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Board Meeting

May 16, 1999

The meeting was conducted on NetMeeting for all but two Board Members and a guest who were connected via IRC and e-mail. 8 of the 11 Board members were in attendance, more than the quorum required - Clipper, Gerard, Jan, Michel, Nancy, Shirley, Roger, and Ron. All votes carried without opposition.
1. Report on Corporate Bank Account
- No questions from the Board, who were aware of the Resolution requiring a vote
2. Report on Corporate Accounting
- Treasurer supplied a Balance Sheet for the discussion
- Accounts Payable temporary, pending bank account being taken off hold
3. Report on Prototype Progress
- Progress has been made on all funded prototypes
- Prototype tasks approved but not yet funded are started where equipment/time available
4. Discussion/Vote on Video of Pole Shift
- Ron and Michel have established a good working relationship, via ICQ
- Geson and Michel have different tacks re a TV video: Geson brief, Michel lengthy
- Vote to split the video project into two approved
- TV video production, for 6 minute, will continue with Geson as Principal
- Streaming video or at cost video to the public, for 2 hours, with Michel and Ron as Principals
- Board requests an updated storyboard on both projects, for Board review
- TV storyboard from Geson will be his first proferring
- Streaming video storyboard will include Michel's prior work, expanded to survival techniques
- Equipment for development mostly at hand
- Michel has rendering, video editing, CD write, and Zip drive
- Michel lacks animation to video conversion, which Geson has and has offered
- Postage costs need to be covered
- Ron has video camera and digitizing capabilities, also Zip and Jaz drive
- Ron lacks video editing software, but could utilize Michel's, long distance
- Michel lacks a Jaz drive, and will price this for the Mac
- Aron, a member present as a guest, has offered to assist the streaming video team