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Board Meeting

May 19, 2002

The meeting was called to order at approximately 18:05 UT. Those attending: Brent (President, and chairing the meeting); Shirley, Roger, Gerard, Stan, Mary, and, later, Jurian.

Agenda Item 1: Minutes of Last Meeting – Approval
Since there were no comments or questions concerning the minutes of the last meeting, they were considered ratified as correct.
Agenda Item 2: Sun Server Donation – Report
Gerard told the Board that the donor does not need any money to re-send the server, which had been returned to him. There may or may not have been tampering, but the donor has replaced some chips anyway. Gerard is not sure when the server is to be re-shipped, but will endeavour to discover this.
Agenda Item 3: Booklet Production – Discussion and Vote
- Mary reported that orders were coming in at approximately two per day, and escalating. She estimated—and did a breakdown for the Board—that $300.00 a month would cover everything.
- Added late to the agenda was Nancy’s proposal that a copy of the video (made by Geson a while ago) should be sent free with bulk orders. Some of the $300.00 cost was based on this fact. Since only two bulk orders are currently awaiting mailing, $200.00 per month was considered to be adequate, with the issue to be revisited at the next Board meeting.
- Motion, made by Roger, seconded by Shirley, THAT: “we allocate $200 each month for postage expenses.” Motion carried, with one abstention.
- Motion, made by Mary (amended), seconded by Roger, THAT: “we order 100 copies from Kinko's now and have Roger check on a discount for larger orders to be addressed next meeting.” Carried unanimously. Roger will find out and email the INC. list, possibly by tomorrow.
- With regard to Nancy’s added item concerning Geson’s video: Motion, made by Shirley, seconded by Mary, THAT: “we send a free video of Geson's with orders of 5 booklets or more.” Carried unanimously.
Agenda Item 4: Progress of Short Wave Radio Project – Monthly Report
There were no questions or comments re this report, which had been emailed to the Inc. earlier.
Agenda Item 5: Roger’s Acreage Project
Roger gave a brief report on how planting etc. is going. Seems to be doing all right, and equipment holding up.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 19:08, UT.