting (perhaps it was off record after the meeting) about what we see as a different approach between Geson and Michel. For those who are unaware, Michel and Ron are working well together, almost on a daily basis, I think.
5/16/99 11:37:58 AM,Nancy,I'd like to suggest that we revisit the pole shift videos, and make them TWO.
5/16/99 11:38:29 AM,Nancy,
(Michel) If you wish the documentary to be online (it is may become a hour long!!!) I think that it is possible when making smaller files of it... vivo is one option, as it has both video and sound... then there is RealVideo , I can't use the producer though as I have a Mac.. if there is a Mac version then please point it out where I can get it
(Michel) I can't give any figures for this but I know that the $3,000 as proposed in the grant proposal is enough, as far as I can see it.
5/16/99 11:39:40 AM,Nancy,Well, we can't just have a figure out there, $3,000, though I did that to just give grantors a general idea. We need specific costs before funding would be approved.
5/16/99 11:40:02 AM,Nancy,However, development seems inexpensive!
5/16/99 11:40:20 AM,Gerard,Maybe streaming video, some sites have streaming audio.. like, so perhaps streaming video could also be possible, then the length won't be a problem but someone has to be online to see it
5/16/99 11:40:25 AM,Nancy,
(Michel) The two projects are a documentary which can be sold on site in Wisco USA, via the website and by post.. And then there is the video clip of 6 minutes that will be made by Geson, for TV purposes to attract people to the site and works introductionary
5/16/99 11:41:31 AM,Nancy,Michel, let me ask you and Ron this. If you were to combine with Ron, on development of longer videos, for sale as videos at cost to the public, and had Geson's assistance in converting animations to video, what would your costs be?
5/16/99 11:42:01 AM,Jan,It seems we are talking about a new project here, a 30-60 minutes video, whereas we have been talking about a 6-minute MTV-style video before. These two will have different purposes, the 6.minute to be played on TV stations, and the 30-60 probably for demos and more detail for the public (via tape, CD etc.)
5/16/99 11:42:05 AM,Nancy,
(Michel) I have pointed out where the costs lay, mostly with posting datacarriers to Geson and footage of disasters
(Michel) Naturally, as these things have not come about and or not yet happening I can't give you any cost
5/16/99 11:42:37 AM,Gerard,3 projects.. Might be an idea
5/16/99 11:42:54 AM,Jan,I think we should prioritize the 6-minute video at this time, and try to make a more detailed estimate of costs
5/16/99 11:43:13 AM,Nancy,I'd like to suggest that we change the 6 mintute video to Geson only, take the storyboard that Michel developed to a second project, and have this be longer, combined with Ron's actual survival video development, which is right at hand!
5/16/99 11:43:49 AM,Nancy,
(Michel) costs would come from postage and buying datacarriers like CD-rom and zip disk.
5/16/99 11:44:10 AM,Jan,If we go for the longer approach, will it still be based on the same story-board?
5/16/99 11:44:25 AM,Nancy,Michel, do you need a zip disk? CD is $400 to cut CD's. Zip is $100-$150.
5/16/99 11:44:32 AM,Jan,And is Geson ready to get rolling?
5/16/99 11:45:00 AM,Nancy,
(Roger) I agree that we seem to be talking about at least 2 different projects.
5/16/99 11:45:13 AM,Gerard,CD might be better I think. A CD can contain more data
5/16/99 11:45:31 AM,Clipper,And a CD is safer
5/16/99 11:45:40 AM,Nancy,Jan, Geson e-mailed me right after I requested more detail, and stated he'd get that to me. I suspect, if allowed to be independent on the project, we'd have a TV 6 minute clip in short order.
5/16/99 11:46:02 AM,Ron,We're talking about a long time just to burn a single CD ... very work intensive.
5/16/99 11:46:19 AM,Nancy,(Michel) Yes Nancy, two projects. One short for tv by geson, one documentary by me and ron
5/16/99 11:46:28 AM,Nancy,(Michel) I have both a cd-writable and a iomeage zip to read zip disk, the datacarriers themselves costs are: zip 15 dollar and cd about 1 dollar
5/16/99 11:46:49 AM,Nancy,(Michel) I have both a cd-writable and a iomeage zip to read zip disk, the datacarriers themselves costs are: zip 15 dollar and cd about 1 dollar
5/16/99 11:46:59 AM,Gerard,Ron: with the new CD burners, it can go fast.. 8 speed for example
5/16/99 11:47:29 AM,Ron,How about plane old VHS video tape?
