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Board Meeting

November 15, 1998

The meeting was conducted on IRC, due to no more than a couple Board members being able to log onto NetMeeting. Although 8 of 11 Board members were attempting to attend, no more than 5 at a time were in attendance, so no voting requiring a quorum occurred. The meeting was called to order and progressed according to the Agenda, however. Able to attend on IRC were Clipper, Gerard, Jan, Lyn, Nancy, and Pat. Brand was on e-mail, attempting to connect to IRC. Shirley was on e-mail, attempting to connect to NetMeeting which she requires for audio connection. Roger and Michel were guests, with Craig attempting to attend too.
1. Report on Bylaw changes re Bookkeeping Service for $5,000 + Grant
- voting had occurred via e-mail, results posted by Secretary
- Bylaws changed accordingly
2. Report on Jan as Internal Auditor
- voting had occurred via e-mail, results posted by Secretary
- Jan replaces Ron as Internal Auditor, appointed by the Board
3. Report on Lockbox Bylaw Change
- voting had occurred via e-mail, results posted by Secretary
- Bylaws changed such that lockbox holder does not need to be a non-officer
4. Report on Fiscal Controls plans
- financial transactions will be scanned into GIF format, and/or put into hypertext format
- zipped hypertext packets, with GIFs, will be sent to Jan with copy to Treasurer
5. Report on IRS Form 941 requirements
- IRS accepted explanation of nonprofit corporation, staffed by volunteers
- no quarterly reporting need be done unless and until the nonprofit has employees
6. Report on Place of Business potential
- closing on Wisconsin site is occurring as planned
- will be revisited during January Board Meeting
- Annual Report can include this address, if approved as Place of Business
- disbursement to Seed TEAM can then occur, in accordance with Bylaws
7. Report on Balance Sheet for Year End
- will be based on new Budget, unchanged during 1998 except for embezzlement loss
8. Discussion on Video Samples provided by Geson and Michel
- possibility of having more than one video prepared, due to differing artistic styles
- both artists are encouraged to continue along the vein already in progress
- comment on Geson's sample: not always understood to be about a pending pole shift
- comment on Michel's sample: tendency to be too lengthy and detailed
- both offerings appreciated and admired!