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Administration & Operation Costs
Grant Proposal 1

For the purpose of covering the administrative cost of Troubled Times Inc, I propose that all TT Forum subscribers are asked once a year for a monetary contribution. All contributions are to be voluntary, and without any obligations as to any continued contributions or any other obligations. Contributions could be suggested at USD 100, but any amount would be accepted and appreciated.


1, The title should not be "Grant Proposal" as this implies that a member is seeking funds to cover expenses for a specific project, ref Article 9. Instead, the title should be "Coverage of Administrative Cost", "Member Contributions" or equivalent.

2, If deemed necessary by the Board of Directors, Article 6, Funds, Section 2, Gifts, should be updated to reflect the fact that active solicitation for such gifts will be done via the TT Forum

3, The TT Forum is recommended instead of TT Members or TT Inc., since there may be a number of subscribers that do not feel they are able to contribute to the solution set discussions, but still want to contribute to the operation of TT Inc.

Regards, Jan