5/16/99 11:47:42 AM,Nancy,
(Roger) I move that we divide this proposal into two seperate proposals - the 6 minutes short led by Geson, and the longer video which Michel and Ron are beginning work on.
5/16/99 11:48:00 AM,Gerard,Too slow my guess..
5/16/99 11:48:15 AM,Nancy,Michel is talking about small change here!
5/16/99 11:48:26 AM,Clipper,Shirley sayswhat about DVD?
5/16/99 11:48:34 AM,Nancy,
(Michel) CD? datacarriers are CD-rom and zip... I depends on the data size what to use in this case. The final product to me logically would be video, as everybody has a vid at home...
5/16/99 11:49:07 AM,Gerard,DVD is a good idea.. But yet to expensive I think
5/16/99 11:49:12 AM,Jan,I just replayed Geson's video clip (1:38). It is just like any other real MTV video, and lacks a lot with respect to any info on the pole shift. Are we certain Geson will produce a video that will be informative as Michel's approach?
5/16/99 11:49:20 AM,Nancy,Anyone second the motion?
5/16/99 11:49:39 AM,Ron,Second the motion.
5/16/99 11:50:17 AM,Nancy,Jan, Geson has stated he only gave us something he did EARLIER, as an example of his work. He's quite willing to follow the Board direction.
5/16/99 11:50:58 AM,Nancy,We need to put this on the agenda, with his storyboard, not Michel's as we never got past trying to slim Michel's effort down to 6 mintues. We never even asked Geson for his approach!
5/16/99 11:51:00 AM,Jan,If so, I am happy with the split in two projects.
5/16/99 11:51:45 AM,Jan,Sorry if I missed the motion. Please restate it
5/16/99 11:51:48 AM,Nancy,
(Michel) ZIP is also re-usable, while CD-ROM is not... if my burner allows it then I will use CD to send data to be put to video to Geson.. otherwise zip
(Michel) DVD is not a good idea. DVD is expensive
(Michel) Costs for putting the rendered files to video are lower than putting it to numerous DVD disks
5/16/99 11:52:55 AM,Nancy,A motion has been made and seconded to split the Video of Pole Shift into 2 projects. 1. being the original intent of a 6 minute video for TV stations, 2. being the storyboard Michel worked up combined with actual survival prototype film from Ron. All in favor say Yes, opposed say No.
5/16/99 11:52:56 AM,Nancy,Yes
5/16/99 11:53:02 AM,Gerard,Yes
5/16/99 11:53:11 AM,Jan,Yes
5/16/99 11:53:14 AM,Nancy,
(Michel) nancy that reminds me, costs for putting the final videodata to actual video will be the most extensive I think
5/16/99 11:53:31 AM,Clipper,Yes
5/16/99 11:53:37 AM,Clipper,Shirley says Yes
5/16/99 11:53:48 AM,Nancy,
(Roger) Yes
5/16/99 11:53:55 AM,Ron,Does Michel have video editing equipment/software?
5/16/99 11:54:20 AM,Ron,Yes to vote.
5/16/99 11:54:43 AM,Nancy,The motion passes. Michel as Principal has abstained, I think.
5/16/99 11:55:26 AM,Nancy,Ron, I think he needs to use Geson to convert animation to video, but about editing, I don't know.
5/16/99 11:55:40 AM,Nancy,
(Michel) I do not have the equipment and I of course vote yes..
5/16/99 11:56:05 AM,Ron,I have everything but the software do do the editing.
5/16/99 11:56:15 AM,Nancy,I have some $20 software that edits audio, and it is easy. Video may be different.
5/16/99 11:56:32 AM,Nancy,
(Michel) I have the rendering tools and I have the software to put up effects and add sound and edit sound and video..
5/16/99 11:56:44 AM,Jan,What sort of software cost may we be talking about?
5/16/99 11:56:53 AM,Nancy,Ron, what do you mean by everything?
5/16/99 11:57:01 AM,Ron,I don't know Jan
5/16/99 11:57:36 AM,Ron,Basically, a Jaz drive ... video takes lots of disk space ... also zip drive for the segments.
5/16/99 11:58:10 AM,Nancy,My husband has just been asked, and says he thinks this is under $1,000
5/16/99 11:58:12 AM,Ron,I also have digital to video card.
5/16/99 11:58:12 AM,Gerard,Ron: I don't think there is a Jaz drive for the Macintosh.. not sure
5/16/99 11:58:41 AM,Ron,Why is Mac a problem?
