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Bylaws of Troubled Times, Inc.
a Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation


Article 1: Offices

Section 1: Principal Offices

The principal offices of the corporation for the transaction of its business is located in Delaware, USA.

Section 2: Change of Address

The county of the corporation's principal office can be changed only by amendment of these Bylaws and not otherwise. The Board of Directors may, however, change the principal office from one location to another within the named county by noting the changed address and effective date below, and such changes of address shall not be deemed an amendment of these Bylaws.

Section 3: Other Offices

The corporation may also have offices at such other places, within or without the State of Delaware, where it is qualified to do business, as its business may require and as the Board of Directors may, from time to time, designate.


Article 2: Purpose

Section 1: Purpose

The primary objective and purpose of Troubled Time, Inc. is educational, to educate the public on the likelihood of global cataclysms, solutions on how to deal with such a cataclysm, and life afterwards. Troubled Times, Inc. seeks to establish prototypes of solutions, to explore their worth, and to conduct an outreach with educational materials on a number of different media forms. To meet the needs of peoples world wide and from all classes, these solution sets must be varied and take into account the cultures where they may be deployed. The solution sets to be developed can cut across cultures and classes, as all may become homeless and need to live off the land, and all may aspire to a high tech lifestyle after a cataclysm. Troubled Times, Inc. intends to establish solutions sets that will make it possible for the very poor or the wealthy to find a suitable solution, and for that apply to those who plan for a number of months or years or only realize the necessity at the last minute.

Section 2: Objectives

Troubled Times, Inc. seeks to build solutions sets for surviving a cataclysm, and the means to live a healthy life afterwards. Principally, Troubled Times, Inc. intends to have solution sets for:

(a) surviving the cataclysm, whereby humans can escape injury to their person during earthquakes, tidal waves, fire storms, and high winds;

(b) surviving the cataclysm, whereby supplies and technology emerge undamaged;

(c) living hand-to-mouth off the land temporarily, whereby safe water and atypical food sources are detailed;

(d) rebuilding settlements, whereby gardens and housing are quickly established;

(e) maintaining health and adequate nutrition, whereby atypical foods such as worms and algae are utilized;

(f) dealing with volcanic gloom, whereby indoor gardening and water distillation methods are detailed;

(g) re-establishing an Internet, whereby short wave or other means supports an Internet independent of satellites or land lines;

(h) generating electricity, whereby the methods for stand-alone installations such as windmills or hydroelectric are detailed.