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Board Meeting

Nov 14, 2007

ROGER: Greetings all! The agenda is fairly simple with two main issues along with the regular project updates. I will deliver my report below and Nancy can chime in with her information in her response. Comments, questions, etc. from the Board can then be fielded.

The CD/Booklet project is chugging right along. We are doing well now on booklet inventory. The vendor is putting out a decent product for the price we are paying. Often the covers are a bit curled and I have spoken to the vendor about this. The issue is with the card stock. The card stock for the first batch is a little too thick for the printer. They will work on it our next batch. I am ordering batches of 100 for now since our requests are numbering around 2 a week. The CD's are numbering above 300 so we still have some time before seeking bids on reproducing them. MikeL has shared the software needed to make an updated master set with both Nancy and I. With the prevalence of Adobe and html browsers (Internet Explorer, etc.) I believe we could switch to either a pdf or an html CD for the run. If we chose the pdf format, we could include the most recent and free version of Adobe Reader, as before. It would be very reasonable to assume that any PC capable of reading the disk will also have Internet Explorer and should be capable of browsing the content. Comments?

Funds are holding very well for the production costs, I have right around $2000 here to access.

I have no new information on the remaining Projects.

Best regards and awaiting your replies

NANCY: Here is my report.

Indeed I have a copy of the software to produce an Adobe readable pdf, as Roger does. MikeL sent this to I and Roger both. In this way we have three people able to generate the Adobe readable format when the time comes. The html format is easy as this is the current web site now. I have a complete copy on my hard drive with backups on CD's. I can cut a CD and mail to either MikeL or Roger if that it the decision at the time. Burning the new CD involves included a little menu program which is on the current CD's and can be copies and modified if need be.

I have done an edit on the html copy on my hard drive to identify all places on the website where we do absolute, rather than relative, addressing. What this means is that relative addressing jumps sideways within the 'website' to another directory, where absolute addressing goes out into the Internet to find the page. All addressing on the CD should jump sideways to seek out the new page on the CD, and not attempt to access the Internet. Gerard has also done external link auditing to locate any links gone bad. I did an external audit within the past year too, so we are in good shape there, I believe.

The checking account here rides around the $1,000 mark from year to year. It drops a bit after the Fall expenses, which have just been paid. The major expense is $215 to our Delaware rep, so the account is now around $800. It builds back up, then.

This is the end of my report.