5/16/99 11:58:56 AM,Ron,anyway, there is Jaz for the Mac.
5/16/99 11:59:03 AM,Gerard,okay...
5/16/99 11:59:25 AM,Ron,Jaz would only be used in editing the clips
5/16/99 11:59:46 AM,Nancy,So, we need to price video editing software. But this does not stop the DEVELOPMENT of video, including animation, from starting!
5/16/99 11:59:53 AM,Jan,Geson uses Mac primarily, I think. (Isn't it better for these sorts of multimedia activities??)
5/16/99 12:00:05 PM,Nancy,
(Michel) I have the rendering tools and I have the software to put up effects and add sound and edit sound and video..
5/16/99 12:00:09 PM,Ron,That's correct Nancy
5/16/99 12:00:49 PM,Nancy,
(Michel) Yes there is a Jaz for Mac, I do think this is necessary
5/16/99 12:00:59 PM,Nancy,
(Michel) Jaz should be used to make back ups and for sending the files to Geson to be put to video
5/16/99 12:01:40 PM,Gerard,But does Geson has a Jaz, I mean not everyone has a Jaz or zip ?
5/16/99 12:02:23 PM,Ron,CD burner would be better to send to Geson.
5/16/99 12:02:30 PM,Nancy,For instance, video taping of Ron's activities can proceed. Animation done by Michel can proceed. Seeking weather/volcanoe film for a nonprofit and asking permission can proceed. Doing a story board on the long video can proceed (2-4 hours, right?)
5/16/99 12:03:06 PM,Nancy,
(Michel) Can Ron use his computer to put files to video too?
5/16/99 12:03:10 PM,Ron,Has the long story board been started?
5/16/99 12:03:18 PM,Jan,Details of media has to be worked out. CD is probably the best, and even if they cannot be reused, probably the cheapest (A CD today costs almost as a diskette used to do, eh?)
5/16/99 12:03:38 PM,Nancy,
(Michel) 2 hours is enough
5/16/99 12:03:48 PM,Nancy,Ron, 98001001 project, yes
5/16/99 12:04:05 PM,Nancy,
(Michel) the long storyboard is on the tt-inc site, it had to be shortened actually to fit the 6 minute
5/16/99 12:04:07 PM,Gerard,CD is cheap.. And widely used
5/16/99 12:04:30 PM,Nancy,Well, if we have a CD writer, then we can offer more than one medium!
5/16/99 12:04:42 PM,Ron,CD burners have come way down in price to.
5/16/99 12:05:40 PM,Nancy,I suggest we ask Michel and Ron, who would be the new principals on the long video/aka CD to give us an updated storyboard. Perhaps a Table of Contents, which more detail on each section next. For a future Board Meeting.
5/16/99 12:05:57 PM,Nancy,
(Aron) Tthere are slightly more expensive CD's that can be burned more than once. would these be usefull?
5/16/99 12:06:25 PM,Gerard,That's right, I have one at home. 4 speed
5/16/99 12:06:25 PM,Jan,Do not forget that you will need LAAAAARGE disks for this. Disk speed as well as controller speed (IDE vs SCSI) may create problems as well. I think Geson should be consulted for technical details on this
5/16/99 12:06:29 PM,Nancy,
(Michel) I think not Aron.. Because a CD needs to be saved with the data as backup.. the data stays on
5/16/99 12:06:30 PM,Ron,I think Phillips has a good CD burner for around $300
5/16/99 12:06:52 PM,Gerard,There are CD rewriters
5/16/99 12:07:39 PM,Jan,I believe CD-RW may create other problems, there are some layout differences so not everybody can read the CD-RW disks. CD-R are fully compaible with standard CDs, both data and music.
5/16/99 12:08:17 PM,Nancy,Let me ask the Principals of the new video project what they can proceed with, at present, so we divide this into work vs funding. I think we're mixing the two here.
5/16/99 12:08:34 PM,Nancy,
(Michel) I have a 2x speed CD-ROM burner
5/16/99 12:08:43 PM,Gerard,Ron: there are some good writers now, 4 speed, 8 speed..
5/16/99 12:09:48 PM,Nancy,Ron can video. Michel can animate. Postage is needed a bit. Storyboard can be done.
5/16/99 12:10:10 PM,Gerard,But the main problem I guess is that if a CD is written on a Mac that it won't be playable with a PC?
5/16/99 12:10:20 PM,Nancy,This can be done NOW!
5/16/99 12:11:10 PM,Jan,I agree, Nancy. We have done so much talk about this that I think it is about time to get going.
