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Board Meeting

November 18, 2001

1. Minutes of Last Meeting - Approval
If there is no objection to the minutes as posted, they will be considered ratified as correct.
2. Resignation of Shaul Volkov from Board of Directors - Discussion
- Board review and discussion for the official record
3. UNIX Servers online with DSL - Discussion
- Progress report by Jurian on status of installation and configuration.
- This was held over from last meeting, report of any further progress.
4. Booklet Costs for Future Mass Production - Discussion
- In the event of a need for quantity printing, printing quotes have been obtained
- For board discussion, these Quotes are available, provided by Toni.
5. Progress of Short Wave Radio Project - Monthly Report
- Shirley’s Report is available for review
6. Roger’s Acerage Project - Autumn Report
- Update to the Board on tilling the praire, fencing, and winter storage of the nonprofit equipment.