5/16/99 12:11:21 PM,Ron,We will have to make the Mac and my PC talk together.
5/16/99 12:11:21 PM,Nancy,Michel can convert his animation into video via Geson. Now we need to video edit, and this is $$ to be funded, price to be forthcoming. Then we place onto video or CD and offer to the public. Is that it?
5/16/99 12:12:00 PM,Nancy,
(Michel) I have software that gives me the option to burn for both PC and Mac computers, this is no problem, there are several programs that give this option like TOAST IT
5/16/99 12:12:07 PM,Jan,Technical difficulties (Mac vs PC) can be solved later. I think it is important to start searching for clips that can be used
5/16/99 12:12:32 PM,Nancy,
(Aron) Nancy, did my Mac CD work on your PC?
5/16/99 12:13:27 PM,Ron,who you talking to Nancy?
5/16/99 12:13:41 PM,Nancy,Ron, I have Michel, Roger, and Aron on IRC
5/16/99 12:15:04 PM,Nancy,OK, I'll summarize. The new video/CD project development can proceed with what is at hand by video taping survival techniques and prototypes, from Ron. Michel can develope animation and get it converted via Geson, to video. The storyboard can be expanded and reviewed by the Board.
5/16/99 12:15:22 PM,Nancy,
(Aron) Ah, well I think its just a matter of using a file type that can be translated by Macs, shouldn't be a problem, especially with video editing software I would assume would support similiar file types
5/16/99 12:15:48 PM,Nancy,I think we have a technical resource here, in Aron! He makes CD's by the by, and is a pro!
5/16/99 12:16:14 PM,Nancy,Aron, you're about to be recruited.
(Michel) Ron will give me soon descriptions of what he is going to teach on-site so I can work on a script. I am thinking about 5-8 minute per teaching is possible, showing the most important stuff. You'd be amazed at what fits in 6 minutes, just look at MTV clips!
5/16/99 12:16:49 PM,Nancy,Remaining to be done is getting video editing software, an expense that needs to be priced. The final stage is distribution, which can come another day.
5/16/99 12:17:00 PM,Jan,I am sorry I am time constrained tonight. I think we are through with the official part of the meeting, right?
5/16/99 12:17:13 PM,Nancy,
(Aron) Cool, I was going to say, I have a zip and a CD burner and I'm ready to go
(Michel) Great Aron! =) welcome to the team!
5/16/99 12:17:40 PM,Clipper,Well, I'm back
5/16/99 12:18:03 PM,Nancy,I do think we should close the meeting. I'll divide the two video projects into 2, and ask Ron and Michel and Geson to approve the division.
5/16/99 12:18:32 PM,Clipper,Good idea
5/16/99 12:19:04 PM,Nancy,
(Aron) Along these lines, at work we now have a commercial that plays on some cable channels, I will ask what this cost to do, as I wonder if it is something we would concider as a third off-spin of the other video projects
5/16/99 12:19:37 PM,Jan,I motion we adjourn the official meeting (I just have to go...)
5/16/99 12:20:06 PM,Clipper,I second
5/16/99 12:20:10 PM,Nancy,Next month's agenda. 1. review project split, 2. review expanded storyboard for long video, 3. review costs for development (video editing, etc.)
5/16/99 12:20:26 PM,Nancy,A motion has been made and seconded to adjourn. All in favor say Yes, opposed say No.
5/16/99 12:20:27 PM,Nancy,Yes
5/16/99 12:20:31 PM,Gerard,Yes
5/16/99 12:20:33 PM,Jan,Yes
5/16/99 12:20:35 PM,Clipper,Yes
5/16/99 12:20:48 PM,Clipper,Shirley say Yes
5/16/99 12:21:16 PM,Nancy,
(Michel) OK, I think that I can work everything out with Ron via ICQ chats
(Michel) Aron, do you have ICQ? as you are now involved we need to be able to communicate with you
(Gerard) Aron: there is ICQ for the MAcintosh ...
(Michel) Is Aron on a Mac?
(Aron) I don't know this is IRC? What's the difference?
(Aron) I am on a Mac
5/16/99 12:21:40 PM,Jan,Bye all! (But please carry on with the discussion - I just cannot participate)
5/16/99 12:22:45 PM,Nancy,We're a vote short. I'm being firm with the boys over there, etc.
5/16/99 12:23:04 PM,Ron,I vote yes
5/16/99 12:23:07 PM,Nancy,
(Michel) Yes
5/16/99 12:23:15 PM,Nancy,The motion passes. We're adjourned.